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Unfortunate Revolting Incident
You are taking one of your late night strolls out in the woods. The dark void that makes up the sky is starless. With only the yellowed moon to illuminate your path, you take what you thought was a familiar trail. Attempting to navigate through the limbs of the trees, you almost get the feeling as if they are alive, trying to push you away. What you assumed would be a peaceful journey through the forest is turning rather sour quickly. When it finally dawns on you that you should have turned back long ago, you quickly realize that you've lost your way. A cold sweat envelopes around your brow, as your body turns a little numb on the inside. You were so naive as to not bring some sort of light source with you, and now you are going to have to make a decision. Either you stay here, risking yourself to the wild throughout the long night ahead of you. Or you scramble around, in an attempt to maybe find your way back. You're feeling impatient while under the pressure of being lost. You feel so embarrassed over a trivial mistake. Continuing on, with what your intuition tells you is the right way, you blindly move forward. The peculiar lack of sounds strikes you as creepy, what could be heard as the chirping of birds, buzzing of crickets, even the croaking of toads, was now completely missing. Trying to keep your balance, as the thicket of branches and bushes prove even more daunting to travel than before, you come across a strange hard surface. Investigating it more, you make out that it's a stone circle, about knee high, with a hollow area in the center. You presume that this must have at one time been a well, which would be odd, considering that you're in the middle of the woods. Taking advantage of the moment to take a break from walking, you sit down on the edge of the well.
What you didn't notice, was the dark tendril reaching out. You feel the clammy texture of cold skin and bones wrap around your neck, pulling you into the pit. Unable to struggle, you are put under the sensation of falling. What feels like forever, your mind begins to blank out, the shock of the situation must be taking it's toll.
Finally awake, you feel your arms and legs bound, the thick chains cutting into your skin. You also notice that your clothes are gone. Feeling a little disgusted, but also fear, you see an amber light in the distance. As your vision clears up, you start to see more and more of your surroundings. From one corner of the room, you see an old oaken table, chipped in some places and stained in others. You see two chairs accompanying the table, one of them is simple in make, while the other is slightly larger and is slightly darker in color. The other corner you see a short figure, the one holding the light. You slowly concentrate on their features, you notice that they seem to be wearing a white robe, they have short green hair, which is dressed in tiny pigtails while being held together by a pair of bright turquoise baubles. You hear a voice call out, it sounds female, like that of a very young girl. "You're up! Good, I was tired of waiting. You know how long I've been waiting? Waiting for some idiot to wander out here?" she says before starts giggling. "Eh heh heh, I just can't wait. Here, let me get you seated." She goes on, as she pulls out the smaller wooden chair. Then, she pulls you up by the chains strangling your wrists. She was pretty strong despite your size, as you're taken back by how she can carry you up with just her two hands. After seating you, she undoes her robe, revealing her nakedness underneath. Spreading out the robe over the table as if it were a tablecloth, she playfully shakes her behind at you. "Now, you just stay right there, okay?"
Once the makeshift tablecloth was straightened out, she wandered to you, feeling your arms with her cold hands. "Ooh yes, these will definitely be filling for a long time." As you struggle with trying to break free from your chains, your arms digging even deeper into the rustic metal, piercing the skin, you start to feel the trickle of blood against your hands. "Someone looks eager." she teases you after running her finger across your wound. She then starts tasting your blood, making you feel even more sick as you start to figure out what she's planning to do. She disappears behind you, and as you struggle even more, you feel a sharp pain against your shoulder. Looking down, you see her hands wringing your arm trying to detach it from it's socket. "Come now, don't be such a drag." you hear as you start to lose feeling in your limb. Finally, you feel something come loose, gathering the strength, you look down again and see a blank space from where your arm once was. Nothing is left there save for a few tendons and streams of blood leaking out of your shoulder. You try to move what was once your hand, but struggle as your mind attempts to comprehend the loss of an entire limb. It's at this point where you realize you haven't passed out again from the pain. She must have done something to you earlier to make you stay awake through this entire ordeal.
With your arm in hand, she sits herself on the chair opposite of you, laying out your limb. "I'm so glad you've come to provide me with supper today. It's so rare that I get to dine with guests." she says before taking a chomp into the mound of flesh from your upper arm, biting it clean off. Blood starts dripping from her chin as she chews with her mouth open, giving a tiny laugh before swallowing down the mouthful of meat. This continues for a while, as she makes her way down to your wrist, before tossing aside the hand of your ex-arm. "That was good, but there's still a lot more to go." she says while getting up.
She continues the process of taking your other arm off. After going through this again, the pain somehow feels less severe than before. Now with both your arms gone, you are left helpless, with nothing to do but watch as your sadistic captor consumes your body in front of you. After finishing your other arm, she gets up once again, this time pulling out your chair a bit. She starts tearing up your thigh, clawing into the skin and flesh until she pulls it off from your torso. Back at her chair, she begins eating away at your leg, going all the way down to the ankle, before discarding the foot. "Nasty bits don't taste very good at all. I'd rather leave them to rot." she goes on in a less cheerful tone. After tearing up both your arms and legs, the only part left is your body and head. Practically mind-broken at this point from the pain, and loss of your body, you sit there with a dumbfounded look on your face, as she picks you up and sets you down onto the table. "My favorite part, thank you for being such a cooperative meal."
She begins to rip into your belly, taking out your intestines. Scarfing it down like a giant long noodle, she pulls out some more organs. Chomping away at your liver and kidneys, slurping down the liquid in your stomach. Swallowing down your whole groin after tossing away your hip bone. Bits of extra tendons, skin, muscle, and various internal organs left all over the table, with blood and bile staining the once white robe, now a putrid red and green. Of course, you could feel none of this, you had been long dead, finally passing out from the pain. Your last thoughts was of humiliation of being nothing but a meal for this monster of a girl. Of course, you being dead didn't stop her from eating away the rest of you, after finishing your lungs, she ripped your heart out, swallowing it down whole.
With all of the meat and organs in her stomach, she patted her belly, letting out a few belches before throwing your empty carcass with the rest of the undesirable bits. A pile of rotting bones lay in the corner of the room, your body among them. Your head however, she did keep, placing it on a shelf along some skulls of other unfortunate victims. With her obtusely large belly, she waddled over to her shabby bed, laying there enjoying her large meal. Rubbing down the orb of flesh, occasionally squishing her belly, letting your meaty remains digest away. "Aah, meals like you don't come very often." She said to herself "I hope your friends start looking for you, I'm starting to get hungry again." And with a final loud belch, she turned over, going back to sleep.
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[Not for the squeamish]
It's a bit too fluffy in here...
I wanted to do a hard-vore story for a while, sorry if you're not into that. I found that writing this was a bit more fun than the other stuff, so who knows, maybe I should do more of this. Let me know if you liked the story or not below.

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Posted by Hamxxdude 1 year ago Report

This is amazing!


Posted by MBucket 1 year ago Report

Aww, thanks!


Posted by BBthewolf 1 year ago Report

Very nice love the detail!

The mystery of how old the girl was, plus can't really tell if she is human or not.


Posted by Hamxxdude 1 year ago Report

I'd love to see more hardvore from you


Posted by 2ndVoice 11 months ago Report

Great work! X3