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Beth relaxed on her bed, reading a book and overall lazing about after her dinner and shower. She looked down at her bare body and her beloved pet slithering between her fleshy mounds and playing with her long and straight blonde hair. This was her usual routine, letting her pet snake play around before she retires for bed. The snake in question is a non-venomous vine snake, measuring at around 50 cm and no thicker than her finger, the bedside lamp light bouncing off its shiny, green scales. The overly curious, playful and seemingly intelligent creature untangles itself from its master’s hair, and gives her nipples a few playful licks before slithering down her body, going down to the other snake in the room.
Between Beth’s legs and flopped against her belly is the girl’s massive, flaccid cock at around 35 cm long, the head of the member covering her belly button and almost reaching her breasts. The snake ignored the head for now, slithering down to her crotch while coiling itself around the member, its muscles massaged Beth’s cock as it went down to give her balls a nuzzle. It wasn’t long before the massage made Beth’s cock stand rigid, towering over the snake as it grows to its full length of 50 cm. With its playmate now ready, the snake coils and climbs up the stiff flesh before it wiggled down Beth’s cock hole. Beth puts her book away, and looks down at the snake trying to enter her cock, and sighs, pulling it out before it got too deep. The snake squirmed in her grasp a bit, before it felt her push its tail down the slit instead, It began thrashing around, rubbing around its master’s sensitive flesh as she got up, taking a disposable plastic sheet to lay on her bed. She laid down and enjoyed the live sounding she is getting, squirming on the sheet, grasping at the plastic as she tries to restrain herself from jacking off, fearful that the act would crush the snake within her. The snake itself was eager to slide deeper into the warm, moist tunnel, but due to the way its master put it in, the snake could only squirm further away from its desired location. Minutes of squirming later, Beth finally cums, crying out as her meat cannon literally launched the snake from her body, the reptile splashing against her breasts, covered in her seed, as more of the warm mixture fell upon Beth’s body and bed. The snake happily coiled around itself, licked the seed off its body and nuzzled up against its exhausted master.
After recovering from her sudden and impromptu masturbation session, Beth licked her pet snake clean before placing it back in its tank, going to the bathroom to get the seed cleaned off and dispose of the plastic cover. She then finished the chapter she was on before heading to bed, placing her book on the end table and making sure her alarm clock was on before letting sleep take her, laying on her back to make sure her cock doesn’t flop around and wake her in the middle of the night. The snake, however, was watching her with its beady eyes, squirming in excitement at its plan. It really enjoyed its master’s fleshy hole, ever since Beth bought the snake from the pet shop to use for such perverted means. To the snake, it was much more comfortable and warm than the specially equipped tank and even just laying against its master with the sun beating down on it. However, the reptile’s master wouldn’t let it go deeper, and tonight was the night it would finally get its wish. Squeezing its head through a small crack between the lid and the tank, it pushed aside the light plastic barring its exit. It then carefully slithered down the shelf, and towards Beth’s bed. Mimicking its earlier action with the much smoother fleshy rod, the snake climbed up the bed’s leg, wiggling under her sheets before going up to her head, towards its first objective. It know this weird object would wake its master up, and would interrupt its time within her, so the smart creature went up to Beth’s alarm clock, pushing its head against the only switch on the device till it locked in place, turning off the alarm.
With the interruption no longer happening, the snake slithered back down to Beth’s bed, moving over Beth’s body as it went to her cock. The woman shifted in her sleep, startling the reptile, but it soon got to its destination. The creature eagerly pushed itself towards the slit, worming its way down the fleshy shaft with much vigor. Without its master to stop it, the snake soon squirmed its way down the base of her shaft, shivering at the warm, soft flesh enveloping it. The snake relaxed as it was finally in, letting Beth’s member calm down from the sudden but arousing intrusion, before it decided to move even deeper. The long and thin reptile had a little bit of a hard time pushing past a ring of muscle, but soon got past the obstruction, soon landing in a musky pool of seed. The snake eagerly pulled the rest of its body down into the fleshy chamber, coiling around itself as it explored its new location. If a snake could smile, it would be doing it right now, as it found the new confines very comforting and happily closed its eyes as it nuzzled against the walls, feeling a relaxing tingle on its scales. Outside, Beth’s balls bulged out to more than twice their size as the snake entered them, and her strange body began working on its new acquisition. The orbs gurgled and churned, massaging the snake within into her seed through the night, the bulges soon softening and evening out as the unfortunate but willing snake is digested.
Beth squirmed as the morning sun peeked through her windows, bathing the girl in its warm glory. She was reluctant to wake, however, and turned away from the window to face her end table. Peaking out a few minutes later, her eyes widened in surprise as she finally noticed the time. She rushed out of bed and hurried to leave for school, which had started half an hour ago. In her haste, she didn’t even notice her snake missing, nor her much bigger and sensitive orbs. Beth got washed up and dressed in record time, and then went to work putting her massive cock in its usual hiding spot by tucking it under her balls and into her vagina. She moaned as she penetrated herself, and wore her special underwear to keep her cock in place, adding even more pressure on her overfilled balls. The rush to the train station didn’t help matters, as her running caused her cock to subtly slide in and out of her folds. It was barely 5 minutes later when she arrived and boarded the train and thankfully managed to find a seat. Her breathing was ragged from a mixture of exertion and pleasure, her cock trying to get hard within her body while the vibration of the train as it ran across the tracks massaged her balls.
With the pleasure slowly building, the half an hour train ride was torture for Beth, as she feared she would make a scene if she came. When she finally got to her stop, she rushed out of the train, towards the nearest bathroom so she can release the pressure. However, it was not to be, as she finally couldn’t hold it back any longer, crying in pleasure as the closed the stall’s door and collapsed against it in a surge of ecstasy. Her womb bulged out as her balls emptied out all her seed into herself, her specially made underwear keeping the member locked in her. By the time she regained any form of thought, Beth found herself drooling against the door, her body twitching from the best orgasm she ever had and her belly easily looking like she is midway through pregnancy, not a drop of seed leaking from her heavily plugged slit. Her balls had returned to their normal size, after they finally emptied out her liquified beloved pet into her womb. Struggling to her feet, Beth took off her underwear, and sat on the seat, pushing down on her belly to pop her cock out and unload the torrent of cum within her. After 5 minutes of forcing, her body finally looked back to normal, and Beth did her best to get cleaned up before rushing back to school. It was only when she returned home did she realise her pet snake was missing, adding another depressing moment to an already unfortunate day.
Weeks pass, and Beth was still saddened by the disappearance of her pet snake. In that grief, however, she noticed her body changing. Simply patting her belly made her feel something hard within her and growing slowly bigger. The girl was obviously worried at the development, fearful that her peers would mock her of her pregnancy. She began wearing a thick coat to school, saying that she is simply cold due to the autumn weather. Beth was thankful that the growth stopped expanding after a month of its initial discovery, at what feels like 10 cm around. She was curious what was growing within her, as it had a distinct egg shape to it, and decided to care for whatever came out of her body, if only to lessen the sense of loss she has. Beth also realised her hunger had increased over the month and coupled with the increased size of her bosom, a clear sign of the new life within her. Thankfully her thoughts soon drifted away from her missing pet, and towards the unlaid egg, alleviating most of her grief.
It was heading to winter when she felt movement come from the egg, slowly building up as the day progressed. By the time Beth reached home, whatever is within her body was eager to get out. She almost tore off her clothes as she rushed to her bed, layering a plastic sheet over it before getting on, positioning some pillows around her legs to catch the egg should it launch unexpectedly. Taking a few deep breaths to steady herself, she gently began pushing. The egg’s smooth walls easily passing her birth canal, much easier than she expected. With nothing to catch on to, the egg popped out of Beth’s body as soon the widest part passed. Beth looked in awe at the egg that just got released from her body, surprised at the ease of the whole ordeal. She gently picked the egg up and brought it to her chest, cradling it as it continued to move about, the creature within trying to break free, the mother in question cooing words of encouragement to her unhatched child. It was about 2 minutes later when the first cracks finally formed, a small clawed hand coated in green scales poking out of the opening and making it wider. When it was wide enough, a small, blonde head pushed its way out, followed by the small child’s shoulders and clearly feminine but small breasts, flopping down onto the surprised mother’s breasts as gravity pulled the rest of the child’s long, snake-line lower body down on top of it covered in more green scales, much like a lamia from myth. Beth watched in surprise as the lamia child pushed itself up, looking up towards her with a sweet smile, wiggling its body as it got used to its form for a moment before wiggling to its mother’s nipple, coiling her long body around the mound before suckling, though not without licking her body with its snake like tongue as it drank.
Beth smiled as her new child began nursing, patting the tiny child with her finger. Seeing the clearly feminine form that is somewhat similar to her own body. She decided to name the child Julie, and cooed the name as she pet the drinking snake girl. Julie looked up to Beth, tilting her head and pointing to herself, smiling as Beth nodded in reply. Julie clung to Beth’s body as she got herself cleaned up with surprising ease and after they were done, Beth decided to go to bed, leaving Julie in her snake’s tank. Julie watched her mother sleep with a smile, and looked around the tank and eventually beyond, faint memories surfaced as she continued her exploration of Beth’s small home. She suddenly remembered her time as Beth’s pet snake, and smiled as she looked down at her new body, excited to help play more with her master and mother. Julie then climbed on Beth’s bed, coiling around on her chest before falling asleep.
Beth was surprised at how fast her child Julie learnt stuff. Barely 2 weeks after her hatching she began speaking simple sentences, and she seem to grow slightly longer and bigger, though still only a meter long and still rather thin. Julie told Beth about her memories as a snake, thanking her for taking care of her in that time, and informed her of what happened on that fateful day, adding another layer of surprise to her mounting confusion. Julie wanted to stay with her mother for the most part, and kept on trying to worm her way down her mother’s holes. It was a month after Julie hatched that Beth finally decided to allow the child entrance into her body, much to her delight.
Beth was worried, of course, but since her snake was reborn into her child, she felt that if Julie ended up as cum again, she can just knock herself up once more, a perverted grin formed on her face as the thought of getting pregnant again ran through her mind. Julie was oblivious to her mother’s thoughts, focusing on the member before her, caressing Beth’s balls as her long and slender body massaged her already growing shaft. With the member at full mast, Julie slithered up to the top and happily pushed her way down, careful not to hurt her mother with her claws as did. Beth cried in pleasure as her child dug deeper into her body, unused to the thicker and the small hands causing more pleasure than she was used to. It was less than half a minute before Julie entered her destination, Beth’s balls, and began pulling the rest of her body down into the fleshy orbs. The action sent yet more pleasure through her mother’s body and Julie was only half way done with her act when the flesh around clenched down on her body. Beth reached her limit, shooting her seed over her body as almost forcing Julie out as well, though she managed to hold on, and after her mother calmed down, Julie pulled the rest of her body into her mother’s now overfilled sac, twice as big as they were during Julie’s first time in them.
Julie was elated as she finally got to her mother’s sac, splashing around in the cum happily. She noticed that unlike the first time, she felt no tingling on her skin as she laid there. Curious, Julie decided to spend the night in the orbs, and let her mother know of her wishes. Beth was obviously concerned, but agreed to it regardless, as she couldn’t think of a way of forcing Julie out. With nothing else to do, Beth went to clean herself up, her heavy orbs hung low as the lamia continued squirming joyfully. Beth then retired to bed, with Julie soon following her.
The next morning, which was thankfully a weekend, Beth woke up and hurriedly inspected her balls. She sighed in relief as she felt Julie’s form still within, and shook the little one awake. The lamia then began to push herself out of her mother, the act causing Beth to shoot her load once more, this time Julie with it. The playful lamia landed on Beth’s head and happily coiled around her neck, nuzzling and kissing her mother’s cheek as Beth shot more seed. Beth recovered a while later, smiling and patting her child as she went to the bathroom to once again clean up. Now knowing that there is little risk of Julie being cum, Beth was more than happy to let her child into her “special room”, even bringing her out of the house while carrying her in them. Beth, of course, eventually got more snakes to play with, and eventually more little sisters for Julie, much to her delight. Julie even sometimes watched as the snake got melted down, to calm the creature as it began its transformation, though she usually then get shot into her mother’s womb after that, though she doesn’t mind it at all.
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Pets have their own desires too, even if what they want is their master’s fleshy embrace.
(Wrote this a few days ago, I think I'll post this now before returning to my idea of posting my older work)

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Absolutely adorable, love this.


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everything about this is such yes...


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I really liked this, it was cute and had a lit of tags I like. It rare to have good futa cock vore


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This is so weird, hot, and cute.