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SMI Update 14.06.2018 By redfrog

Uploaded: 5 days ago

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Tags: animation draenei gif object swallowing Object Vore Serenity Warcraft World of Warcraft wow Edit

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Updated the Serenity's micro interactive!

This update contains:
-5 New endings (4 + 1 fart option)
-Object vore
-True POV (No external shots)
-Various text changes

To reach theese endings, you must: (SPOILER)
Go to her crotch, then jump off, (Here's the fart) then climb down, run, then turn left

The interactive:

WoW (c) Blizzard

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Posted by GhostRecon036 5 days ago

Object vore is always nice


Posted by redfrog 5 days ago

Yes, it is


Posted by Sharktooth 5 days ago

Yeah. This oral vore looks a bit better!


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

Glad to hear!


Posted by HeadPhones1 5 days ago

The wait is finally over ^^


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

Yeah, finally some progress is made, I can rest now~


Posted by SkyTheDragones 5 days ago

Alweays a nice way to have thing whit you~


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

Good to hear~


Posted by whatisthissheet 4 days ago

"Object vore" That's all I needed to hear, going back right now.


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

Hehe, have fun!


Posted by Franky 4 days ago

Ahh and I am in love again! This interactive adventure has gotten so big! It's great! I really like the new options and thos little fart too! Sometimes things just don't stay clean!
But you mentioned 5 endings. I only found 4


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

Glad you like it, and I'm glad the work put in it pays off~
As for the endings, I counted the fart option as an ending, because... no idea... I should fix that honestly


Posted by Franky 4 days ago

Fixing it is a good idea. Maybe by making a new option where she farts on you on purpose until the player blacks out xP


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

Hm, not sure. I'm not a big fan of farting, but I made an option for those who like it


Posted by Max28z 4 days ago

i found just 4 new ending from the update, how we find the last one ? Do you work on the total unbirth i suggest you ?


Posted by redfrog 4 days ago

The fart option is the 5th one, and I think maybe I will add the rebirth next, if I figure out how


Posted by Notallisasitappears 3 days ago

Looking forward to having a computer again to try this out


Posted by redfrog 3 days ago

I think you would like it


Posted by Notallisasitappears 2 days ago

Quite likely. Serenity seems like a very lovely character ^_^


Posted by Theveryrandomuser 3 days ago

neat! more updates! can’t wait to play it!


Posted by redfrog 2 days ago

Good to hear!