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Making of a Hero- Part Five By sansuki

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First things first! Now that things are established, I’m going to set a regular schedule and try to stick with it: Updates that call for votes, I will plan to post every Monday and Friday night. People asked me for a more firm schedule, so there it is, we’ll see if it holds. There may be Side Stuff / Non-Canon Bad Ends I sometimes feel the urge to right, and those won’t have votes and may happen at any time!

Second things second: Thank you for reading/favoriting! I would beseech anyone who hasn’t to consider voting on things. People here won’t (better not) bite, and if nothing else, you can wait and see what other people are thinking and add support to their ideas. Voting is the clearest source of feedback to me that people are interested!

Now, onto the vote. For the first time, we had a single-vote option come up on the dice, and it was Shrinking Transformation. That pulled 1 vote, as did four others, while a general ‘extreme drunkenness’ got three votes and still missed out on the roll of the dice. So now Galya is shrunken (~2 feet tall), rapidly digesting her meal, and will be slowly growing back into shape over the next few days.


Galya the Champion
Qualities: Devourer, Silvertongue, Hedonist, Disrespected (is that a positive or a negative new quality? Yes.)

The Vote: Ahhh, duty vs. pleasure. How’s Galya to spend her night? There’s a Predator Party, and a regular Champions’ Party. Or there’s always being dutiful and Resting/Studying up on her new assignment. Or, of course, there’s always write-in votes, and as this one showed, a single vote can sway the story fairly dramatically! Since Galya is a Hedonist, both party-based options will start out with 1 vote.

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Posted by KinoTheCat 7 months ago

As much as partying would be fun, I imagine studying and resting for the new assignment would be a wise idea.

We should see if there's a way to send a message to Li so that she can come visit and spend the evening with us before she has to leave in the morning. If we read up on where Joanna was, we might be able to garner any clues towards where she might have vanished too, and then give that info to Li.


Posted by SirScotty 7 months ago

The Predator Party seems... dangerous, for someone this small. Spend the evening studying the new area - or whatever manner of poison it was and how you were healed. If you're going to be a proper Witche- er, Champion, you're going to need to know how to do more than swing a sword of wear armor.


Posted by Kila 7 months ago

Could always go to the regular champions party... Would be a safeish way for us to practice our own 'pred'ilections


Posted by Lerkur 7 months ago

While studying the new assignment seems like the smart idea, and Li will probably want to talk to us eventually before we all head out to our own assignments, the hedonist quality was chosen for a reason. My vote is to attend the Predator Party.

Besides, We have two things going for us. 1) If Drosi is still stewing after taking an enhanced digestion potion, most predators should still be working off their meals. 2) As long as they aren't secretly pissed at us, we should have a certain Orc there to watch our backs.


Posted by Deska 7 months ago

My vote is for the predator party, and trying to meet up with Li to chat! If the other champions are heading off in the mornong itd be good to see what she'll be tasked with.

Besides we are a party girl at heart, and this is the oppertunity to really flaunt our victory to people who usually would have looked down on us in the past! Will be fun to see who made it through, and who is still working their way through ;3


Posted by Deska 7 months ago

Also loving this series so far! Looking forward to seeing and voting on those Friday/Monday updates :D


Posted by firefox01 7 months ago

predators party!


Posted by vore2412 7 months ago

Predator party hedonistic determined micro Galya: Now comes in almost bite-size. Is more her style...though if she was to study the assignment, it could be seen as a sign she's determined to change how they look at her as a Champion, someone worthy of the title and not just someone that lucked out.


Posted by Kaoru 7 months ago

I am a daredevil and a fool.

As such, I'm voting for the Predator's Party. Here's why.

I feel very strongly that the long overland journey will give us ample time to study - both any potential lingering effects from that venom, as well as the local traditions, culture and lay of the land for our new assignment. We can take study materials with us, after all.

However, we can't take friends. And Li is the closest we've got right now.

The other Champions who won in basic combat will not respect us - nor should they, really. We likely aren't close with most of them, and we didn't win through martial skill or even cunning. We won by Predating. We belong at the Predator's party, and it'd be worthwhile to catch up with Li and see where she's assigned.

We may not find a warm welcome there, either - but at the least, we'll find excitement.


Posted by Bright 7 months ago

I can imagine that going to a predator party while being 2 feet tall can be quite a troublesome thing.


Posted by Thanatos2k 7 months ago

Champion Party


Posted by vore2412 7 months ago

Normal or Predator?