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The Costume Contest By Cryos

A gift for  TwistedTemptation on his birthday! Please go and show him lots of love!

A boy and his girlfriend enter a costume competition at their local cosplaying convention, dressed as a dragon and a witch. In a bid to guarantee their victory, she transforms him into an actual dragon boy! Unfortunately, that comes with some difficulties controlling his new wings and tail, as well as an incredible hunger…

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Cryos: All comments and criticism are welcome here. I want to improve my writing, and any input you may have would be a great help. Just dont be a dick about it. I guarantee I'm more experienced in that regard.


Posted by Gelenor 8 months ago

Well it's her own damn fault for turning him into an actual dragon.

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Posted by Cryos 8 months ago

Clearly she didn't think things through all that well.

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Posted by Furmillionaire 7 months ago

Good stuff!

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Posted by Cryos 7 months ago

Thanks! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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