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Don't piss off the staff By soline -- Report

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Never piss off the employees. Common sense really, after all even the lowliest cashier is going to be partially responsible for your overall experience. Keep them happy and everyone has a great time, but most of them can find ways to make things uncomfortable for you if they really want to.

A simple rule no one seemed to have taught Becca and her friends. It was day three of their ski-trip and they'd been thoroughly unpleasant to everyone, from restaurant staff to ski instructors to other guests with little repercussion other than cold glares from staff. Not that they seemed to notice or care.

That afternoon they trekked up to the Zorb cabin once again, eager to join the others hurtling down the mountainside in tough rubberized balls. This time instead of the muscular, tanned man behind the counter they met the resort's latest employee, a pale skinned girl too new to even sport a name badge, currently in the middle of eating a sandwich behind a very clear 'Closed' sign. Even so, she smiled, cheeks bulging with food and held up a finger, chewing rapidly.

Most people would have been happy to wait, the girl clearly willing to cut her break short as long as she could finish her mouthful. To Becca though, any delay in her trip was unacceptable, and the employee's face fell under the tirade of angry ranting and threats.

No doubt Becca was regretting that now, pounding against the transparent plastic and screaming for help as the obscenely stretched anus inched further and further over her, held wide by the enormous ball. The employee had loaded them into the Zorbs two to a ball, pushed the first group down the hill and then...

Becca's horrified gaze turned back, looking over her shoulder at the bottomless depths of the girl's bowels, her best friend behind her inside the Zorb, and then back out at the empty store, no one to hear her cries for help as the entire zorb slowly inched out of sight.


Just a fun little something from the backlog, I have a certain love of staff getting their own back on unpleasant customers. Looks like these unpleasant customers are finding out when you get on someone's bad side, that might be more literally than you think!

Oh, and yep, there are two people inside that Zorb >:D

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Posted by razorbacknod 1 year ago Report

I feel like the old slippery slope adage may be a bit on the nose here. XD


Posted by LastRider100 1 year ago Report

To every customer that's been rude, ranting or just plain horrible. Beware.


Posted by Apostolos 1 year ago Report

That would be certainly lovely, can you do one for terrible restaurant customers, like the ones who complain about food coming out later than another table that ordered something far more simple than the dishes they ordered, made an absolute mess of the table, order multiple instances of expensive drinks and turn down drinking them for bizarre reasons, and write first come first served on the tip line? Sorry if it seems like a rant had a couple of porkish pricks do this today and it got even worse than that actually.


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Hahaha I might have to, I also work customer service at the moment so I can relate :p.


Posted by deej1011 1 year ago Report

This is awesome, and from the sounds of it very well-deserved tbqh. Hope she learned her lesson (not that it'll do her much good anymore lol)


Posted by Straxacore 1 year ago Report

How have you gotten me into hammerspace so easily?.... Ha probably what some prey say too


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Hah, you stole my line!

It's just such a versatile characteristic! I'll draw more bellied stuff in the future but have discovered I apparently lean towards hammerspace more :p.


Posted by Straxacore 1 year ago Report

I also just realized that the zorb probably isn't easily digested if at all. Sooo maybe they will starve to death in there instead :p


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Hehe, who knows how many shitty customers she's 'punsihed' and summarily forgotten to slowly starve and rot away inside their slowly digesting prisons >:D


Posted by Straxacore 1 year ago Report

I hope its a LOT ^_^


Posted by SonOfDarkness 1 year ago Report

Lovely work of art.


Posted by Xabab 1 year ago Report

Goddamn, I would love to see this shaded!