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A Dream By tangent

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plot plot plot

I realize since I've been making this up as I go along so the lore has become pretty inconsistent -_- trying to unify/explain some things here. let me know if you have any questions!!

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Posted by StrawberryStereo 7 months ago

Love everytime you update this story :)
It simply doesnt get the love it deserves on here.

Questions: Is Enti the only demon who can shapeshift? Or is that something other demons can do? Also I know he can make Ambrosia larger. Is that something he can do to anything/anyone or just non-demons?


Posted by tangent 7 months ago

aww haha thanks... & he is the only known one alive, yes! There were legends of shifters in the past, and perhaps rumors of others in this time, but none have been confirmed.

No two demons have the same abilities (and some have none!)

He can change anyone's size regardless of species, but with other demons this is difficult. Unless they're really young (& he doesn't really go for those) demons will have certain mental defenses to prevent manipulations from happening. Also, only he can change his own shape. He can't turn Ambrosia into a bird, for example. lol.

I love answering questions, they make me actually think about what I'm writing... thank you hahaha


Posted by Blahblahbum 5 months ago

Awesome story! Will we ever see the son devour and absorb his mother? That would be quite the massive power boost.


Posted by tangent 5 months ago

thank youuu~ I don't want to be too spoilery but probably not. I despise incest, and with Esurenti, eating people & sex are inextricably linked. so no eating mom, lol.