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"Mom, I'm home," said the boy as he walked in through the front door after a long day at school.
There was no reply, only silence as a response. There wasn't anyone in sight, too. He thought it strange, usually given a "welcome home" from his mother.
His mother is a sweet and caring woman, but she's also without a husband. The boy's father died before he was born, never to have a chance to know him. Since then, his mother has been raising him to be a good boy and to be smart.
But right now, the boy is left uncertain in his home. He just walked in through the door and announced his arrival, yet no response of any kind for half a minute. This is the first time this has ever happened and the boy is unsure what to do at first, but decides upon an action to perform.
"Maybe she's in her bedroom," he tells himself.
He then places his backpack by the door and removes his shoes and places them next to the backpack, proceeding up the stairs to his mom's room. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, he heads straight down the hall and turns right to see his mom's bedroom door open. He pushes it open gently and carefully to not disturb her, entering the room and closing the door behind him as he sees her small, sleeping, white-furred form on the round-shaped queen-sized bed with the windows showing a clear view of a beautiful background of the sun setting.
White fur?, you might be asking yourself. Did I forget to mention he's a human with a mother bunny? Well, I forgot to mention that the boy was adopted at age 12 by a bunny woman who's husband, who couldn't have children with, died before the boy was even born.
Well, uh...Hey, surprise!
And there's quite the difference in between them, aside from their species.
The boy stands at 5'6 and weighs 174 lbs with an athletic build, while his bunny mom stands at 4'6 (4 if you leave out the ears) and weighs 90 with a slender build. His brown hair is short and his eyes are also brown, while her blonde hair is long (usually tied in a bun) and her eyes blue. His skin is caucasian white, while her fur is snow white.
Oh, right! I also forgot their to tell you their names, but you probably already know who they are by reading the description before reading the actual story. Well, I'll tell you anyway 'cause screw it!
The bunny is Bonnie Burrow and the human is Benny Burrow. There, done! Moving on!
Benny approached the bed to see his bunny mom sleeping, her small nude body in view of any prying eyes. He knew Bonnie is a nudist after she told him that it's natural for her to stroll around the house with little to no clothes, wearing only an apron for cleaning and cooking and only wearing clothes when going somewhere for the sake of decency.
This caused something to happen with the boy, seeing his adopted mother naked around the house causing him to think naughty thoughts. His eyes looked at her plump rear, the only part of her otherwise slender body that was big. He started sporting a tent in his shorts, making him shift a little as he adjusts himself.
Her breasts were on the small side and are only lumps on her otherwise flat chest, but her nipples are perky. The human boy's mind was taking him to dirty places, making it harder for him to cope with the growing erection in his shorts. He takes a few deep breaths before walking over to the bed and sitting on it, looking at his bunny mother's naked body.
The boy takes a big gamble and shakes her awake, the bunny being roused from her sleep and opening her eyes to reveal beautiful blue eyes. She turns around to see her human son sitting on the bed.
"Oh, welcome home, son," she says sleepily, still in the process of waking up.
"Are you okay, mom?" Benny asks her.
"Mommy's fine, Benny," she answers tiredly, still not fully awake.
She then stretches as she yawns, her eyes spotting something on her son's shorts after her stretch. Bonnie knows it's her boy's penis grown erect, having seen the tent numerous times she sees him around. The human tries his best not to show it, but the mother bunny already knows.
An urging sensation spreads throughout her body, the bunny all too familiar with this feeling. That feeling went straight to her pussy. Benny, not aware of that, notices his mom's face change slightly.
"Mom, what's wrong?" he asks her.
She knew he saw her expression, the bunny mom decided to explain.
"It's that time of the month. Not a period, but something else. Benjamin, my son...I'm in heat."
"In heat?" he asks.
"Means I need to mate with a male to help "extinguish my inner flame," if you know what I mean," she answers.
"Can I help you with that?"
"W-Wha??" Bonnie is surprised.
"I'm old enough to know about sex, mom," he explains. "I've always known you weren't my real mother, but...I still think of you as if you are. I would never leave your side...because you' sweet and loving bunny mother."
"Benny," she says, surprised at his words. "I...I..."
The human didn't let her say another word as he gives her a kiss on the lips, no tongue included and only for a few seconds before pulling away. She was left wide-eyed, surprised and shocked at her son's kiss. Benny took this chance to move closer to her, sitting right next to her on the bed.
"Mom," he said. "You need to mate. I'm willing to give you what you need...because I really care about you."
Bonnie never thought her own adopted son would be so kind and forward like this, leaving her surprised by his actions. She's left even further surprised when she sees him taking off his shirt, seeing his athletic upper body in the flesh. Then the bunny sees Benny remove his shorts and underwear, her eyes landing on the sight of a human penis at full erection.
The boy wasn't hung, only going as long as six inches. However, Bonnie is rather small and doesn't care about the size of her son's manhood right now. Instinct tells her to mate with him now, and she did not disobey her instinct.
She crawls over to him and wraps the tip of his dick in her lips, licking it like a piece of candy. Benny was moaning, having never had sex until now. He just stood there at the foot of the bed and allowed his mother to suck him off, placing a hand on her head as she takes more of his cock into her mouth.
Because of the difference in size between the human and bunny, his six inch penis is equivilent to an eight inch penis to her. In other words, they are just the right size for each other. She takes in more of her son's penis into her mouth, fully deepthroating him.
"Mmmfffff," he groans.
She pulls her head back until only the tip remains inside her mouth before pushing her head forward, engulfing the length once again. She proceeded to do this for two minutes, sucking on her human son's virgin manhood. The inexperienced boy couldn't hold back any longer, griping his mother's head gently with both hands.
"M-Mom, I-I can't h-hold it any longer! Nnnnnnnggggg!!"
The more experienced bunny mother was prepared and easily gulped his load as he came in her mouth, lump after lump travelling down her throat. He came for ten seconds before he grew exhausted, pulling his spent penis out of Bonnie's mouth and collapsing on the bed next to her. The bunny laid down next to him, just about cuddling him.
"So, my dear son, how was your first time?" she asked him.
"A...Ama...Amazing, mom," he pants his reply, recovering from his first sexual encounter.
Benny suddenly realized something and looked at his bunny mother.
"I-I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to go off so soon."
"Don't worry," she assures him. "You'll be ready for round two in a few minutes. Until then..."
Since the human was lying on his back, the bunny moved herself on top of him and presented her back to him and her nethers to his face.
"...You can try eating me out while we wait."
He didn't wait for anything else and proceeded to lick her snatch, his tongue focusing on her clitoris. Bonnie let out a surprised gasp, not expecting his adopted son to be so good at eating pussy. Her hands barely touch the tip of his slowly growing penis, but she retreats her hands to the front of herself for balance as her human son eats her out.
"Aaaahhh, baby," she groans as she feels his tongue on her pink pearl.
Benny flicks his tongue rapidly around his mom's clit while his hands grope and squeeze the bunny's butt, making it difficult for Bonnie to hold back her nearing orgasm. She couldn't take it anymore and allowed herself to reach coitus, moaning it all out like a wild animal as her cunny leaks fem juices. The lad laps up as much as he could, causing a tingle of pleasure to the bunny as his tongue licks her pussy.
She rolls off of her son and pants, having never reached this pleasure high before with her late husband. After she catches her breath, she looks her human son and asks him a question.
"When and where did you learn to eat pussy so well?"
"Well," Benny starts with a blush on his face, "I've, uh...I've had some...practice...with Sally Samson."
"Your squirrel girlfriend?" She then followed it up with a serious question. "Benny, did you fuck her?"
"Wha- N-No! I never put my dick inside her! I lost my virginity to you!"
"You mean to tell me you only ate her out and nothing more?"
"Well...not JUST her."
"What?! Who else's pussy did you eat?!"
"Um, Ronda Rockbottom, Flo Franklin, Dina Davis, Peach Patrick, Tracey Thompson, Gloria Gates, and even Ms. Mathis."
Bonnie's jaws just dropped at the names her son just blurted out. Ronda was a rhino, Flo and Gloria were hippos, Dina was an orca, Peach was a giraffe, Tracey was a lizard and Ms. Mathis, first name Mary, was an elephant.
"You ate the pussy out of those girls AND even the strict librarian?! Your tongue is fucking wicked to have pleased even Mary Mathis. I heard she likes to use her trunk during sex. Did she...?"
The boy didn't answer, his deeper colored blush all the answer she needed. The bunny chuckles at this.
"Oh, you poor baby," she says. "Need mommy to kiss your butt to make it feel better?"
"N-No need. It's fine. Besides, it was a week ago."
"I wondered why you were walking so strangely, but now I know. Mary Mathis fucked you in ass with her trunk!"
"...A-And a girthy twelve inch strap-on," he added.
The bunny MILF just laughed, having never thought all this time what her adopted human son would do.
"My sweet son's a little whore," she sighs happily. "I'm surprised you didn't cum when she did that."
"She had me wear a cock ring, saying she didn't want me leaving a mess," he relays to her. "And I did mention I was saving myself for someone special."
"That "special someone" NOT being Sally?"
"Originally, it was. But then I heard about your heat and I felt I should help you."
"And that's nice of you." She then notices his six inch penis is fully erect once again. "You ready for the main event?"
"Yes, mother," he answered.
"Please, Benny, call me Bonnie."
"Of course...Bonnie."
The two share a few kisses before Bonnie lies on her back and spreads her legs, Benny giving her feet a few kisses as he aims his cock at her pussy. He stops kissing his mother's feet and takes a deep breath before pushing his manhood into her nethers, a sharp groan escapes her as she feels her son enter her. She had almost forgotten what it feels like to make love with someone, feeling a man's penis inserting itself into her womanhood.
Benny places both hands on the bed for balance as he carefully avoids the bunny ears, his chest in front of his mother. As soon their hips touched and he was fully inside her, Bonnie wraps her legs around his waist as best as she could. She kisses his chest affectionately as she places her hands on his back for grip.
"Make love to me, my sweet son. Make love to your motherly bunny."
Those were the last words either one of them would say as the human begins to thrust slowly in and out of the bunny, their moans the only sounds either one made as they made love. Benny took his time and went slow, wanting both of them to feel and enjoy their moment for as long as possible. Bonnie knew that what she was doing was wrong, but, the way she saw it, it was fine since they were different species and were not related by blood.
The bunny felt her son's dick poke at the entrance to her womb for the past ten minutes, their climax drawing closer and closer to their peaks. In the midst of their slow and passionate romance, Bonnie wraps her lips around one of Benny's nipples. This earns a sharp groan from the human, but he stands firm and remains at his slow and steady pace.
Five minutes pass and their orgasms are near their peak, both human and bunny soon about cum. The last minute before their climax was spent with them staring into each others eyes. Just before they came, Bonnie spoke out.
"I love you."
"I know."
And with those words, both human and bunny reach coitus. Bonnie felt her son's dick insert itself into her womb and feels it flood her insides with cum. She hugged her son tightly as she experiences her stronger than normal orgasm, feeling Benny's seed ooze out of her snatch a little.
The two remained like this for a few moments, the boy on top of his adoptive mother and his penis inside her pussy. Then he rolled to her left side as his member pops out of the bunny's snatch and lies on his back, both mother and son in a state of bliss. A moment later, Bonnie's stomach emits a sound of hunger and she rolls onto her hands and knees as she crawls to the boy's head.
"How was it, Bonnie?" Benny asked her.
"It was beautiful," she answered. "Thank you. But that didn't slate my heat."
"You want more?" he asked her. "But I'm still recovering."
"That's not what I mean, my son," she tells him. "Feel free to wiggle and squirm for mommy."
Before he could ask anything else, the human watches as the bunny woman he calls "mother" opens her maw impossibly wide and engulfs his head. He starts squirming and flailing his arms and legs to pull his head out, but Bonnie proved to be stronger than she looked and grabs hold of his arms as she flips his body on the bed to where he would normally be facing her as she takes a big swallow. She reached past his shoulders and the top of his chest, his head bulging out her neck as his face is detailed in the lump.
Bonnie takes another big swallow and slurped more of him into her body, his chest now in her throat and his head in her chest. By this point, Benny was starting to really struggle and tried to get away from his mother and ask her what's wrong. The bunny proved to be stronger than she looks and takes another big swallow, pulling him in up to his hips.
She doesn't hesitate and gulps strongly again, only his feet remains outside of her mouth. Those were quickly gone as well as the bunny makes one last wet gulp, the last of her human son gone to her bloated stomach. She then lies on her back on the bed and soothingly caresses her dome of a belly, Benny stuck in a fetile position he cannot move out of.
She could her his muffling from inside, no doubt saying things like, "mommy, let me out," or, "somebody, help me." Bonnie is no stranger to these things as she had devoured many men in her time, but this is the first time she has ever eaten someone she considers her child. The bunny pats her tummy and unleashes a strong burp.
"Excuse me," she says to herself. She then looks at her dome of a gut and rubs it lovingly. "Never thought you'd be inside mommy like this, did you? Hmhmhm, you surely hit the spot. Now you're all mine, son. Please be kind and contribute some of yourself to my breasts...because my ass is big enough. Hahahahahaha!"
Bonnie stretches her arms and legs as she yawns, falling asleep after consuming her human son. Her belly made various noises that includes gurgles and groans among Benny's muffled cries, the belly moving slighty as he tries to squirm. The boy didn't last long and fell unconscious due the mix of lacking stamina and breathable air, his last thoughts thinking he'll never see the outside world again.
An hour passed when Bonnie wakes up, finding it strange that she has to put a lot of effort just to sit up. Suddenly her eyes widen as she sees her white belly in the shape of a dome, the stomach gurgling and groaning. She tries to figure out why her tummy was so big when the events from an hour ago come flooding back to her, placing a hand on her face.
"Oh, no," she complains. "My time of the month happened! But instead of eating some random lay, I devoured my human son! I gotta get him out fast!"
The bunny then rolls on the bed until she was on her bloated belly, ignoring how pleasing it feels for now. She knew she couldn't throw up her prey because of difficult and painful the process was, opting instead for the safer and less-painful form of release. With a grunt, Bonnie focuses all her willpower to push her son into her intestines while hoping he was still solid.
The process of releasing her prey through full-tour was time consuming, but she'd rather take the risk of having her son stuck in her ass than staying in her stomach. If anybody was watching, they'd see her big stomach make strange movements as a lump moved to her lower body. Ignoring how pleasing this is, Bonnie continues her process as she feels the contents of her stomach empty fully into her intestines.
Taking a few quick breathes, the bunny grunts as she pushes more of her son through her digestive tract. She then feels her pussy wiggle while she pushes, trying to ignore the pleasure. With another grunt, she feels something starting to open her pucker.
"Almost there, Benny," she assures. "Mommy's almost done! Nnnnnggggg!!"
She pushes as best as she could and suddenly feels something slide out of her anus and land on her bed. As soon as the last of it leaves her pucker and her body's back to normal, Bonnie turns around to see if her son was alright. She sees the sight of her son still intact and solid, although he's covered in slimey substance and his skin is slightly reddened by her stomach acids.
She crawls over to her son and cradles his head, gently shaking it to, hopefully, arouse him.
"Benny," she said. "Benny, baby. Are you alright? Sweety, please say something!"
The human started to somewhat move weakly and his eyes started to open, his first sight being Bonnie's worried face.
"M-Mo...Mother...?" he said weakly.
This reaction has the bunny calm herself as she sighs in relief, following up with a hug.
"Benny, thank goodness you're alright! Mommy'll never put you in such a dangerous situation ever again!"
"Wha...What do you mean?"
She pulls away from him and looks at him.
"After we mated, I ate you whole and alive. My stomach was digesting you when I woke up. I, um, sent you on a trip through my body to get you out."
"And that's...dangerous?"
The bunny thinks the situation she put the boy through must've made him weak and confused.
"Yes, it is dangerous. You would've died and I'd be all alone. I don't want to be alone."
"Yes, son?"
"...When can that again?"
Bonnie was shocked, stunned by her son's words. Why would she put her boy through that hell again? Why would he want another trek into her body?
"I was afraid at first, don't get me wrong. I was scared. But as I was passing out, I thought about you. I imagined how pleased you looked and how satisfied you sounded. Did your husband experience this?"
"No," she answered. "He died from a heart attack. Ever since then, I've been developing this strange feeling of predation. Even though I'm a bunny, I can somehow devour things whole and alive."
The boy had been recovering as they talked and his strength, although not a 100% back, is good enough for him to move a little and talk normally.
"How many guys did you digest?"
"12 guys a year...for the past 20 years."
"So you've eaten 240 guys?! How are you not found out?"
"I've been very selective of who I eat and where I eat. Mostly bad people that does more harm than good. You would've been one of the few good people I've digested. I don't want to lose my precious son because of this!"
"Just be careful next time."
"When that time of the month comes when we make love and you eat me, you'll just have to extra careful."
"Benny, why..."
"Because I love you, mom."
Just then, the bunny thought of something.
"I just realized something. Technically, you ARE my son. I did sort of give birth to you a few moments ago."
"Really? I'm your butt baby?"
The two share small happy laughs. Suddenly, before anything else, the two spot a squirrel girl in short-shorts and a tube-top standing at the doorway. She had an expression that reads that she saw everything from Bonnie's big belly to the process of expelling Benny and their talk, both bunny and human stunned.
"Sally?" Bonnie says.
"Um, how long have you been there?" Benny asks.
"Long enough," the squirrel replies, her expression unchanged.
"Then it's exactly what it looks like," the boy remarks.
Sally walks over to the two and sits on the bed next to them.
"So, um...can I ask you guys a question?" Sally asks.
Both human and bunny nod.
"Do you think you could...teach me and some friends of mine how to eat someone whole and alive?"
To be continued?
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Motherly Bunny By FreelancerSmurf

Bonnie Burrow, a 40 year-old bunny girl, has been caring for her adopted human son, 16 year-old Benny Burrow. One day, a certain time of the month strikes her hard and she needs a male to mate badly, already knowing her adopted son is around to slate her lust. However, that's not the only hunger in need of satisfaction.

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Posted by Krismoellegaard 4 months ago

Thangs fore the story

It was quit good

Are you planing on having the human eat someone too?

Best regards kris m

PS: First


Posted by FreelancerSmurf 4 months ago

Thanks for liking my story. I do plan to have human preds at some point, but, in case I decide to write a sequal to this, the human won't be eating anyone. He's pretty much a pure prey character.