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Gazing into the abyss By soline -- Report

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Goblins are infamous for their lascivious nature and casual attitudes towards their overwhelming sex drives. So it was no surprise to anyone when she hopped up onto the table, swung her legs around one of the men at the table and poured his entire drink straight down her throat without pause. Belching crudely she made her intentions clear as day...or so they had thought.

Several drinks and 'party tricks' later and they were piling into the group's room at the inn, the goblin girl already stripping out of her minimal clothing and tossing her satchel onto the bed, bending over to show off her wide rear before straightening up, a wicked gleam in her lusty gaze and handfuls of thick leather straps in her arms.

Up for filling her fantasies for a chance to fill her afterwards, the group readily let her tie them up and rope them all together....and then discovered just how literal she was being when she stated "I want all of you inside me."

Their screaming and struggles never made it beyond the thick oak door, and one by one she wiggled and twitched and clenched her ass over them, working them steadily up her bowels and masturbating for as long as she could until the bulging gut got in the way, her yawning asshole gaping wide and deep ready for the next person, trying desperately to pull back.


I do love a nice deep gape. So does the gobbo it seems, especially if it involves cramming something massive into it moments later!

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Posted by empatheticapathy 1 year ago Report

I'd love to see her pussy open like this.


Posted by Slimshod 1 year ago Report

Amazing shot, as brief as it will be


Posted by SeekGr 1 year ago Report

Amazing internal and bulge!


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by Mysterymaster 1 year ago Report

This is why you dont let random gobbos tie you up


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Yup, gobbos are dangerous enough as is, never let one get in a position of power.

Memetic Hazard

Posted by Memetic Hazard 1 year ago Report

Great pic and description, though I think the thumb might be on the wrong side for a right hand.


Posted by N7Slayer 1 year ago Report

It's always nice to see an artist giving anal vore the spotlight. Love the short story and the art that goes with it :D


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Haha thank you! Anal vore doesn't get enough which I mean it can't ever get enough attention, it's just too good!


Posted by Cheezycake 1 year ago Report

Ah yes, the classic quote: "Gaze ye not into the abyss, lest the abyss stuff you up its butt". Great work!


Posted by SpaceHump 1 year ago Report

This is why I prefer bulges compared to hammer space.


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Heheh I cannot deny this is absolutely what I love about big guts and bulges. Honestly the hammerspace/bulges is completely situationally dependent for me. Sometimes just hiding and quashing something down into a little bit of chub just works so well, and other times just hedonistically sprawling on top of a mass of squirming soon-to-be-fat wins out <3


Posted by Doughnutz2000 1 year ago Report

Really love the view there! :D


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Thank you! Me too, I'm a big fan of that whole kind of deep gaping.


Posted by Mysterymaster 1 year ago Report

there should be a tag for "extreme gaping"


Posted by thisthend 1 year ago Report

check this out

gazing into the ASSbyss


Posted by Mysterymaster 1 year ago Report

i absolutely love the massive gape, and the fact that the rope is going all the way in makes it SO much better


Posted by TETRO 1 year ago Report

"Not into the pit! It burns!"


Posted by xSoftLavender 1 year ago Report

More....I WANT MORE!!!!