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Poké-Feast By Scaylid00d -- Report

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Pokémon know they're delicious, especially in their anthropomorphic forms. That's why Sam, the cheeky chef on the left, has made a feast of three nutritious poké-girls~!

The ovens are already pre-heated, the prey tied up, stuffed, and seasoned. Just one more noisy Raichu-girl's maw to have an apple wedged inside of it. Then all that's left is to slide them in to their ovens, and wait for them to slowly cook to perfection ❤

Sam loves listening to her pathetic meals' pained whimpers and moans. As they cook, she gets to drink in a cacophony of pitiful pleas, until they eventually fall silent. Their cries replaced by a decadent smell of fresh, roasted poké-meat! >:3

Wonder if she can eat all that on her own? Maybe she'd like some help finishing her feast? Would be a crime letting all that work go to waste~...?

This was drawn for  flame6742 for an old Patreon reward c:
Sam ©  flame6742
Other Pokémon © Their respective owners.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

Eee~ So cute, so cute~ I'm sure their moans of agony will be the most delicious music~


Posted by Ento 2 years ago Report

You always do large dinners like this so well, maxi, Multiple entries just seems to be your thing~


Posted by Uri 2 years ago Report

Still can't get over the cherry piercings!
So cute and tasty looking <3


Posted by KaiserDunk 2 years ago Report

I'm surprised that Sam doesn't open a restaurant of some kind that serves cooked anthro Pokemon. Then again, what if a patron orders her for dinner? Does Sam then go into the kitchen and cook herself?


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

Yummy ~ <3


Posted by emikochan 2 years ago Report

nom them all :D


Posted by Anthrophage 3 months ago Report

I love the pierced nipples. Our patrons at the Fairy Fine Dining restaurant also love to hear the little squeaks and moans of their prey. It adds so much to the experience!