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The sounds of groaning machinery and technological buzzing echoed through the halls of the Space Station, accompanied by the clamping of footsteps as Haru Okumura and Futaba Sakura rushed down a featureless metal corridor.
The Phantom Thieves expedition into their fifth palace had hit a snag, in the midst of a particularly heated battle some kind of security system had kicked in. Before anyone knew what was happening, a creaking noise and a loud blaring alarm was deafening them.
Trapdoors and other sly trickery opened up, scattering the thieves throughout the palace, sending them tumbling deep into the station's mechanical innards. Haru had landed in some kind of storage section, with Futaba crashing down on top of her moments later.
Ever since then they had stumbled throughout the grey corridors, stuck in the Metaverse's featureless maze, Haru almost completely exhausted from having to fight off the shadows by herself. Futaba, as valuable as she was, lacked any kind of offensive capabilities.
"Hrnnn... How much longer is it? Y-You said we were close to some kind of exit?" The fluffy haired heiress muttered, her axe dragging on the ground behind her until she wearily heaved it onto a tired shoulder. "So... tired... H-How long have we been down here?"
The monotonous vistas of sci-fi interior architecture and the dozen or so scraps with the shadows had blurred together in her memory, but Futaba still looked sharp and peppy. "Probably under an hour, come on, you can do it Noir! Just gotta hold up a little longer!"
Futaba was trying to hide away her rapidly growing anxiety with the sort of bratty optimism she was known for, but cracks were starting to form in her confidence. "Just down here, to the left. If I'm right, this a service elevator up to the top floors!"
Haru let out another groan, wiping some sweat from her brow. "T-That's nice, but what are we going to do about the others? We haven't even seen a trace of Ann, Makoto, or any of the guys!" She turned a corner, letting out a sigh of relief as she spotted the elevator Futaba had spoke about.
"They might not even be on this floor, for all we know they're deeper into the space station, or they somehow ended up on the central floor before us. If we get back to one of the Safe Rooms I should be able to scan for them!" The redhead replied, sounding a bit unsure of herself.
The two girls stepped into the elevator, Haru looking at the confusing panel of obtusely labeled buttons. "Should be like before, I just hit the scanner and it'll let us go... I am the Palace owner's daughter after all." She froze up, staring blankly at a big red error message that popped up on the elevator panel.
Futaba immediately went wide eyed in surprise. "Access denied?! What? It's never done that before... O-Oh come on..." She pushed Haru aside, gritting her teeth in frustration. "No no no! Don't worry Noir, I might be able to hack it. Or hotwire it somehow..." Futaba muttered in disbelief.
Haru's face turned to a grim expression as she moved towards the corner of the elevator, giving her friend some time to work. She had no clue what was happening, and the whole experience was nightmarishly stressful. "How's it going Fut- I mean Oracle, any luck with it?"
The bratty hacker was poking at the machinery, using some combination of her laptop and her Necronomicon persona to intrude into the Space Station's network. Haru was already a bit technologically inept, but she was utterly bewildered at how technology in the Metaverse might work.
"I think I got it, yep, it's giving me entry right now!" Futaba giggled delightfully, finally something was going as it should. "Mwehehehehe, central floor here we go- BWAH!!" A bright pink electric spark filled the elevator, sending Futaba flying back from the panel.
Her goggles clattered to the floor, and her mostly limp body fell into Haru's grip. The beauty thief immediately tried to catch her friend, glancing over at the crackling and singed elevator panel. "W-What happened?! Futaba are you ok?!" Curiously enough the sparks of energy seemed to cling to Futaba, as she squirmed meekly.
"S-Security... f-firewall... it tricked m...e...hehehe..hehemwhehehehe~" To Haru's confusion, and dawning horror, her comrade began to cackle mischievously. The pink sparks intensfied around Futaba, forming into a distorted wi-fi symbol that floated over her head. A sign Haru was familiar with, a brainwash status effect!
The next surprise was that the elevator began to move! But not upwards, no, it was going down at a rapid pace... Haru held on as tight as she could, Futaba's hypnotized giggling and the whirring of the elevator filling her ears. When that comforting, soft *PING* noise finally played, she found herself staring at an unfamiliar sight.
Beyond the elevator doors was an even more secluded area of the Space Station, some kind of big open room with tons of tech in it. As she took her attention briefly off Futaba and peered the door, a sudden tug on her shirt startled Haru. "Hrrk! W-Wha... Wait!"
It was Futaba, suddenly slipping out of her gentle grip and immediately beginning to overpower her own ally! Haru felt her friend and team navigator pin her arms behind her back, pulling her by the neck of her shirt out of the elevator. "Futaba no! Stop! Futaba snap out of it, c-come on!"
She was unsure how the much smaller girl was overpowering her so easily, but it was probably some kind of temporary strength boost given by the brainwash. The Beauty Thief found herself getting hauled on her sore ass towards the center of the open room, fruitlessly trying to free her friend's hijacked mind.
As Haru craned her neck, gazing around the room began to feel... familiar. The layout was stirring some kind of memory in the back of her mind, that's right, it looked like one of Okumura Foods factories! Specifically a food processing plant she remembered visiting a few months ago, on an inspection with her father.
The mind-hacked hacker dumped Haru on the middle of some kind of platform, flicking a button on a nearby console. Haru looked on it horror as the platform rose up, and a set of mechanical claws came down to grab her. "W-What?! T-This can't be happening! Futaba do something!" Haru tried to scramble to her feet, but felt herself get lifted by her shoulders.
"Capture was succesful~ Now to eliminate this pitiful thief, let's see how she will handle this fully armed and operational processing plant~" Futaba said to herself, speaking in a playful, sadistic tone. She had seemingly been instantly converted to one of the Palace's loyal minions, while still retaining her playful dorky personality. Settling in nicely at the control panel she now moved to fire up the Space Station's kitchen!
Haru meanwhile was carried through the air, dangling precariously as the claw hand zipped across the ceiling with its bounty. The thief dared not look down, closing her eyes in fright until she eventually felt the momentum stop. She was now being lowered downwards... Reopening her eyes, Haru was startled to see that the machine she was being inserted into was odder than she had expected.
It was nothing like the facilities her family owned, it barely resembled an actual factory line. Instead, it was some kind of mouse-trap looking series of contraptions, lining a long production line with a conveyor belt on the ground and numerous other gizmos attached to it. Futaba was glaring playfully at her from across the room, pushing buttons and pulling levers that jerked the clawhands forward.
"LET ME OUT! FUTABA, YOU HAVE TO SNAP OUT OF IT!" Haru screeched, her squeaky voice a bit muffled to her friends ears. The brainwashing seemed far more potent than anything they had come across before, or maybe Futaba's more passive Persona made her all the more weaker to these kinds of effects. The hacker just grinned and taunted her victim, without an ounce of mercy for her friend.
"First, let's get you tidied up. Off with all those stupid rags, you look like a circus freak." More mechanical claw hands shot out, restraining Haru and beginning to tear off her clothing as she wriggled helplessly. A bright red blush spread over the heiress' round face as the buttons were popped off her shirt and her bra was snapped off. Next, her puffy pants were torn to shreds, and her panties yanked down. Eventually all that remained on her body was her domino mask.
She wriggled helplessly as feeling of cold metal groping her body sent shivers down her spine, the process finishing when a pair of zipties had put around her wrists and ankles. "Y-You can't do this to me... t-this is a nightmare... t-this is..." The once proud Beauty Thief stuttered like a stunned whimp, as the conveyor belt ferried her towards the next stop in the machine. A swift shower and clean up of her naked body.
Futaba delighted in watching the girl get soaked in cold water, rinsed clean of any sweat or grime that might have clung to her body. After all, she couldn't work with dirty meat! Only the finest ingredients were acceptable in this kitchen, Haru should have been honored to have her curvaceous body donated to be cooked and devoured! Or at least that's what Futaba, in her addled state was thinking.
Next came the main event, the grill. The hogtied thief felt the moving tracks carry her body forward, dumping her on an instantly recognizable stainless steel grate. "N-No... t-this can't be... Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh!" The terrified young woman began to roll around, hoping that somehow, in any way she might be able to break free of this terrible predicament. This was a real grill, an enormous barbecue grill, with her positioned right on top of it like a burger patty!
"Turning up the heat..." Futaba muttered to herself, igniting the gas burners underneath Haru and turning a few knobs on her new workstation to raise the temperature. "Let's see you squirm for me!~ You're nothing, Haru Okumura. Nothing but a part of your father's company, nothing but human resources. You will have lived as a slave, and you will die as raw material~" The horrific, corrupt ideology that had formed the Palace was speaking through its new servant, taunting Haru. A cruel mixture of the old Futaba, and the new evil which possessed her.
The naked girl could immediately feel how it was getting warmer, she could see the light blue flames light up beneath the steel grate. They were far away enough to not scorch her, but the sweltering heat that was radiating off them immediately washed over her. The warmth soaked into her body, causing her to almost immediately begin sweating. It made her movements sluggish and lazy, as her body struggled to keep up under these nearly unbearable conditions.
The adrenaline that had sent her wildly flailing about a few minutes ago was starting to run dry, and a sense of total hopelessness crept into her mind. Was this really how she was gonna die? Burned alive, in a mental projection of her Father's factories? The water that clung to her from the quick wash she had started to turn into steam. Meanwhile, beads of sweat had begun to form, which soon grew numerous. Eventually the poor girl felt practically soaked in it.
She was literally marinating in her own juices, as the temperature rose and rose. The glow that intitially felt like standing next to an open fire grew more and more overpowering, she now felt as if she was sitting inside a sauna. Not only that, the steel grate she was lying on top of was absorbing most of the heat below her, starting to take on an unbearable stinging warmth. Haru still gazed pleadingly at her only hope, Futaba, somehow still believing the girl would snap out of it.
That hope was finally shattered when the claw hands came down again, picking her grilled body up. "Let's flip you over, little patty~" Futaba chortled, spinning Haru around and now dropping the girl on her back. Much to her relief, and disbelief, Haru felt remarkably unhurt after those few minutes on the grill. Her belly and chest had taken on a red, scalded and slightly crispy tone... but she still felt alive and well. It was really startling, to see yourself get grilled alive yet barely be hurt by it.
Another round of grilling continued, this time leaving her impressive ass and the length of her back in that same reddish colour. The outline of the grate had left several burn marks over her body, which stung to a manageable degree. Haru Okumura truly looked like a hamburger now, grilled and covered in darkened stripes! She could see her fallen comrade drooling in delight, as the machine picked her up again. Haru felt so exhausted, so tired, now barely able to squirm or squeak anymore.
Not that she wanted, even if she could. Her skin felt incredibly sensitive, and the burns were berable but by no means pleasant. It felt as if she was on her last leg, brought down to one HP and just barely holding on. "Please... n-no more..." The fluffy haired foodstuff muttered, sobbing gently as the conveyor belt tipped her forward into something nice, cool and soft. Looking around, Haru realized she had been dumped onto a squishy bun, the thawed bread a refreshing change from the grill.
Yet her trip wasn't over yet, the most painful part was over... now came the grossest part. Futaba began queuing up various ingredients, flavourful additions to her meal, condiments waiting to be dropped, squirted and smeared over Haru's limp, crispy body. First came the cheese, a pair of moist, yellow slices were dropped over her body like a blanket. It didn't take long for the warmth that lingered in Haru's weary body to start melting it down into a sticky mess which wasted no time coating her helpless body.
She could feel it run across her body like a sticky tar, even getting stuck and matted in her prestigious hair until it became a knotted, gross mess. After that, Futaba began to drop salad and sliced tomatoes onto her victim. The weight of giant pieces of tomato crushing her made the girl muster up a few more squeals, but it didn't last long. Her complaining was swiftly smothered in greens, and a hefty squirt of dressing which ran down over Haru's face.
The Beauty Thief was now practically unrecognizable, so smeared in condiments and so thoroughly stuffed away inside the burger that only a few tangled locks of hair, and a pair of terrified brown eyes stood out. The cherry on top was of course the second bun, a sesame seed filled mass that crashed down onto her. It caused the mushy food around her to squelch and quiver from the impact. With the burger finally completed, Haru in her new form was rolled off the conveyor belt and onto a plate, a few meters away from Futaba.
Steaming was coming off the finished meal, as well as a delicious aroma that Futaba breathed in, licking her lips in anticipation. The brainwashed effect still swirled around her, impenetrably clouding her mind as she prepared to destroy Haru, in the most humiliating way possible. "You look adorable~ So high and mighty, now brought down to nothing but meat." She teased her girl grub, gently prodding at Haru's exposed cheeks. "Soon, you won't even be that. Once I've finished consuming you Haru, do you know what will happen?"
The critically incapacitated thief could barely even bear to dignify it with a response. Oh she knew very well what would happen, perhaps getting grilled to death would have been a blessing compared to experiencing a stomach digesting her away like a bunch of fatty fast food. "Aw, that look tells me you definitely know! Oh Haru, I think you'll be great as fertilizer, if I get the chance you'll be reunited with your dear garden~" Futaba said, more and more drool slipping past her lips as she spoke. She couldn't contain herself any longer.
The horrible hunger and heartless hypnosis which had possessed her didn't waste another moment, the malevolent will that now controlled Futaba dug right in. The redhaired girl started to take hefty bites of her greasy meal, chewing around Haru as she slurped up dressing and munched down pieces of salad. It was a disgustingly slobby way to eat, even more messy than how Futaba normally ate! The girl just kept eating and eating, her ravenous maw just consuming chunks of bread, bits of cheese and pieces of tomato like there was no end in sight.
Grease ran down her black jumpsuit, her glasses were smudged with various bits of hamburger, and she hadn't even gotten to Haru yet! Futaba's mouth opened as wide as she could, she bent down and gripped each hand onto the buns and tugged them forward. Haru, coated in cheese, dressing and whatever happened to be slathered inside Futaba's mouth at the time was now being devoured. One hefty gulp took in her head, that matted mess of hair and cheese slipped past the predator's lips, graced her teeth and was soon being suckled on by a slimy tongue.
A disgusting experience to be sure, Haru felt queasy and completely degraded as bits of half chewed food sloshed around her, as saliva soaked across her body, she wasn't just being devoured to be food, she was being devoured in order to humiliate her as thoroughly as possible! Another swallow came, Haru now tumbling deeper into Futaba's maw, gazing down the black and empty abyss which was her throat. Bits of food slipped past her, tumbling into that seemingly bottomless hole, the very place Haru would fall into next.
With a third swallow, the tight trip down her friend's throat began. Haru's shoulders passed by Futaba's lips, and so the woman's head began a steady descent through the esophagus. Slimy and soft, a claustrophobic tunnel of pulsating flesh which massaged her naked body and pushed her down, inch by inch closer to the digestive chamber. There was nothing left but to accept her fate, Haru Okumura was truly defeated, and she wanted nothing more than for this nightmarish experience to be over.
Not that Futaba would let her fun end so quickly, she was just getting started. She kept chewing up bits of food which fell onto Haru's awkwardly bent body, occasionally smearing the side of her cheeks or nestling itself stuck in her hair. After a few more minutes of eating the redhead had gotten all the way down to the Beauty Thief's breasts, a pair of magnificent plump melons. They had been grilled to utter perfection, Futaba didn't waste the opportunity to lick and nibble on her friends most sensitive parts.
After that, it was mostly an even trip down. At this point Haru was so lubricated from the saliva and mushy food around her that the journey down began to speed up, sure Futaba made sure to give her victim's ass some attention too, but once that was over all that remained was to gulp down the legs. Another couple of minutes passed, until Haru's legs fell down into the predator's maw, a pair of lips closing around her toes and suckling them down. Futaba leaned back, basking in the afterglow of her wonderful meal.
In front of her was the remains of the burger, mostly whatever bits of salad or bread the redhead hadn't cared to eat up. It'd be disposed of one way or another, and Haru would be dealt with likewise. She had settled nicely inside of her ally's gut, becoming naught but a bulging food baby which pressed against the dark, tron-like jumpsuit that Futaba wore in the Metaverse. It was doing a remarkable job at holding up, despite the sloshing, thick mass that began to stretch it out.
The fabric creaked a little, but it remained intact. The round, lump contours of Futaba's meal was put on perfect display, complete with the various outlines of Haru's more prominent body parts. Her ample breasts, her pudgy ass, and even her head made enough of a impression inside the gut to bulge out. The rumbling mass of food churned and groaned, the hacker's stomach was already beginning to reduce it down into a more manageable sludge. Simple things like cheese and bread had already taken on a liquefied state when Haru landed with a splash.
She was now trapped within a hellish, claustrophobic pit. A smothering, tight chamber that served no other purpose than to destroy and digest her, where she was soaked up to her shoulders in the fetid, pungent remains of the hamburger she had been a part of only recently. It was incredibly disorientating, Haru could barely tell what was up and what was down as her body tumbled around in the swamp of mushy food and digestive acids. It wasn't helped by Futaba sitting down on her ass and resting her gut, which send the whole thing wobbling around wildly.
The acids nipped at Haru's skin, the girl's body had already been pushed at its absolute limits inside of that horrible grill, so Futaba's stomach would barely find it putting up a fight when acid started to bathe the beauty thief's flesh. She was lost in a smothering sea of grime, sludge and pulp, a stewing mess which she'd soon be a part of. The torture of being digested alive wouldn't last long for Haru Okumura, as the thief once known as Noir could feel the burning sensation of churned up spread throughout her body.
Futaba chuckled once again, wiping her messy face off on her sleeves. She gazed down at her enormous bloated stomach, practically the size of a beanbag now that Haru had fully settled inside of it... The sounds it was making were wet glorps and a series of meaty crunches as it tore apart Haru. Eventually, all that came from the round, sagging lump of flesh was sloshing and bubbling. Haru was no more, and Futaba could immediately tell. It was game over for the pretty young heiress, as her flesh melted down into nutrients and her bones turned to slop.
"Ahhhh... Goodbye forever, Haru Okumura. You were a wonderful meal, I'm sure you will look wonderful once this little demotion is over. There's a perfect opening for you as padding on my ass!" The brainwashed redhead slapped her gut, watching it bounce up and down. The heartless force which now controlled Futaba appeared to eventually drift off to sleep, leaving the girls body resting in an awkward position as she cradled her bloated gut. The simmering remains of Haru protruding through her belly made an excellent cushion, as the predator drifted off to sleep.
Hours later, Futaba awoke. She was confused, she was startled, she was... full. Oh, so incredibly full! Where was she exactly? Some kind of weird kitchen room in the Okumura Space Station? Thoughts flooded her tiny brain as she struggled to pierce through the foggy amnesia which now clung to her mind. As she haplessly looked around the room, and looked down at her fat belly, nothing came to mind for her. The last few hours were a total blank.
Whatever went down after that time bright pink spark hit her, it had been wiped clean from her. "Whuh... I don't... W-Why am I so fat?" She kept poking at the folds of fat which protruded out of her suit. It was oddly enticing to grope and squish it, but she couldn't for the life of her understand what all this flab had come from! What was up with the bulging new cupsize which stretched out her chest, or the soft padding around her ass.
She was broken out of thinking about her gut, when a female voice called out to her. "Oh my god, Oracle? There you are!" It was Makoto! The brown haired fighter came rushing towards Futaba, hugging her tightly. "I-Its been hours, I'm so glad to see you're okay! Where are the others? Did you find any of them?" The girl rattled off questions, which Futaba could only answer with sleepy groans and a few terse replies. "Are you... ok? What happened to your stomach?"
The redhead looked down, frowning at her own confusion. "I don't know! I just woke up suddenly and I was like this... We, um, we should probably think about it once we get out of here." She looked up at Makoto, smiling warmly as thoughts of getting out of this damnable palace comforted her in this strange moment.
"I think I found a way out, but I obviously couldn't leave without you all. Come on, let's quickly find the others. Didn't you get whisked away with Noir?" Makoto asked, helping the fattened Futaba up on her feet. The redhead shrugged, something important about Haru was hidden away behind the dense, lingering memory loss but she couldn't quite tell what.
"No, or... wait... wasn't I in an elevat- urkh. Urgh... I don't feel so good..." The hacker tried to clear her throat, but felt some kind of pressure was building up inside it. Turning away from Makoto, she let out an enormous belch, which sent saliva splattering over a nearby wall. A few bits of brown hair, and a half digested black domino mask landed in the pile of spit.
Futaba looked on in grim horror, but then... started smiling. Her mouth curled into a massive grin as a pink light once more shone in her eyes, as that same little symbol danced around her head. "Oh nevermind, I think I just found her~"
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Lost and trapped in the depths of the Metaverse, Haru faces a grim fate when her close friend turns on her~

Some lewd persona 5 cooking for your sinful souls.

I'm gonna be honest, ever since I got into cooking, I wanted to make or commission or roleplay something involving Haru and burgers. Its just such a perfect combo for one of my favourite characters in the game.
Makoto is best girl, but Haru is a close second in my opinion.

Its also my first time ever writing an unwilling or "forced" predator, although mind control is still a kink I kinda enjoy at times!

(Btw, sorry for the odd text layout, it's something which unfortunately happens thanks to the file type I use. I might move to another kind to fix it.)

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Posted by radmann 7 months ago

I am not usually a fan of cooking, but you played it off really well in this having her be cooked just enough to make it food play, but kept her alive as an actually prey that was able to think and feel as she is being digested. Futaba is best girl to me, so having her be pred made this an even better read, especially since there really should be more vore related to Haru tasting like a Big Bang Burger. Plus that ending, probably my favorite part. Overall I really enjoyed it!


Posted by Parabola0 7 months ago

Glad you like it~


Posted by Ento 7 months ago

Lovely work, once again you show off your writzing chops, and made a lovely story even some who usually dislikes the "oversized real food' thing in vore. Would have preferred her more on the well done side then rare, but oh well.
Can't wait fir your next cooking caper.


Posted by Parabola0 7 months ago

Hehe, might put one up soon~


Posted by Ento 7 months ago

Ooh, exciting~