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You sit at the ground.
You are naked.
A chain is attached to your right leg.
The ground is only sandy soil.
There is not much you can do now.
The chain is even too short to walk around.
You look at your penis. It's pretty big, but still have the body of a child.
That's nothing special. Even older people of your race don't look much older.
Instead of growing in size, you just became a little chubby.
Maybe your friend will come back soon. He chained you here.
He didn't visit you for several days.
It's not that bad to be here, it's peaceful and you can relax.
But sometimes it's also pretty boring.
But that's not a big problem. You already know, how this will end.
So as long as you just sit here, you enjoy it.
 Some time ago, you met the boy in the village. You didn't have a home anymore.
You lost contact to your owner, but you don't know what happened to him.
Your owner was a nice old man. He let you do anything you want, helped you when you needed him and gave you food and drinks.
One day you were on a trip. He left you for short, as he often did, but this time he didn't come back, and you couldn't find him anymore.
You were happy to find a village and got to know that boy.
He liked you. He liked to know someone of your race. You look funny. But you are more intelligent than you look, mainly because you are just older than you look.
He liked to be with you, but didn't want his friends and family to know about it.
The people in this village are pretty sceptical of non-human people, especially such seldom ones.
So you didn't meet him in the village, but a bit outside in the forest.
He also brought you some food, when he came to play.
After meeting a few times, he showed you an old shack, where you could live.
You liked it there.
He took your dirty clothes with him, because he wanted to wash them, so you got naked.
The next time he came, he forgot to bring you your clothes back.
You didn't have a problem of him seeing you naked, but he was a bit shy now.
But later you had fun looking at some things you found in the shack.
There was a chain attached to the ground.
You wanted to test it and it was possible to attach it to your foot.
But in order to detach it again, you needed a key.
He searched the rest of the day for the key or other solutions, but wasn't able to free you again.
You could just sit there and do nothing.
He was really sorry, when he had to go. It was already very late and his parents are already worried.
 The next days he spent much time with you.
You played some games, he read you some stories and told you, what's going on.
Since he was the only one seeing you, he didn't bring your clothes back.
You couldn't put on your pants anyway.
Sometimes he wore your clothes himself. They were not too tight, even if he's older. But they were a bit short.
After some days, he skipped some days visiting you. He probably had other things to do, too.
You didn't mind to have some free days to relax. It was pretty exhausting with him.
He didn't put much effort in trying to free you. Maybe he liked to have a friend, who belongs to him alone.
You also don't have a problem. You like it here and you like him.
He didn't chain you on purpose. It would be better if it didn't happen, but now you have to live with it.
 You also played some naughty games with him. You had to ask him questions.
When he didn't want to answer them, he had to take off some clothes.
After some time, he mostly stood there in his briefs, when he didn't want to play further.
He had a pretty athletic body, but was not too muscular.
You liked to look at him this way.
You now know which kinds of questions he doesn't want to answer.
But he already told you most of his secrets now.
You know, which girls he likes and he even has similar feelings for you.
But he still gets undressed, so you don't have to miss seeing him like this.
You even fight on the ground, when he is in his underware.
When you pulled down his briefs a bit, you saw his small penis, which got stiff.
He was a bit ashamed. But you can't tell anyone anyway, so he doesn't care for long.
You tell him, he wouldn't need to be ashamed, because you are partially a girl.
He didn't know and wanted to see.
You showed him your vagina behind your scrotum. He touched it and asked, if he is allowed to try.
You didn't have a problem and were also curious.
He also pulled his briefs down and touched your vagina with his already stiff penis.
Then he fucked you.
You didn't fuck every time since then, but it wasn't the only time.
 Now you are waiting for the next time. You ran out of food and get really hungry.
Maybe he does not have much time anymore, because he got a girlfriend of his race. He told you something about her.
But maybe he just doesn't like to be with me that much.
You could understand that. You also would meet other people if you could, instead of playing with him everyday.
Maybe you wouldn't, because you really like him, but at least when he is not there, you think about it.
You also think about what could also have been happened.
Maybe he just forgot, maybe his parents forbid him to leave his home, maybe he has a bad desease, maybe they left the village or maybe he is dead.
But it's not the first time, it lasted long until he came back. He always came back yet.
You don't exactly know, how long the longest time was. This time already seems pretty long.
You probably will die here. Maybe he will come back, but some time he won't and you will die.
The chain cannot be opened and your friend won't call for help.
 You hear something outside. It's your friend.
He enters the room.
You like, that he wears your clothes today.
He: "Hey, do you want to get your shirt back?"
"Why not?"
You watch your friend stripping his shirt.
He: "You seem to like it"
He laughes watching at you.
Then you recognize, you got stiff.
He throws his shirt at you and you put it on.
You also like that it smells like him.
He: "I have some bad news, cutie"
"What's the problem?"
"I heard, some people want to settle here, so you can't longer stay here"
"What will we do?"
"I got an idea. Do you know, where a kinfe is?"
"I saw one over there"
You show him some place, where you saw a knife, when you were bored.
He takes it and comes back.
He sits down next to the chain and holds the knife next to your leg.
He: "Are you ready?"
You don't ask, what he wants to do. You already guess, what he's up to.
You trust him: "Yeah, I'm ready"
"Fine, stay still"
He starts to cut off your foot. The knife is a bit old, but it's still sharp. It hurts very much, but you try to endure.
At least you will be free afterwards.
Some time later the foot is cut off.
Your friend helps you up, carries the foot and helps you going away.
Since a long time, you walk outside for the first time. It's nice there.
You are a bit confused: "Why didn't you bring me pants? What if someone sees us this way?"
"Noone should see us now anyway. This will be very bad"
You go to some nice place where you can see the sea.
Your friend: "I think, it's best if we seperate"
You get sad, but accept it.
"What should I do with your foot now? Do you know some doctor?"
"No, I don't think, it can be cured"
"It still looks cute"
He smells your cut foot.
Then he looks at you as if he wanted to ask something.
Then he licks the foot.
"I'll go to collect some wood. You stay here"
You can't walk alone anyway and hopping away is too exhausting. You didn't have training for some time.
Your friend comes back, makes some fire and roasts your foot.
You watch him in surprise, but don't say anything.
When it's not raw anymore, he tastes it:
"Do you want to taste, too?"
"It tastes good"
He eats your whole foot.
"We have to do something. I can't let you alone this way. But I also don't know, where I can bring you"
"Don't care about me if it's too much effort for you"
"But I can't let you here. Someone may find you and I fear, that they will find out everything. I'd have to hide you again"
"I can't help you"
"I have an idea. But I don't really like it"
"Do whatever you have to"
"Do you still have the knife?"
"Yes, I thought, you may need it again"
You give him the knife.
He touches you with the knive on the belly:
"Don't be mad. The time with you will ever be a good memory"
He pierces your belly skin and makes a big hole into it.
It hurts very much.
Your organs are now visible.
He: "Your foot tasted really nice"
"I'm pretty old anyway. It's common for us to die that young"
You grin at him, slowly fading away.
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A relaxing story about a kid sitting in a room doing nothing

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