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Hostel G.T.S. Color Version By JCA

--- All characters in this comic are fictional and of adult age. ---

After a long day of work during a business trip, Marie-Anne was in the right mood for a piece of meat, a shower and a well deserved night. Sadly, the busboy made a mistake and came with a small plate of vegetables. Too tired to wait for an another meal, Marie-Anne asked him for a compensation for the trouble AND came with an idea for the busboy.

Marie-Anne is the president of GTS inc. A dating agency who promote the idea that there is no danger of getting married to a giant woman.

She is in Los-Angeles for a two weeks conference during what she count on recruting some new men for is dating business.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 8 months ago

Lucky him~ Getting to become a part of her sexy body


Posted by JCA 8 months ago

Yep ! :)


Posted by runeguden 8 months ago

Nice, love your art


Posted by JCA 8 months ago

Tks ! Am happy that you appreciate it ! :)


Posted by SpaceHump 8 months ago

Do you really draw these things with just MS paint and a mouse? Because if you do, I am rather impressed.
I'd love to see just what you would be able to make with a proper tablet and art program.


Posted by JCA 8 months ago

Yes.. And drawing with those tool is pretty slow.. lol But I will certainly buy a tablet and a better program in a near futur.. :) Am happy that you enjoy my art ! :)


Posted by DisposableZero 8 months ago

Can ya really blame her for her impatience? If I order meat, then by God I better get my meat!


Posted by JCA 8 months ago



Posted by Bright 8 months ago

Nice inside view there.


Posted by JCA 8 months ago

Tks ! :)


Posted by Max_C 8 months ago

Great to see some new work from you! Hope all is well in your life.


Posted by JCA 7 months ago

Tks !
Things going better !
Always a pleasure to share my art 1 :)