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Number 10. Hakumen By DanzoLegend

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I’ve always had a thing for masks. That much i can admit and cannot avoid even if i wanted to. Hakumen is one of those Strong type of characters that i find myself in love with due to just how strong and silent he is, also when he does talk~ his voice in both English and Japanese makes me so fucking happy! His design is a bit extra yes, but still very awesome! The only 2 things keeping him from being higher is his pants being so weird, and how much i adore everyone else on this list. Still hakumen is a man i can enjoy for sure and appreciate. his body and voice both just wonderful and i could listen and watch him all day. my only dislike of him is those pants, but with how much of a bad-ass he is, i'm sure they are that baggy as to make it so that his dick is not rivaling the length of his sword. :P

My favorite quite from him has to be the quote he does when charging up in cut scenes. I am the White Void, I am the Cold Steel, I am the Just Sword, with blade in hand i will reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the Fires of Destruction! I am Hakumen, the end has come!

and to hear it in japaneese, here

Hakumen belongs to Arksystem works and the blazblue team. hope i did him justice.

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Posted by FoolyFox 8 days ago

Oh man... I didn't know you didn't like the baggy pants. x3 this is so cool! I didn't know when you were gonna actually do this! O\w/O


Posted by DanzoLegend 8 days ago

Lol yeah. You know how i am when given an idea. And the reason i don't like his pants is for how much they distract from the rest of his chatacter, but just finished the others. So expect the other 4 tonight.