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Charging Desperation [Disposal] By Septia -- Report

After Big Buffets comes Congested Colons.
This is what four friends discover on their way home from an afternoon at the buffet.
How will the gals (and guy) manage with limited functional bathrooms?
What goes on beneath the surface?
Will some of them go mad by the end of the day?

A journey of pride, dread and self discovery stands between us and the answers to these questions.

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I wrote this story as a commission for Bloodclaw.

Proofreader for this story was  farley, many thanks to them.

The Weirduary Commission is finished,
and will first be posted
on Tumblr
Tomorrow, the 5th of May.
Stay tuned.

[Quick guide:

Happy friends together casually discussing implied vore.
Signs of Desperation, gas.

After 1st: Locating the Toilets, waiting.

After 2nd: Dump Desperation, onomatopoeia, struggling to restrain, nervous.

After 3rd: Exhibitionism, slight masturbation, concealing pleasure.

After 4th: Spinda silliness, scat desperation, farting,

After 5th: Internal struggle. Combat with hallucinations of rivals, desperation and stomach growls.

After 6th: False hope. Desperation reaches peak, struggling for dear life, hyper scat, soiling.

After 7th: Oblivious jerk monkey. Massive fart. Sacrifice.

After 8th: Desperation intensifying. Masturbation.

After 9th: Peak reached, an electric climax reached. Ruined toilets.

After 10th: Desperation goes into despair. Giving up. Hyper dump, post-vore disposal, soiling in desperation.

After 11th: Embarrassing Epilogue. ]

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Posted by 44shio 1 year ago Report

I just adore how intense your descriptions of the characters' yearning to purge were. So many super creative metaphors used I've never seen applied to scat before! All throughout it felt like "Wow, the author is really having a fun time writing this."


Posted by Septia 1 year ago Report

It is lovely to hear the effort I put into such descriptions being so well received, thank you ever so much~.


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

Amazing <3


Posted by Septia 1 year ago Report

Glad to hear from you again~.


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

Im allways arround just often forget to comment x3