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D.Va's French Feast (C) By Lampton -- Report

An Overwatch commission for who wanted to see D.Va bully Widowmaker. Good riddance!

This sequence was my first time using Clip Studio Paint, took a while to get used to the new setup. Very fancy program, though.

And yeah, yet another sequence ending with an ass view :p

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Posted by nnn4463 2 years ago Report

Oh that belly looks excellent
Wonderful work


Posted by Noice 2 years ago Report

o my god... Is... Beautiful


Posted by ABrinson27 2 years ago Report

Ah another prey adding to the curves of a predator.....<3


Posted by DoubleOSnake 2 years ago Report

The only way your work gets anymore awesome is with a gewd butt at the end. =D


Posted by SeemsEdibleToMe 2 years ago Report

Always wonderful to see rowdy prey fall silent the moment they see the acids beginning to rise and slowly submerge them. Great piece.


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 2 years ago Report

And very great and lovely as well. You definetly became my favorite artist<3.


Posted by boomerangfish 2 years ago Report

I love the latex work, and the belly's awesome. Great job, thank you!


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 2 years ago Report

Love this


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 2 years ago Report

Ending butt shots are the best! Marvelous work all around, and I especially like the face in panel two.


Posted by VelveteenDreams 2 years ago Report

Tkae THAT Widowmaker mains
JK But damn that butt


Posted by WankersCramp 2 years ago Report

For a first time using Clip Studio Paint you did amazingly well!


Posted by Shadowpuma27 2 years ago Report

Yay no more getting sniped when my shield is down! Thanks D.Va <3 <3


Posted by hibbyjibby 2 years ago Report

You know, I'm kinda surprised it's taken people this long to notice, which maybe isn't surprising as much as it is disappointing, that D.Va's left hand in the final panel is backwards. She has 2 right hands. And the hand on her right arm seems a bit tiny or oddly shaped too.

Something seems a bit 'off' with D.Va's faces in each panel. Think it's the lips and forehead for the first panel (and her torso seems kinda broad here), second panel also has kind of a tall forehead, and eyes in the first and last. And for the last panel, the side-shot of D.Va's face is a bit strange when it comes to how her nose bridge and nostrils are shaped and stick out.

Them necks is kinda long too, for pretty much everyone barring Widowmaker's.

It's not a bad first time using CSP, considering how powerful that program can be compared to SAI for example, and I'm all for a taunting lady pred with weight gain in the end, and on her end. But, there's a lotta small errors in details that add up here I feel that aren't due to unfamiliarity with CSP.


Posted by SerenaBlaze 2 years ago Report

Alway great to see more from you. :)


Posted by Bright 2 years ago Report

That's a very nice stretch of the suit.


Posted by Jacksonw23 2 years ago Report

You should do mrs incredible next


Posted by Notbrony99 2 years ago Report

Lovely. Should make more overwatch theme.


Posted by Vorelover23 1 year ago Report

Is this also taking place in the same world as Ellie's universe? If not, The girl in the dress looking at Looks a heck of a lot like Ellie's sister.


Posted by colemercer 7 months ago Report

aaaah just i like it like a dominant pred and very sexy excelent work my friend