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The fair
It was that time of year again at VU, time for the yearly funding fair. The event was held every year as a way for the school to earn a little extra cash, as well as a way for the public to get involved. This year was going to be a certain little laquines first fair, she was thrilled to have been chosen to run a booth even. Though she had no idea what that job was... and she was about to find out as the teacher working with her rounded the corner.
Standing nearly eight feet tall was a very curvy snow leopard wearing a suit, all together too tight and uncommon for the snow mew; she often went in the buff during classes or in loose clothing, and walked up to the stand the little laquine was helping to set up. She was holding a clip board as she asked, "So Talia, are you ready for today? Have you made sure the pins are set up and picked someone out to wash them between games like I asked?" Talia nods happily though her attention was easly diverted to the snow leopards large crotch bulge, almost as big as she was and straining every fiber of that tight suit... A spot of drool forming at the corner of her mouth before she's snapped back by the questions. She goes behind the stall and returns with another bunny girl, this one was quite abit more plump then Talia though. The chubby tan bunny girl was about the same height but a few dozen pounds heavier... it was clear she was a rare bunny predator and knew Talia well as she surely helped add some of those extra pounds to the plump bun. "This is Misty, shes going to be on scrub duty for us, so what job do I have miss Glacea?" The little laquine asks while standing beside the plumper shorter bunny "Ammo." The snow leopard says before starting walk away leaveing the pair puzzled.
Later that night when the fair opened up and the public started to pour onto the school grounds, Talia was eagerly sitting in her little seat in front of the stand wondering exactly what her job was going to be... just then miss Glacea returned and stepped behind the stall awaiting customers. The first person to arrive was a rather large horse herm who gave a friendly wave to the little bunny and her teacher "How much to play?" she asks before Glacea responds, "Five per shot, knock the pens down and win a prize, knock multiple sets down take your pick from anything in the stall." She states, causing the large mare to grin and pull out a bill before placing it on the counter. Before Talia could question this the mare start to just unzip right there infront of their stall, while this was normal for people at her school it was rare for people outside the school to just disrobe on a whim! Talia starts to question it but is quickly muffled as that large fat mare cock pops free of the strained pants hiding it and prompty pressed to the bunnies face. "Alright, in ya go, ammo bunny." The mare chuckles before using a free paw and forcefully press Talia's head right down her massive cock tip before it could even fully erect itself. The mare grunts and coos feeling the surprised bunny's squirms teasing her shaft as it quickly starts to grip and slurp at her head.
Not long after the bunny's entire torso was lodged in that massive horse cock, making her squirm and blushe harder. This wasn't by far her first time being stuffed down a hungry cock without asking but this was certainly her first with someone from outside the school, with someones mother who came to visit the fiar! She gasps softly and blushes more when she feels the mare's paws grip her little rump and shove, forcing her hips into the thick, blunt cock tip. Meanwhile, Miss Glacea was having a chat with the mare, a old friend of hers when they were both students here. Every now and then the mare would give a blushy grunt and moan as her ammo bunny squirmed her way steadily down her cock, but otherwise their converation was that of two women catching up on old times. Talia was soon upto her knees in that monster of a cock, and once her hips had fully passed the rest of her started sliding in much faster. With only a couple more slurps that cock finishes up and the bunny's paws disappear from view, the bulge in that cock's under belly steadliy traveling down and soon disappears completely. The mare's heavy nuts swelling every so slightly and getting a little lower from the added weight. Though with the sheer size of the mare the little bunny hardly made a dent. Inside Talia was blushing even more and moaning as she started teasing herself, now soaked in thick mare cum and up to her neck in it.
Before long though or even before the bunny could get herself fully to attention things started to get gooey and tingly! The bunny was soon starting to feel herself becoming warmer and softer all over; this mare was very skilled and wasn't going to let the bunny enjoy it even. A couple more moments and the bunny was nothing but a semi sentien load of cum in the balls of that mare who was now stepping up to the booth and plopping her massive cock on the counter, aiming at the targets and starting to rub her length... Talia shivers in her cummy state now finaly getting what Glacea meant by being ammo! Just as she was about to be sucked away for reforming her cummy form was squeezed and slurped upwards and launched from that broad mare cock tip at the targets. The thick cream hitting the entire row of targets and whiping them all out in one big, musky shot.
The mare pants and blushes heavily as her cock slowly starts to retreat into its fleshy pouch of a home "D-dang Glacea, that was one good ammo bunny you got, so about my prize..." she grins and Glacea giggles a little nodding "Yes, anything you want" she says. Behind the stall the other little bunny was fast at work cleaning up those pins... but not with the soap and water bucket she was given... She was busily working each pin down her greedy throat and slurping all the cream from them before pulling the pin back up with a lewd, wet slurp, her belly gurgling as one load of bunny turned cum wasn't enough! She was plump for a reason and she wasn't about to let such a treat go to waste. Next to her a reforming mobile unit was about done as another guest walked up to the booth. Right as they paid and started prepping the reformer dinged and out popped Talia, all wobbily knee'd... only to get picked up by the large snow leopard and handed to the new customer! Talia gives off a cute meep before she's neck deep inside a canine cock of a large husky milf, with a line of two or three other parents lined up waiting for a turn... Little did the bunny know she was going to end up spending one week with the mare and every customer who was able to blow all the pins down with her as their prize... She was going to be one busy little gut-slut of a bunny in the upcoming weeks. She'd just have to do more work after to catch up on school and Glacea was perfectly okay with that. She could use a realy good squirming bunny on her week ends to pass her free time.
The End.
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VU the Fair By Tafillia

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Short kinky story about VU having a fund raiser~<3

Going to try geting back into writing more stories and geting those posted in the near future aswell.

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Posted by Rantroper 8 months ago

Can I take a shot~?


Posted by Tafillia 8 months ago

probly x3


Posted by Rantroper 8 months ago

*Pays Glacea and shoves you down his cock*


Posted by Tafillia 8 months ago



Posted by glacea 8 months ago

*tallies up how much the school made* Oh dear. looks like this booth fell behind. I suppose it was my fault for renting out the reformer with the nice paint job. Don't worry, I'm sure I can line up another after school activity you can do to earn us a little more.


Posted by Tafillia 8 months ago

>///< <3


Posted by moonlightshy 8 months ago



Posted by Tafillia 8 months ago