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A Delicious Comeback - 3 By JackNoName -- Report

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Evelyn has made up her mind, she will swallow a person whole for the sake of her son.

While practicing for the event, the ex-pornstar milf discovers a new, or better said, old side of herself she never thought would ever resurface. With her newfound hunger she is confident she can do it, but who is going to be her prey?

Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of consent.


Ahh, some good old mother pred. Not much to be said other than I just really like big fucking milfs! I mean, who doesn't right?


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Posted by Chaos 1 year ago Report

So incredibly good, the emotion, the heart, the fat, amazing job and I can’t wait for the main event. ^_^


Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago Report

It has a lot of all of those, doesn't it :P
Anyway, the next and last chapter will focus only on the main event ^^


Posted by BellyLamp 1 year ago Report

Absolutely worth the wait.


Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much ^^ That makes me very happy.


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 year ago Report

Pleasantly surprised you still are working on this series. I am glad you are.

While it might be too late and you are close to finishing part 4, I want to sort of throw my thoughts into this.

Please don't have her digest Billy. You've established he's his moms tech wiz and without him she'd be unable to record, edit and post her videos (her being not very tech savy).
Plus think with how you've setup their relationship and how strong their bond is, killing off Billy would sort of disregard all that.

Maybe have her eat him, fall asleep for a nap but then wake up and panic? Which would cause her to find a way to vomit him up. He'd be covered in burns, and she'd have no other option to push him back into her womb. The vore trope (if you will call it that) for the womb being able to heal those inside it would work well for that. Plus it would only solidify the bond they share as Mother and Son.

In the end how chapter 4 goes is entirely up to you. I've just grown to like these two characters and how you've built them up and together. So seeing one end up gone would sort of go against all that. Plus Evelyn would be back at square one and without money or food.


Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago Report

Isn't that the thrill of vore though? This fetish is a dangerous game and if you give yourself up willingly, well, you are leaving your life in the hands of your devourer. I guess that's just the appeal of it, not knowing if you'd ever come out again or if you're just going to be a helpless snack...

This doesn't answer anything :P I know. But I am flattered that you care. Usually in vore stories people just want to see the preds stuffed as much as possible, but if I can write it so that you actually care about the prey too, then I think I did my job ^^ Thank you.


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 year ago Report

I am well aware of what vore is to some. ;)
I like both types honestly. Both the kind when the prey is gone for good, and when there is bond between prey and pred and the prey survives(somehow). Still being able to love or be with the pred.

I think for me it's more because these two have depth, more then just another vore smut story. Plus you've established things that make me as the reader think would cause her not to kill off her son.

And depending on the writing I can definitely become invested in the story and characters. Notabot did this really well with their stories and thus I ended up rooting for some of the characters they wrote about.

Another idea if it's okay. Maybe her eating Billy but then vomiting him up after the camshow would end up convincing some of her viewer's to become willing meals. Proof of concept if you will. Food for thought. xD

And you are most welcome. A good writer can make a reader invested.


Posted by Konkak 11 months ago Report

I agree with you JackNoName. I prefer digestion much more, especially unwilling, but willing stuff is okay too imo - it makes vore stuff more about domination, which is really appealing. And it's even more appealing in the incestious type of this stuff, when there's some kind of "betreyal stuff" (I don't know how to call this) when predator is actually a really close person to the prey, but it's going to eat and digest its prey anyway. It's also about rejecting everything and throwing someone's life away which also makes this kind of stuff more interesting. Both prey and predator must pay the highest price for the game they are playing.

Vore without digestion doesn't have the domination feature and doesn't show the ultimate cost of this kind of "fun". It's kinda boring imo - it ends the same way it has began, everybody's alive, everybody's happy and nothing really changes. And I think that I'm not the only one who thinks that "bad endings" are usually more interesting than happy ones :)

As I said, that's just my opinion, but you may consider making alternative ending to satisfy all the people :)


Posted by TongueCuddlingLouse 1 year ago Report

Great job man! :D


Posted by Konkak 10 months ago Report

Did you forsake this project or you're still working on it? :P


Posted by JackNoName 10 months ago Report

The 4th {final) chapter is still coming ^^


Posted by yepthatsavore 9 months ago Report

Dude, this series is stupid good. So well thought out and written. First of read of this kind. Man ill be heart broken if she digest her son. Im sure eve will be to. But it is what is is like ylu stated in an earlier comment. Can't wait for the next part