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Rainbow Power By Arthotus

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It's all come down to this! Dino V Bug! Winner takes all!


-Warning- this last bit gets pretty violent.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story! It was an idea I had and I'd like to think it came across as comprehensive enough. Yes, the 'story' itself isn't done, but for now this thread will fall silent, as I focus on other projects for the time being. I only really had the plan to here thought out, so from here I don't really know what I'm going to do with this one. I might pick it back up again if I get some good ideas flowing again, or I might never come back to it, and it can rot like most of the rest of my gallery. >.<

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Have a good day! Thanks for Reading!

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Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 6 days ago

pretty satisfying ending if I say so myself, albeit a bit rushed. Also, Mint was pretty metal during the fight.


Posted by Arthotus 6 days ago

Mmmm, I might have pushed it a little, but I think it's better to end early than fill it with unnecessary muck, right? Thank you for your praise!


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 6 days ago

tru. If you do continue this series I expect a Mint break out scene similar to the one from Xmen: days of future past.


Posted by GeneralUrist 6 days ago

That was a pretty kick-ass final battle! Surprised it didn't have a more traditional vore-ish ending, but Mint came up with a clever finish none the less!

I'm seriously hoping you'll pick it up again eventually, there's plenty of plot left to explore! What secrets might the other players hold, how successful is containment of the mastermind behind this entire mess, how will Mint adjust once this great (in every sense of the word) game is over? Until then though, I guess I'll be reading your other stories.


Posted by Arthotus 6 days ago

Thank you very much! She doesn't really have time to finish the body up, since the army, air force, national guard, FBI, local and state police, homeland security, environmental protection agency, a selection of the finest NRA members Washington has to offer, and more than a few bounty hunters are standing there ready to fill her with as much lead as they can carry. Plus a few others.

I'll consider it, but I wanted to write a completed story, where I know there was an ending for once. This doesn't really count, but it's as close as I've come in a long time.


Posted by Graywolf18 6 days ago

And that Asian snack-bite is still sitting in Mints room hypnotized waited for her master to return and shag h-Ergherm! Eat her. (I'm begining to think this joke has met it's end with how often I use it.)

Hmm, now that was a bit of gore I don't mind reading. F*ck you micro-penis wielding bug man. F*ck you. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, fucks with Mints hell bound Christian lover.

.... I wonder if they gave Mint any clothes... or if she was "too dangerous" to risk it and they just left her nekid. It's what I'd do. :3

Also, Iron hide was the FIRST player Alexandra went after? Holy shit what a f*ck up. Oh well, at least Mint knows about her (both of their?) regeneration abilities and can just use her as a infinite chocolate bar to keep her strength up. (joke, please don't implement this joke into later additions) :D


Posted by Arthotus 6 days ago

I haven't forgotten about the drugged snack. Chelsea is kind of going to have to deal with her while the authorities fight over who gets credit for making Mint surrender.

I don't often write gorey stuff, but I tend to get visceral during combat scenes. I'm glad it wasn't too much for the average soft vore enthusiast I generally write to.

No clothes. There's too many unknowns for them to touch her with anything besides restraints or tranqualizer darts.

Yes, she is indeed a fuck up. Mint's regeneration is significantly limited compated to Alexandra's. She also needs to be fully fed, which she had ample amount of food from Alexandra. Like a survival game where your hp regens above a certain food rating. And No, she won't be using Alexandra as an everlasting gobstopper again in the future. There's just not much point in eating her. It's actually kind of bad for the predator, since skin and hair are the only things they're digesting, which is not a very good diet. Alexandra could possibly beat mindless predators just by getting eaten and slowly poisoning them with an unbslanced diet...


Posted by Graywolf18 6 days ago

That last bit was a shot at hard vore... I'm not proud of it but I know what I like and what I don't.

Chelsea = blue-balled. I would say it's back to Christian camp for her but her girlfriend can transform into a 10' tall dinosaur... no one can tell her what to do now. She is become God now. :V


Posted by MechaSharkZilla 5 days ago

That fight scene... [Doom 2016 "BFG Division" Intensifies]

But yeah, I think you pulled it off pretty well. Not very often that someone can hook me onto a story here that has zero personal smut value, but you've done it.


Posted by Arthotus 5 days ago

That's high praise! Thanks.


Posted by TheBlindSalmon 3 days ago

Damn, it's already over? Shame, I really hope you continue this story someday. Just like others said, even without the smut elements, the way you build your characters and the unique setting is just so good it had me hooked the entire time. It's not often that you find a story where you come for the vore and stay for the plot.


Posted by Arthotus 3 days ago

Thanks! I only had this particular idea stratigized out to this point. I decided to end it more or less officially, rather than leave you all hanging if I can't get more creativity flowing in this direction. I won't call this one dead yet, but my track record for returning to my works isn't great, sorry!


Posted by TheBlindSalmon 2 days ago

Well then, I shall impatiently await your return to this story.