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 Over the course of a few weeks, Crystal started out the school year and even made a few friends among the other teachers in the first week of school. Crystal's mood was very bright, and happy... at least that is want everyone else thought. She didn't want anyone else to know that she was hurting but she couldn't help that she was. One Saturday evening, Crystal was at home and sleeping in when a loud knocking sounded on her apartment door.
 Crystal was very groggy while waking up and was modestly covered by a bathrobe that she slept in throughout the night. "Okay. One second. I'm coming." Crystal called when the knocking sounded once again. She had gotten to the door and took a deep breathe. When she opened the door, she was a little bit surprised to see who was at her door.
 (Scene pauses) "Okay hold up! ForgottenNightmare00, What went on that lead up to this scene?" a devil-like being asked before getting flicked by a hand much bigger than him causing him to turn invisible for a while. (Scene continues)
 "Louis?" Crystal asked.
 "Can I come in?" Louis asked.
 "Yeah." Crystal answered.
 "Okay. I have a question. What is wrong and please don't tell me that you are okay because this says otherwise." Louis says holding up and uncrumpling a sheet of paper that has a solemn poem that Crystal wrote yesterday. "I've asked quite a few of the staff that think they know you and they said that you usually had a bright and caring personality, but this... this poem shows that you are hurting which makes me wonder if you are just acting or if you were hurt recently."
 (Scene pauses again) "Hello, ForgottenNightmare00! You never answered my question!" called the demon only to react with a fading, "HEY!", as he was flicked out of the scene.
 "I will get there okay?" I say as I walk into the center of the scene, "Now, just be patient with me." I soon disappear from view. (Scene continues and a flashback begins)
 Crystal had the same routine every day for each school day that passed. She put on her best fake happy face and she still even cared about other people's feelings. Every day her students and the other staff of the school always saw what they thought was a bright and happy woman who never lost sight of all of the positive things in life. Everything about her hurting personality was covered up by a mask of positivity that everyone was fooled by. However, one day... all of her students were gone on a trip and she moved around only to find herself entering Louis' class.
 "Hey Crystal. No class today?" Louis asked stopping his lesson for a little bit.
 "No. All of my students are on a field trip for another class." Crystal said, "Mind if I sit in here and watch for a bit?"
 "Sure. We are learning about poems and I surely wouldn't mind having you join the class for the day." Louis answered at which point, Crystal took a seat in an empty and spare desk and got a piece of paper out. When Louis was done, the class started to write some poems. Crystal also started on her own poem.
 O this universe that I detest
 Why do you punish me for giving my best
 Have you no sight for the beauty within
 As I have seen such beauty on in
 I have only but asked and always gave
 but you have condemned me as a naive
 I want to accept you in all that you are
 though I can only feel we're drifting afar.
 When will we ever be once again
 the friends that were before we have fallen
 Is this our life to me that is dear
 Will we ever lose our fear
 Could we ever be close as before
 when we were kids who were just four
 I wish we could find each other on better ground
 As we are lost and waiting to be found
 When the bell rang, Crystal crumpled her paper and dropped it in the trash before continuing the rest of her day in her classroom grading papers and feeling sorry for herself. When the school day had ended, she went back to her appartment and laid down on her bed. She thought about all of the pain and sorrow in her heart and started to cry once again crying herself to sleep. (Flashback ends)
 "You aren't going to let this go are you?" Crystal muttered
 "No. Not since your poem doesn't match your personality... and not since I believe that you would do the same for me." Louis said which stunned Crystal even more.
 "Thank you, Louis... for caring." Crystal said giving a genuine and happy smile for the first time in a long time in all of her life.
 "You... look beautiful." Louis said seeing Crystal for the person she was on the inside which caused her to blush and hug Louis whom hugged back but also felt movement against his abdomen. "Wow. The child is really active."
 "Yeah. I think he likes you." Crystal said.
 "He? Are you sure it is a he? You did say that you told your pre-natal doctor that you wanted to be surprised." Louis commented a little shocked that she jumped to a gender for the child.
 "Yeah. You are right. I don't know what the gender is. I just think the gender is a girl." Crystal said.
 "Would you... would you like to go out on a date with me?" Louis asked taking an embarrassing chance with asking the beautiful woman standing in front of him out on a date.
 Stunned by his question, Crystal was speechless. Louis... he was definitely a handsome lad standing roughly 6 feet 3 inches tall, a full 7 inches taller than Crystal was. He had jade eyes and emerald color hair. His entire body was moderately muscular, but he wasn't the kind of guy that had the kind of body that any girl would drool over or even any guy wished they had. Louis wore a classic and common plaid dress shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, a pair of grey boxer-briefs which were conceled by a pair of dress-slack pants, white socks, and black, well-kept dress shoes. "I... I would love to Louis."
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ForgottenNightmare00's story muse is back... as is Crystal, Serleena's sister it seems.

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