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Stream Doodles: April 2018, Part 1 By Axlwisp

From top to bototm:

-Sluglam Empress Kallista Han
One of the most famous world leaders in all of Imperium, Kallista has headed the Han dynasty for what seems like forever, to such an extent that many think her immortal. She wasn't always this fat, but a luxurious lifestyle and a lapse in routine has given her more and more padding over the years...

-Merle from Chrono Trigger

-Yubel from YuGiOh GX (this one took AGES)

-Tocatta from Axugaem2
If you haven't played Axugaem2 you probably won't recognize Tocatta. She's the succubus queen, and despite her small stature, she's just as obsessed with excess as the rest of 'em. That said, her biggest insecurity is her bust size, mostly because she's often mistaken for a child, or worse, a boy.

Kallista and Tocatta are (c) Me. Merle is (c) Square, and Yubel is (c) Konami. The Pokemon in the background are (c) Nintendo, durr

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Posted by bijuusama 9 months ago

fav'd just because of Marle. I didn't know I wanted her as a pred until today