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Mothers By CurioHeart

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When Rosa finds herself needing to go to the ER, Sal goes to meet her there. However, a familiar face leads to an unexpected -- and unfortunately-timed -- revelation.


At long last, part two of  max123's commission series! I'm not sure who I should be feeling worse for, though...

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Posted by Virgo13 8 days ago

Wow...someone's taking this way to easily...


Posted by CurioHeart 8 days ago

The whole thing's put him in a weird state of mind, to say the least.


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 8 days ago

i'm guessing that the unbirthed don't remember anything about their previous life


Posted by CurioHeart 7 days ago

Nope! Full memory wipes only here~


Posted by crushxtreame 6 days ago

Ok dude that is beyond cruel that guy litterly lost every one he loves to selfish women and then is just so broken he seems ok with it that is just fucked up man


Posted by CurioHeart 6 days ago

In a way, yes, but they're all still alive. For him, that's the only thing that matters at this point.

Like I said above- he's in a really weird state of mind.


Posted by crushxtreame 6 days ago

No they are "alive" they are diferent people now so yeah they never physicaly died but they have been ended so yeah all in all id say a fate wirse then death


Posted by CurioHeart 6 days ago

They retain a lot of their personality, even though they lose their memory in the process. They're still roughly the same person even if they don't remember anything, so... not really as different as you seem to be saying.

Since it seems like you didn't really like the story in the first place, why did you bother commenting in the first place?


Posted by crushxtreame 6 days ago

Just voicing my opinion so far we agree that we disagree? Dont memories make a person who they are?


Posted by CurioHeart 5 days ago

It does, yes, but it's not the only factor. Their brains aren't being completely destroyed during this process, after all.

Suspend your disbelief. Things will get better for him.