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Linsey drove along the dirt path, heading to the rural town of Bamburgh and the hometown of her girlfriend she is visiting. Her girlfriend for three years plus, Roxie, had invited her over to her somewhat distant house to get her away from her hectic modernised life. Linsey had instantly jumped at the opportunity, taking a month off work to finally travel and see her girlfriend’s side of life instead if it being the other way around. The more adventurous and outgoing Roxie took initiative with most of their meetings despite the physical distance between them, riding to stay at Linsey’s house every few weeks for a few days at a time.
It wasn’t long before she got into the small town, forests almost consuming it from all sides save for the road. Linsey wondered why didn’t they chop more of it down, but appreciate the natural beauty of the place. The cobblestone roads tested her car’s suspension as she followed her GPS, passing by small restaurants and a school before arriving at her destination on the other end of town. It was a rather quaint wooden two storey house, with thick curtains blocking the windows. Linsey parked up alongside a red motorcycle, Roxie’s motorcycle, and got out of her car to stretch away the fatigue of a 5 hour drive.
She turned around to see someone charging at her, embracing her in a hug which almost knocked her to the ground. “Glad you could make it, Linsey~” The woman purred as she embraced her, nuzzling her short brown haired head against Linsey’s somewhat sizable bosom.
 “Glad to see you too, Roxie~. I couldn’t say no to a nice lunch date with my love, after all~.” Linsey cooed in reply, pulling her love off her body so she can kiss her on the lips. They happily embraced by the car for a moment before Roxie finally let go, leading her into the house.
By the time Linsey had set her stuff down and got settled, lunch had came around and they went for their date. Roxie showed Linsey around this quaint town, letting her see the sights. After that, they had a little walk around the forest near Roxie’s house, one of her favorite past times. She went about, pointing out various animal tracks, edible plants and other flora and fauna. Time passed rather quickly, and they returned to the house for a nice home cooked dinner by Roxie.
As they were having their meal of deer steak with potatoes and mixed vegetables. Roxie seems rather nervous, a sign Linsey picked up on. “What’s wrong, darling? Are you getting nervous now, after our fancy date? You know I love your cooking.” She coos, smiling at her lover.
“It's not that, I’m a bit nervous about what will come after dinner….” Roxie somewhat timidly replies, glancing to the side as she does.
Linsey racked her brain on what her love would be nervous by and blurted. “You are nervous about sex? Even after we had our fun all those other times you came over?”
“N-no…. T-that’s not it.” Roxie retorts, blushing as she looks into her lover’s eyes for a moment, before glancing back down to her food. “I’ll tell you later, its something important.” Feeling the end of the conversation, Linsey sighed, awkwardly enjoying the meal as she tried to understand Roxie uncharatastic and cryptic wordings.
After they finished their meal and washed up, Roxie lead Linsey to a side room on the second floor. The room was bare, save for a big carpet covering the floor and two seats upon it. The lights were weak and dim, and there is a massive curtain blocking out any light from the other side. “Linsey. Please, be honest with me. What would you do if I was a monster?” Roxie asked nervously once they sat down.
“I’ll still love you, my dear. Well, unless you killed me, in that case I’ll be dead.” Linsey chuckled, clearly not taking it seriously.
“I WON’T HURT YOU!” Roxie blurts out, almost leaping off her seat before she caught herself, sitting back down awkwardly. “I mean, I’m not joking here. If I was a monster, would you still love me? Even if I could possibly hurt you?”
Linsey got off her seat, having a bit of trouble navigating the dark room before wrapping her arms around Roxie. “If this is about weird stuff you like, don’t forget we met on a furry site. I’ll love you, even if you grow big, furry and have big sharp claws~” She says, before giving Roxie a deep kiss on the lips.
“Thanks, Linsey. I needed that.” Roxie says with a smile once their lips part. “Let’s do it now~” She adds with a surly tone, her white teeth sparking in the faint light as she grins.
Without a word, Linsey began stripping, assuming they would have sex right there and then, excited as she hears Roxie’s clothes hit the floor as well. To her surprise, Roxie went to the curtains, pulling it aside once her body was bare to reveal a set of glass doors, the bright light of the full moon flooding in. With the added light, Linsey could now see the rest of the room, noticing the deep claw marks on the wooden walls,faint blood stains on the carpet and a pile of elk and deer antlers at one end of the room. “W-what’s going on?” Linsey mutters, looking at Roxie in confusion.
“I’m letting you meet the monster within me. I hope you don’t hold it against me.” She replies with a frown, as fur begin sprouting from her nude form.
Linsey couldn’t believe what she was seeing, her girlfriend growing bigger as fur overtook her skin. Frozen in shock, she could hear bones creaking as Roxie’s skeletal structure changes, a snout growing from her face as her entire form becomes twice her size, her hands becoming dangerous claws and legs completely reshaping itself to support her girth. The timber creaks from the weight as Roxie’s transformation ends, the transformed woman looking at her lover with hungry eyes and slowly lumbers close, the human still in too much shock to even let out a scream. Roxie opens her mouth wide and Linsey sees the rows of sharp teeth in a maw big enough to wrap around her shoulders. Unable to move, she simply closed her eyes, praying her lover would at least make her end painless.
To her surprise, she felt a long, wet tongue run up her body, flicking her head up as to werewolf licks Linsey over. She opened her eyes to hear loud thumping on wood as she saw Roxie’s tail wagging hard, sitting like an overgrown puppy with eager eyes. “Aww, you aren’t so bad, Roxie~” Linsey coos upon seeing the adorable scene, reaching over cautiously to pat Roxie on the snout. “See, I’m still here. Don’t worry, I still love you~” She coos, slowly bringing her body closer to the werewolf, petting her all over. Roxie enjoyed the pats, and soon her keen sense caught another scent in the air, the scent of arousal. It seems their first meeting over werewolf on human porn was very close to their desires, though both looking at it from opposite sides.
Letting out a low growl, Roxie bagan nuzzling against Linsey, her long tongue soon covering the woman in slobber. She didn’t mind it one bit, and continued rubbing her body against her furry lover, going to grope the werewolf’s big breasts. They soon grew tired of the casual groping and licking, the werewolf spreading her legs as Linsey crawled under her, licking Roxie’s dripping snatch as the werewolf’s tongue slides between her own folds. Unable to hold herself back, Roxie began humping against Linsey’s face, her snatch widening as it enveloped Linsey’s head. The woman was too focused on their pleasure that she didn’t even realise where her head was, eagerly licking the fleshy walls as Roxie slowly drew her even deeper, her own orgasm soon reaching its peak.
Roxie herself was overcome with pleasure, and slowly began losing herself to her more primal instincts. Tasting her lover’s juices as she cums, the werewolf wanted more for herself, grabbing the limp girl and pushing her deeper. Dazed from the best orgasm she ever had, Linsey could barely struggle as she felt her body get slowly enveloped by the flesh around her. About half way into the lycan, Linsey found herself pressed up against a ring of muscle as she is slowly being thrust in and out of her fleshy confines. Realising that she is being used as a living dildo made her experience even more arousing, and soon began doing her best to please, licking and squirming as she is rubbed against sensitive flesh, moaning as she does.
Overwhelmed with pleasure, Roxie’s legs gave way, forcing the werewolf to lay on the floor as she continued pushing her friend in and out of her slit, her wagging tail spreading the forming pool of love juices around like a soaked mop. With a loud howl, she finally cums, pushing down hard on Linsey and forcing her past the ring of muscle as her orgasm causes it to open. The confused girl yelps as she is sucked into the werewolf, curling up as her body fully enters her friend, though soon embracing her new accommodations by nuzzling lovingly against the walls, and soon lulled to sleep by the thumping of Roxie’s heart and the fatigue from the earlier orgasm. Outside, the werewolf pants as she rubs her round belly, enjoying the feeling of her lover within her, wishing the night would never end so she can keep her in there forever.
Unfortunately, that wouldn’t come to pass, and although she sated one hunger, Roxie still had another to deal with. The werewolf carefully got up, and leaped out the glass door after pushing it open. Making sure to not jostle her passenger around as she moved swiftly towards the forest. She soon found the prey she was looking for not long after she disappeared into the treeline, a sleeping elk hiding in the bushes. Her larger form did little to hinder her as Roxie snuck up upon the creature and gripped it with her claws, snapping its annoying antlers off with a succession of great stomps before bringing it to her maw. The elk tried to struggle as it was consumed head first, but couldn’t fight against the bigger and stronger beast, soon finding itself squirming in the fleshy prison of the werewolf’s stomach.
With her prey now secured in her belly, Roxie took the elk’s antlers and rushed back to her home to digest. Linsey was awoken by the squirming elk, getting headbutted through the flesh as it entered Roxie’s stomach. A thought flashed in her mind, realising that she might have easily ended up in Roxie’s stomach as she identified the other occupant, too distracted to notice a change in her own chamber. Not long later, Roxie got back, sliding the glass door closed and throwing the antlers into the pile and closing the curtains. The werewolf then began to massage her belly, to help her digestion along, squirming in delight as Linsey seems to help, pressing upwards from her womb. When the elk finally stops moving, the werewolf curls up around her belly, closing her eyes and letting her body do its thing. Linsey can hear Roxie’s heart slowing as the werewolf began to sleep, and closed her eyes, contented that her internal massage went well.
Morning comes, and Roxie awoke with a loud yawn, feeling her belly. She had faint recollections on what happened during her transformation, the amazing sex and the hunt, but had to take a moment to really realise what happened. Her eyes widened as she looked at her massive belly, guessing she looks nine months pregnant with triplets as she pats the bulges. She was about to try and wake Linsey until she felt a pressure on her rear as her meal from last night wishes for release. Not wanting to let Linsey hear her defecate, Roxie quickly went to the toilet, her werewolf digestion leaving nothing of the elk she consumed, and got herself a shower to clean herself off.
Linsey woke to the muffled sound of running water, and yawned, nuzzling against the soft walls with a smile. That was before she remembered where she was, noticing it much tighter than when she first entered, and widened her eyes. “Roxie, darling? Are you awake?” She asks, cautiously.
“Ah! Linsey, good morning. Did you sleep well?” Roxie asks in reply, as she soaps her body.
“I-i’m fine… b-but, I’m really inside you, right? C-can I come out?”
Roxie froze at the question, realising the problem nagging at the back of her mind, her human form is much smaller than her werewolf form, and she definitely didn’t have the hip size or stretchiness to let Linsey out. “Umm…. I’m not sure… C-can you see anything from inside?” Roxie replies, sitting down on the shower floor as she does.
Linsey feels around for a moment, feeling the tight cervix blocked by a thin membrane. “No… t-this cannot be….” She mutters, as she puts her hand to her belly, feeling what she feared, a chord coming from her belly button, attaching itself to the wall. “Umm.. Roxie, I think I’m stuck here… as your baby….”
Roxie took a moment to try and understand what Linsey meant. “W-what do you mean?” She asks after coming up with blanks.
“I’m in a sac, and have an umbilical cord attached to my belly. I don’t think I can come out anytime soon.”
It was at that point Linsey realised another peculiarity. She was speaking, and Roxie can hear her, but there is fluid completely engulfing her form. “W-wait, how am I even talking? I…. This doesn’t make any sense at all. There is this fluid all over me, I should be drowning by now.” Linsey yells, not even a bubble escaping her mouth.
“I can hear you fine, though…. This is really weird….” Roxie replies, patting her belly to help calm Linsey. “Don’t worry, my dear. We’ll work through this together~. Maybe I can let you out when I transform again.”
“Y-ya… that’s the only idea I’m getting too. But won’t the townsfolk be weirded out by you suddenly being pregnant with me, while I went missing?”
“It’ll be fine. I’ll just say we both went camping out in the woods for the whole month. It's easy to get enough food from the forests around here anyway.” Roxie coos, patting her belly some more. “You feel amazing inside me, though. I hope it is the same for you~”
“Y-ya… it is strange, but quite nice~. A bit boring, but I’ll manage it by doing this~” Linsey replies with a chuckle, nuzzling against the walls some more, feeling Roxie shiver in pleasure around her.
With their little issue settled, Roxie finished up her shower, and got a simple note in a bag, writing that she and Linsey are away for the month she is here for in the forests to camp. She pinned the note on the front gate, and spent most of the time relaxing with her lover within her. They talked random things about their life, with Linsey questioning Roxie about how it is like being a werewolf. She also wondered if she would gain the lycan blood from this whole erotic encounter, seeing as they are sharing blood as mother and child. Ultimately, Linsey didn’t care if she became a werewolf as well, though it would mean this is the first and last time inside her lover.
The night of the full moon, Roxie laid herself on the floor of the side room, the curtains already open and letting the moonlight in. Linsey felt the tightness around her slacken a bit as her lover grew, and began nuzzling hard against the werewolf’s cervix, a plan they came up with earlier. Roxie howled in pleasure as Linsey squirmed, digging her claws into her snatch to pleasure herself. The sac ruptures from the nuzzling, causing fluids to gush from Roxie’s slit, the werewolf howling once again as she begins to go into labor. Linsey could feel the cervix opening, pushing her head eagerly through the ring of muscle as the walls around her contract. Like a wet noodle, Linsey slid out of her lover’s womb and into the world once more, Roxie giving a few more pushes to eject the rest of the afterbirth. Unsteady on her feet, Linsey crawled up towards Roxie, feeling the warm glow of the full moon upon her. Her body remained human, but she started feeling something in the back of her mind telling her to feed. She gave a big yawn, her maw widening to an inhuman degree, before she nuzzled against Roxie’s chest. Obeying the infantile instincts, she begins to nibble against her lover’s bosom, feeling Roxie’s long tongue clean her body. Linsey yelped as she felt Roxie squeeze down on the umbilical cord still attached to her body, and cried as the werewolf snipped it off soon after with a quick bite, licking the wound as she nuzzled against her. Roxie’s beastial instincts soon telling her to consume the afterbirth too, not wanting to leave behind evidence of their actions.
Linsey soon began suckling on the werewolf’s breast, enjoying the feeling of her lover’s milk flowing down her throat. She is too entranced by the moment to even question why or how Roxie started lactating, simply enjoying the moment with her lover. Roxie soon licked Linsey clean, carrying her carefully as she went outside as she went to hunt. Linsey watched wide eyed as she saw the scenery zoom past, keeping silent all the way as she continued to drink. She was soon laid down upon the ground, and watched in curiosity as her lover disappears into the bushes. Roxie emerged soon after, gripping a mother deer and her child with both hands around their necks. With a swift swallow, she gulped the mother down and brought the child to Linsey.
The woman was stunned at how fast Roxie dispatched the deer, and was curious how it felt too. Seeing Roxie come over with the fawn, she instinctively opened her mouth. Roxie began carefully pushing the fawn headfirst down Linsey’s throat, the woman gulping eagerly as soon as she tasted the creature, soon sending it into her milk filled belly. With a contented burp, Linsey nuzzled against Roxie as she was picked up again and brought back home. Feeling the fawn struggle within her was a weird experience, but one she would love to have again, especially with her lover. “This is an amazing dinner date~” She coos as she falls asleep in the werewolf’s arms. She would definitely take months off her work, just so she can do this all over again.
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Visiting her girlfriend's home for the first time, Linsey would find a secret that would bring them closer than they ever thought possible. (Written 10/07/2018)

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Posted by AndAnotherOne 7 months ago

I've been playing too much World of Warcraft, I had them as Worgens in my mind. Then again, Worgens are an awesome race...


Posted by AndAnotherOne 7 months ago

Oh yeah, and I really liked the story. It's got 3 of my favorite things in it: unbirth, pregnacy transformation, and rebirth.


Posted by S1nZ 7 months ago

Glad you liked it. I actually didn't think of adding the pregnancy transformation, but you can't really stay inside a werewolf for a whole month without something changing.


Posted by Dooot 2 months ago

Hot af