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Elephant Tours By Foxgut

A young boy is eager to go on a tour to get up close and personal to some elephants, but doesn't realize just how close he's going to become.

Finally got around to writing again, with some more -you guessed it- full tour! I have some more stuff on the way too, so stay tuned.

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Posted by sharky 5 months ago

NICE... How about a ver where the cub becomes a more permanent guest to the elephant’s digestive track


Posted by Foxgut 5 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm open for commissions and more than happy to write alternate versions of my existing stories, as well as new and unique ones.


Posted by donutbrittle 5 months ago

Well, that was adorable.


Posted by Foxgut 5 months ago

I'm happy you thought so!


Posted by 157and493 5 months ago

I tried imagining what this would look like in real life with actually animals. It was not a pretty thought.


Posted by Foxgut 5 months ago

I imagine if a kid got eaten by a real elephant, it probably wouldn't end so well for them.


Posted by violetrose39 4 months ago

Me next me next


Posted by Foxgut 4 months ago

I'm sure the elephant would love to have you! Just pony up your 30 bucks and sign some liability and waiver forms, and you too can go on an Elephant Tour!