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In-Maw Mini Animation By CakeInferno -- Report

Uploaded: 3 years ago

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Another small animation loop from the inside of Zoe's Maw, filmed with the new GoPro Hero 6! :D

As usual, high Resolution on Patreon!

Comment on In-Maw Mini Animation


Posted by Hijii 3 years ago Report

I always wonder how one gets so good at animation.

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Posted by CakeInferno 3 years ago Report

Too much free time c':

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Posted by Birichino 3 years ago Report

It's the place to be!
You really are a great animator.

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Posted by CakeInferno 3 years ago Report

Glad you like! :D

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Posted by Slimshod 3 years ago Report

Love how much detail you put into all of your work.

Something about this was a little different from other internal maw shots I'd seen and it's the inclusion of the lips. Normally you don't see the inside of the lip at all (or it's very small). It's a nice detail that adds to it.

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Posted by CakeInferno 3 years ago Report

Thanks a bunch! And yes, I didn't actually put any thought into that. Guess it just came out right randomly! <:

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 3 years ago Report

What a great position to be in ^_^

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Posted by joeburp22181 3 years ago Report


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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 3 years ago Report

A wonderful place to be <3

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Posted by Hesaki23 3 years ago Report

A nice Comfy Tongue to be on

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Posted by Predaking54 3 years ago Report

lovely as always

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Posted by omegadawn76 3 years ago Report

i imagine myself just having fun with Zoe doing this X3

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Posted by EddyIbble 3 years ago Report

Most excellent! Any day with more Zoe is a good day. Thank you for sharing! :)

How do you feel about fan art of Zoe? I'm somewhat new here, so apologies if you're asked this a lot.

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Posted by necryel 3 years ago Report

The inside of the mouth is amazing. The tongue's movements seem natural and playful with just the right amount of wet gloss to it. The dampness on the lens is perfect, and the waggle of the lower jaw is a nice touch. The Saliva strands are a bit of a concern to me.

First let me say that while is it difficult to see for the most part, if you look at the nearest strand on the right side, I think you've achieved a near perfect translucency with the saliva itself, giving it just the right look of fresh, damp strings of drool.

Second, for an inside POV shot like this, there are too many strands and the spacing at times seems much too even, like and ordered set of pillar or rigging supports instead of random threads of drool. For a shot like this, I would limit the number of strands to just two or three, and also don't be afraid to put a strand closer to the middle of the shot since they should give the feel of a certain randomness, having ALL of them so conveniently out of the way on the sides seems a bit too coincidental.

Third these strands are basically rigid, as if immune to gravity. If you're going to have this many threads at the start, then most of them should collapse within a second or two leaving just a scant few of the thickest strands to remain for the rest of the shot.

Fourth, the farthest thread on the right side doesn't seem anchored to the tongue, it moves FASTER and frequently BEFORE the tongue does and even exhibits a greater range of motion going to places (albeit very briefly) that the tongue doesn't even reach. Contrast that with the near strand on the left which seems solidly anchored tot the tongue and even flexes and twists a bit as the tongue moves. It's still too rigid to not seem like Zoe's in Zero-G, but it does follow the tongue's movements quite well.

I know this seems like a lot of criticism and in spite of how lengthy it is, I do enjoy this piece a lot. However I feel that for criticism to have any value to an artist, animator, or even a writer, it should be specific in nature and detail where something excels or falls short. Again, the maw itself and the tongue's animation is amazing work and worthy of praise; it is the strands of drool alone that I feel detract from the rest of the piece.

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Posted by RoryKenneigh 3 years ago Report

That looks so warm and cosy. Down we go.

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Posted by Aeos 3 years ago Report

OMG! This is my jam! I need more infinity of this!

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Posted by Mayvore 3 years ago Report

Theres any way to buy this material?
I cant afford myself to pay every month but i could buy stuff once in a while.

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Posted by Kasra 3 years ago Report

Absolutely fantastic work as always.

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Posted by CryptidDrono 3 years ago Report

One last look at the outside... damn your use of lighting is amazing

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Posted by Hentai7733 3 years ago Report

Will you ever make a full pov digestion animation?

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Posted by JamKat 3 years ago Report

Rrrrrfff. What a nice view!

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Posted by Akugarou 3 years ago Report

You can have your rollercoasters. This is the ride I want to go on!

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Posted by Kitsouille 3 years ago Report

Amazing, you're the best ^^

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Posted by GMRLCRIO 2 years ago Report

I always bet if you were secretly a ghost you could actually phase yourself out to fit in their bodies and wear them like squishy armor. It was a thought I had once when I was spacing out in zen mode.

good animation btw cake. big fan

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