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A video comes to life on a computer screen, showing off a tall and muscular white bunny man in his late forties and sporting a musclegut while wearing nothing but a skimpy purple thong that barely contains a big bulge. He had unusual blue and shiny nipples and extra fluff around his chest and stomach area, his eyes green and filled with lust. His head has extra fluff also, the top of his head like hair and some on his face like a beard.
But that wasn't all. He even has extra fluff under his armpits and even around his crotch, the bunny just about described as a hairy DILF with muscle and sporting a gut. If he wasn't a bunny, he'd be called a bear.
Behind the bunny DILF was a king sized bed, colored red and had many pillows. Some of the pillows were shaped like hearts and some more round than a regular pillow.
"It's recording, Daddy," said a young man's voice.
"Nice," said the bunny man in a deep yet calm voice. "Now get your cute butt over here."
Coming into the picture was a young human man of 18 years old, his skin white and his hair a medium length red. He had freckles on his face and even his butt, having walked into the picture wearing only a blue speedo. He was more lean and skinny in comparison to the muscular and chubby bunny, even shorter than said bunny by two feet.
"You know your place, don't you, son?" he tells the boy as he places his hands on the human's shoulders.
"Yes, Daddy," the boy answers back.
Before the human got close, the bunny extends an arm to halt the young boy.
"Not so fast, boy," he tells him. "What do you call me when we're recording?"
"Oh!" the human responds. "Sorry. Heh heh. I meant to say, "Yes, Daddy Muscle Bunny.""
"That's better," the bunny tells him as he lowers his arm and allows the human to approach him.
The two share a hug and kiss, the bunny's hands groping the human's butt cheeks. They soon pull away and the human steps to the side so the camera can see the bunny.
"Hey, guys. Daddy Muscle Bunny here, bringing you the first of, hopefully, many special videos. It stars yours truly, Daddy Muscle Bunny, and my adopted son, Sunny Bunny."
The human waves "hello" to the camera.
"This live stream video will feature my son admiring his Daddy's body, from the outside..." He then pats his musclegut. "...and the inside. That's right. I'm gonna have Sunny Bunny admire his Daddy's body and take in its awesome power and smell before Daddy fucks him strong and hard. And when I'm done mating my boy, I'll send him into my stomach to show him where his place is on the food chain. After that...Well, that's entirely up to you guys if you want me to shit him out the same way he came in...or to add him to Daddy's body...permenantly."
"As long as I'm with you, Daddy Muscle Bunny, I don't care if I end up on a one-way trip inside your sexy body," Sunny voices his opinion.
"Careful what you wish for, boy. You just might get it."
The bunny then yanks the young human closer to himself and kisses him deeply, Sunny caught off guard and letting out a small "eep" before his lips was caught inside Daddy Muscle Bunny's mouth. The bunny then hooks a thumb into the thong and pulls it away, the skimpy undie snapping and falling to the floor as it leaves the human completely nude. The boy could only rub his daddy's gut soothingly, the two moaning into each others mouths before Daddy pulls away.
"What do the people want to see first?" Daddy asks his son, setting him down. "They don't get to see me gulp your ass down until later."
Sunny walks over to the camera to see the computer behind it, his dick up close and in view of the camera. He browses the chat and says aloud...
"They wanna see some worshipping. Foot, belly, or ass?"
"Mmmm, let's start with belly worshipping," Daddy answers. "I wanna see you lick and smell your Daddy's gut as you hear it call out to you. After all, this stream ends with you inside my belly."
"Then can we do ass next?" Sunny asks excitedly.
"We'll do that after you worship Daddy's feet next, son," the bunny replies, giving his ass a quick slap.
"Yay! I get to worship Daddy Muscle Bunny!" the human says excitedly also.
Sunny wastes no time in giving the bunny a sexual belly rub, rubbing the gut and even giving the furry navel a tongue kiss. Daddy moans as he feels his human son make out with his musclegut, placing both hands behind the boy's head and holding him there. The two ease onto the bed without stopping their moment.
"Yeah, kiss Daddy's belly," he mutters pleasantly.
The boy goes on like this for two minutes of navel kissing and belly rubbing and musk smelling, the stream chat voicing their feelings of enjoyment. Daddy Muscle Bunny has his tongue hanging out of his mouth, his blue speedos having a difficult time keeping his maleness held in. Sunny was fully erect at his full 7 inches before the bunny pushes him away and stands up as he holds him down to the bed with his foot.
"Stay down and clean my feet, son," he tells Sunny, raising his foot above the human's face.
Sunny complies without question as he sniffs and licks the bunny's foot, thinking dirtily about him feeling lucky. Daddy hooks a thumb into his purple thong and pulls it down, his big fluffy balls and erect 12 inch blue cock springing free of their prison. Sunny saw his Daddy's nudity and couldn't help but groan aloud, earning a little pressure on his face and the bunny's big toe in his mouth.
"Focus, boy," Daddy teases him.
The boy sucks on the furry digit before moving onto the next, paying extra attention by rubbing his hands on Daddy's strong calves. As soon as the pinky toe was sucked clean, the bunny replaces his foot with the other and the boy resumes his work. It didn't take long for the boy to finish cleaning each toe, seeing the blue speedo fall to the floor next to him and looks up to see the sight of a big and very fluffy white ass looming above him with the blue anus looking as if puckering up for a kiss.
"Get ready to kiss my ass, boy," he informs him.
Before Sunny could do anything to prepare, Daddy jumps and spreads his legs into a v-shape with surprising flexibility. The bunny lands ass first on his son's face, his butt cheeks enveloped the human's head and causing the bed, room and camera to shake at the tremor. A few seconds later, he sighs as he let loose a loud fart.
"Mmmm, I've been preping for this. Sniff it all up, boy," he tells the boy.
Sunny, who was having some difficulty breathing, complies with Daddy and happily sniffs in his bunny dad's gas. The camera shows Daddy Muscle Bunny sitting with his back turned to the camera and a small tuft of red hair between his ass cheeks, the bunny then grinding his ass into the boy's face. Not long after the first one did another fart escape his ass, blasting Sunny directly to the face once again.
"Oh, yeah~! Get a good wiff of your Daddy's scent!"
The boy suddenly starts licking Daddy's blue pucker, shaking his head as if he was motorboating the bunny's butt.
"Ooooohhh, nasty!"
"Depending on what the viewers want, you'll probably be nothing but fat on my ass and shit in my toilet!"
The boy tries to say something, but his words are muffled by the big bunny butt on his face. Daddy lifts his rear off of him.
"What's that you said, son?"
"You forgot how much of me will convert into farts, Daddy Muscle Bunny," the boy repeats.
Daddy smiles.
"Yeah, you'll make Daddy so gassy."
He sits back down on the boy's face and resumes the facesitting/fart fetish for the next five minutes, the bunny grinding his ass in the human's face with the occasional fart. The camera could see it, but Daddy was looking at his son's fully erect 7 inch cock leaking pre. With one hand, the bunny grips the boy's dick and proceeded to jerk him off.
Sunny's moans were muffled underneath the bunny's fat and muscled ass, the human's hips humping into the hand jerking him off. Another loud fart escapes Daddy, the human underneath him humping faster into his hand. During all that time, the boy had been continuing to eat out Daddy's anus as his hips trust into the hand of his bunny parent.
With one last fart, the bunny gets off of the boy and leaves him lying on the bed as he walks to the computer off screen. Sunny laid there in bliss, a smile on his face and no doubt reaking of Daddy's scent. Just then, the boy heard Daddy speak.
"Okay, Sunny. This guy wants to see you admire my body some more. Get this, though; he wants to see you sniff and lick my pecs and armpits."
"Can I have a pec job, Daddy?"
Daddy smiles at his human boy.
"Gladly, boy."
The bunny re-enters the camera's sight and climbs back on the bed as the human stands on his knees, sharing a quick kiss with his bunny father before the boy starts kissing lower. He sticks his tongue as toys around with Daddy's pectorals, licking circles around one of the unusual shiny blue nipples. This elicits some moans and groans from the bunny man, the DILF's own erection leaking pre.
Then Sunny wraps his lips around the nipple and sucked on it like he was a baby hungry for mother's breast milk, earning a louder groan from Daddy. The boy's other hand groped the other pec like a breast and pinched the nipple with his thumb and index finger, making the bunny man moan louder. He spent only a minute of sucking on Daddy's nipple before doing the same thing with the other man tit, Daddy groping his human son's butt with his strong yet soft hands.
Sunny feels Daddy lift him up easily until his erect cock is in front of the bunny's pecs, the boy groping both pecs as he sandwhiches his penis between them. The human thrusts into a slow rytheme, moaning out loud as he humps his Daddy's powerful pectoral muscles. He feels the strength of these pecs, believing his bunny DILF Daddy to be the greatest person in his life.
The bunny manages to ease his middle finger into the boy's butthole, earning a gasp and groan from the young human. Sunny feels his father's digit go deep into his rear, then slowly pull out until the tip remains only to push it all back in.
"Gotta make sure you can take all of your old man's cock," Daddy tells him.
Sunny continues to slowly hump Daddy's pecs as he feels the bunny's finger inserting into his rear, feeling it wiggle around and rubbing along his prostate. The boy voices that Daddy is a god among mortals, moaning that he was an unworthy human who doesn't deserve to serve the bunny DILF while he felt Daddy's digit play around in his butt. Then the bunny pulls out the finger and sets Sunny down, raising his arm and pulling the human closer.
"Get to licking, boy," he tells him.
Sunny doesn't hesitate and proceeds to drag his tongue on Daddy's extra fluffy armpits, sniffing the sweat and musk eminating from the bunny's being. The boy moans and groans after every few seconds of licking and sniffing, moving his hips as he grinds his penis against the bunny DILF.
"Try not to fire too soon, boy," he warns his son. "If you cum before Daddy, Daddy's gonna have to punish you. You won't even know what it is or when it'll happen until it's too late. Got it?"
"G-Got it, Daddy Muscle Bunny," Sunny replies, still grinding his dick against the bunny but at a slower pace.
"Good boy," the bunny says.
Sunny proceeds to sniff and lick Daddy's armpits for the next three minutes, all while maintaning a boner on the cusp of orgasm. The human doesn't know if he can hold it back long enough for Daddy to cum first, although he wouldn't mind if he cums before Daddy or not. The "punishment" the bunny mentioned is probably more of a "reward" to him.
"Alright, Sunny," the bunny announces, pushing the boy away from his right armpit. "It's time for the main event."
"S-So soon, Daddy?" Sunny asks confused.
"No, not THAT one. The father/son "bonding" main event before the father/son "dining" main event."
"Ohhhh," the boy understood.
The bunny lies down on the bed with the pillows behind him, presenting his big, girthy, meaty bunny cock of 12 inches to the human as the boy crawls on his hands and knees towards it.
"Suck Daddy off, boy," he commands nicely.
The boy complies and grabs the penis, opening his mouth and enveloping the manhood as best as he could. Daddy groans at the stimulation of his son's impressive and pleasing tongue on the tip of his shiny blue dick. The bunny instinctively humps into his son's mouth, placing a hand on the human's head to better push more of his manhood down Sunny's throat.
The boy gags after taking more of his Daddy's cock into his mouth and feeling it rub his throat muscles, just for it to be pulled back out until only the tip remained behind his lips before inserting itself back in. Suddenly, Sunny hears the familiar growl of the bunny's stomach and is well aware of what's coming. The thought of it causes him to smile a little.
Daddy's gonna fart while the boy sucks his cock.
Shortly after this deduction, the bunny DILF does indeed let out a fart.
This one was more potent than the ones from earlier, the boy having difficulties trying to breath in the strong gas and sucking his Daddy's cock all at once. Sunny tries his best to maintain his balance between sniffing the bunny's odor and deepthroating the dick until Daddy grips his head with both hands and pulls him away from the penis, popping out of his mouth wetly. The bunny pulls him towards his face and then kisses the boy on the lips briefly.
"Sunny, assume the position," said Daddy Muscle Bunny.
"Sir, yes, sir," Sunny playfully replies, making a salute before lying on his chest and knees with his butt sticking up.
Daddy gets up and around the boy in a doggy-style position, aiming his saliva-slickened cock at the boy's anus. No words were spoken as he inserts his manhood into the young human, the camera picking up the sight of Sunny's toes making themselves into fists. Daddy grips the boy's hips with both hands and proceeded to buck his hips like the horny bunny he is, pulling and slaming his hips into Sunny's butt.
The human's moans and groans were muffled to the camera with his face in the bed, but the sound of hips bouncing off each other and wet slapping noises were picked up easily. Every now and then, Daddy would stop thrusting when his dick was fully hilted in the young human's anus before letting out a quick toot from his ass. The camera gets a good view of Daddy's ass and pucker as he thrusts into the human's ass, the big balls seen slapping against the young boy's backside with every thrust of the the 12 inch bunny cock into him.
This goes on for nearly five minutes, the bunny on the verge of climax. Daddy thrusts harder and faster into the boy as he can't hold back his need to cum, driving his cock deep into the boy and letting out a loud roar from his mouth as he floods the human's anus with bunny cum. His own ass lets out toot after toot throughout the climax, stinking up the room along with the scent of male-on-male sex.
Despite the amazing sex that just ended, the boy didn't cum. Daddy pulls his cock out of the human's ass as it leaked his load, the bunny lifting the boy to be on his knees only. The both of them looked each other in the eyes, sharing a quick kiss on the lips.
"Ready for the moment that I've all been waiting for, Sunny?" he asks him.
"Yes, Daddy Muscle Bunny," the boy answers. "Make a meal out of me, please."
"I intend to, son. Face the camera and lie down on your belly. I want them to see your face bulge out my throat and your entire body in my gut. And, depending on how many want it, they'll get to to see you either come out my ass as you are or as a digested pile of stinky bunny scat."
"Either way, I'm looking forward to being inside you," the boy tells him.
"Heh, such a good son. How did I get so lucky to have such a willing and loving human morsel like you?"
"Call it fate, I suppose. Anyway, eat me up, Daddy Muscle Bunny!"
The bunny grabs the boys ankles and brings them up to his mouth, but stops to say something before he starts eating.
"From here on, just call me Daddy."
"Yes, Daddy."
With that, Daddy opens his mouth wide to reveal his blue insides and consumes the human's ankles. The boy feels the bunny swallow his feet and ankles strongly and easily, his dick just above the bunny's muscle gut. Another swallow brings him up to his hips, the bunny DILF using his tongue to lick at Sunny's balls and pucker.
The human groans as he tries his best to hold off his orgasm until the right moment, then Daddy strongly gulped again and brought him up to his chest. He places his hands on the bunny's shoulders and pushes himself up, pulling himself out of Daddy's mouth a little before allowing gravity to pull him back down. He repeats this for a minute before Daddy makes a mighty swallow the brings him up to his head, his arms still dangling outside like noodles.
The bunny DILF makes one last powerful gulp and sends his human son down his throat and into his stomach, his musclegut protruding more with the added "meal." It bulged with details of Sunny's body, from his face and hands and feet and even his penis. Daddy rubs his hands over the bulges and feels his son moving his hips, knowing well enough the boy was humping his stomach walls as he watches Sunny's cock bulge further and further on his gut.
"Getting off inside your old man's gut, huh," he comments. "Heh heh, such a naughty boy. Glad to know I raised a good and proper son meal."
"Oopsie," he teases, feeling his sons movements increase before he felt him thrust outwards and held it.
That's when Daddy and the camera picked up his muffled cry, the bunny knowing what it meant. Sunny came hard inside his daddy's stomach for a full thirty seconds. The boy's cock bulge disappeared back into the stomach, the bunny DILF patting his gut where the bulge was.
"That a boy," he comments his son.
He looks at the nightstand next to the bed and grabs a cell phone, typing into it with one hand while the other gropes his gut.
"Let's see what the audience wants, shall we, son?"
He looks up the streaming website and browses the chat, seeing the poll chart he made to see if they want to see him pass his boy through his insides or turn him into nutrients. As he examines the chat, he spots five familiar viewers and even a sixth. Three of them the bunny knew personally, while the other two his son knew intimately and the sixth one they both knew.
"Hey, son. Guess who's watching our stream. They're my buddies; Uncle Butt Bear, Cousin Cock Cougar, and Momma Phat Hippo! Hell, your buddies are here, too; Foxi Marshal and Lani Swan. I'm still amazed Lani didn't eat you himself, what with all the times he fucked you while the wife was away. He tends to digest the evidence and dispose of it in the toilet afterwards. Oh, and your sex ed teacher's here, too! Ms. Martha Bigbottom, the old goat. I knew that MILF had a thing for young boys being food. Anyway, what's the verdict?"
The bunny looks at the poll as it loads in the results. After a full minute passes, the poll displays the final verdict. The poll reads that 51% of the votes wants Daddy Muscle Bunny to...
*Fatal Non-Canon Ending*
...digest his son and shit out his remains.
This brings a smile to Daddy Muscle Bunny as he tosses the phone on the chair, lying on his back as he rubs his full stomach.
"Well, Sunny, my boy," he announces. "This is good-bye for good. They wanna see you become stinky bunny scat."
Sunny's voice is muffled and can't be heard correctly, but the tone suggests that the human boy doesn't mind his fate. The bunny DILF pats his his hands on the bulge that was his son's face.
"It's been fun, son. Daddy loves you. Now...squirm!"
Just then, Daddy Muscle Bunny's stomach proceeded to try and crush his human son while it pours in stomach acids. Sunny started freaking out and started struggling, having not known how much Daddy's digestion process hurts. The detailed bulges moved about franticly as Sunny squirms to escape from the pain, only making it worse for himself as he splashes some of the acids on himself.
Daddy's face was of pure bliss, having never eaten and digested a human in nearly a year. The mere fact that the human was his adopted son of ten years made it all the better, his cock erect and leaking pre. He heard Sunny's muffled voice scream in pain as the human was digesting, getting the bunny DILF closer to orgasm.
While Sunny screamed out the bunny's name, the musclegut went into full trash compactor mode as it instantly crushes the human and silencing him with a loud *crunch* that the camera picked up. The detailed bulges of his son disappeared and is instead replaced with Daddy's regular musclegut appearance, only the sound of gurgling was the clue of the boy's location. The finallity of his son's digestion causes Daddy to cum all over his belly.
Satisfied and tired, the bunny lies on his back and plants a hand on his musclegut as he feels it churning and gurgling as it digests his son. He lets out a small belch and a quick toot.
"Thank you, son, for pleasing your Daddy with your death," he says loud enough for the camera's mic to pick up. "I'll make sure your funeral is the best on the internet. After all, they do want to see me shit you out. It's a good thing we decided to do this in your "former" room. All I gotta do, after I'm done "dropping you off" on your "old" bed, is wrap up your bedsheets and throw them in the trashcan outside. Anyway, your old man's getting kinda sleepy here. *Yawn* I think I'll nap for a half-hour and then let you out. Until then, I'll just have the viewers watch my gut go to work. See you then, my little shit."
With that, Daddy Muscle Bunny falls asleep for the next half-hour while the viewers on the stream watch his gut churn and digest Sunny's broken body. The chat went wild as Foxi comments that he almost came when he heard the sounds of bones snapping, while Uncle Butt Bear cheers the bunny for showing that weak human his place in the food chain. Momma Phat Hippo confesses that she was jealous of Daddy being the one to digest Sunny, but Cousin Cock Cougar voices that it's only natural for the father to consume their children (even though Sunny was adopted and had no blood relation to Daddy).
Lani Swan admits that he'll miss the cute young human, having started to develope feelings for him. Ms. Martha Bigbottoms simply said that she has seen better acting in amatuer vorno videos, but admits that this stream was not bad. She then says that she might've liked to have been there to snuggle with the sexy bunny, but then says she'd be the one to devour Sunny and show the boy what her stomach can do.
Time passed as the chat talked to each other until a loud fart roused the sleeping bunny DILF, Daddy waking up as he sits up and stretches.
"The moment of truth, everybody," he says aloud.
He then stands up on the bed and squats down, his back to the camera as he grunts to start shitting and farting out the remains of the boy he digested. After a minute of gas blasting, the DILF's anus expands as logs of scat pour out and bits and pieces of bone protrude from each brown turd as they land on the bed below. Only three minutes passed until Daddy grunts really hard as he feels something big at his back door, pushing it out after a few seconds of grunting for a skull to pop out and land in the shit pile like a cherry on top of ice cream.
The bunny turns around to admire his handiwork, chuckling at the sight of his son's new form. He then pats his gut a few times before giving his ass a good slap, enjoying the addition the human made to his body. Suddenly, he has a dirt thought as he spots Sunny's blue speedo.
"Well, looks like you won't be needing this anymore," he comments as he plants one foot on the bed and spreads his ass at the camera, wiping the speedo on his ass like toilet paper before tossing it on top of the scat pile that was his son. "Guess you get to be one with Daddy's body in the end, right where you belong. Mmmmm..."
Daddy rubs his gut happily before looking at the camera with a smile that read prideful.
"There you have it, folks," he says. "Guess this makes it a one-time special between father and son. Hope you enjoyed seeing my boy turn into bunny farts and scat. I'll see y'all next time with another willing prey. Pray that it's another human. Heh heh."
The camera turns off after Daddy lets out one last bassy fart and playfully says Sunny says bye.
*Non-Fatal Canon Ending*
...give the boy a full tour of the bunny's insides.
Daddy Muscle Bunny smiles as he happily pats his stuffed gut, tossing the cell phone on the chair nearby.
"Looks like they want you to experience going through Daddy's "Inner Workings" today, Sunny," he tells the bulge that was his adopted son.
A muffled response was all the bunny heard and the camera barely picked it up amidst the gurgles of the predator's stomach. He understood what the boy meant to say, despite his belly muffling the words.
"Yeah, boy. You're going on a ride through Daddy's Digestive Tract instead of experiencing Daddy's Digestive System. Don't forget to wiggle while going through Daddy, son!"
The bunny DILF spreads his legs and proceeded to grunt, his dome of a musclegut, filled with his human, moving about and forming odd lumps on it. After a minute of this, Daddy's gut was back to normal and his ass grew a little bigger and lumps started appearing every few seconds. As the bunny proceeded to pass his adopted son through his body, his pucker let loose a gassy fart.
"Oopsie," the bunny DILF chuckles, following it up with another.
This causes the human in his intestines to move about even more, causing Daddy's blue dick to grow erect once more. The bunny continues to grunt as he tries to push the boy through his digestive tract, farting every couple seconds. After an entire minute of this, the camera sees a tuft of red hair sticking out of Daddy's blue pucker as it slowly opens.
"I can...feel...the boy's head!" Daddy grunts.
Through grunting, the bunny DILF proceeded to expel the boy out of his anus. Sunny tries to take a deep breath of fresh air as soon as his head was out of Daddy's butthole, but instead finds his face being smothered by a big bunny nutsack and breathed in musk instead. Although the human didn't mind smelling a bunny DILF's balls after taking a trip through said bunny's digestive tract, he would still like to get the rest of himself out of the ass he was coming out of.
Not long after his head came out, one of Sunny's arms is free to aid the boy in pushing himself out. The bunny feels the other arm pull free and felt both hands on his thighs as the human pushes himself out. In under a minute, the boy was completely pushed out of Daddy's ass and was back in the bedroom.
"I...I did it..." panted Daddy. "I just...gave a butt baby."
"Butt baby, huh," Sunny says. "Does this mean I'm truly your son now?"
"Sunny, you were always my boy. Despite the species difference, you've always been Daddy's adorable son."
"Heh heh, I'm your butt boy!"
Sunny crawls up to Daddy's face and the two share a kiss, plenty of tongue play ensues. They eventually break apart as the bunny DILF sits up and looks at the camera, the boy holding onto him as his left hand rubs the musclegut and his right squeezes one of his butt cheeks.
"There you have it, folks! I officially gave birth to my beautiful butt boy, Sunny! And since you allowed him to live, that means there's gonna be a sequal to this video! Who knows, maybe one of you lucky fucks will find themselves on it! That's right! One of you will be joining me and my boy's father/son time! Question is, who will it be? I'll let my son pick. Who'd you like to join us?"
"Honestly," the boy replies, "I'd like to have Uncle Butt Bear come over. But I'd also like Lani to come over, too. Although, he would probably want to avoid having his wife find out about this."
"Then it's settled!" Daddy speaks up. "Uncle Butt Bear, you're invited to join Daddy Muscle Bunny to spend quality time fucking my son! Hope to see you here and I hope to see you folks watch us! Until next time, Daddy Muscle Bunny and his son, Sunny Bunny, signing off!"
The bunny DILF turns around and lets out a stinky fart, the boy walking over to the camera and turning it off.
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Daddy Muscle Bunny By FreelancerSmurf -- Report

A muscular bunny man makes a video with his adopted human son of their first time "doing it."

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Posted by zidanes123 1 year ago Report

I liked the fatal ending more.