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Bat-Snack By VeryBatty -- Report

Uploaded: 3 years ago

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Tags: Batty Burp Comic Digestion Drool F/F Fatal Female Pred Female Prey Internal View intestines Macro/Micro Mawshot melting digestion midriff Oral Vore sequence sharp teeth Soft Vore Swallowing Edit

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I decided to try my hand at a sequence! Feat. unnamed cute girl as: Snack.

A little sketchy, but I like how it came out!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 years ago Report

She got fuckin melted


Posted by ABrinson27 3 years ago Report

I wonder how it felt?


Posted by N7Slayer 3 years ago Report

Was honestly expecting bat shaped snacks. Still a good sequence though :D


Posted by apitop 3 years ago Report

Very grimy and slimy, i like it. Nice to see more of the digestive tract than just the stomach.


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

intestines are underrated!


Posted by whatisthissheet 3 years ago Report

Love how crazy Batty looks. Them internal shots looks so nice, especially in the 4th on with them filling up.


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

nyeh heh heh


Posted by hunnypuppy 3 years ago Report

I really love the work you do for facial expressions and the way you detailed the insides!


Posted by RediQ 3 years ago Report

Oh my god what a good digestion sequence wow

Legit some of the best internal shots I've seen


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

You're too kind! I stole all the ideas from Vitcent >w>


Posted by RediQ 3 years ago Report

Hehe, well Vitcent's are some of my favorites too, so I'm glad more people are catching on to drawing intestines with their internal digestion shots!


Posted by Mamerui 3 years ago Report

oh funk this came out really nice.


Posted by Tavore 3 years ago Report

Haha oh wow this is amazing


Posted by Bright 3 years ago Report

I really like the way you draw teeth.


Posted by Sira_Sunflower 3 years ago Report



Posted by CratedCheese 3 years ago Report

I seriously adore the expressions


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

i seriously adore YOU


Posted by Belloc 3 years ago Report

Wow, there's a lot of really good details in this. Love the teeth, the stomach and intestines details. Really great work.


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

wahhh~ thanks!!


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 3 years ago Report

Oh my gosh your so fucking cute.


Posted by Apostolos 3 years ago Report

Interesting teeth, shaped similar to petals... does she only have 15 or is there another set hidden further in


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

I do love bonus teeth!!


Posted by Nekochow 3 years ago Report

Oof, VERY nice sequence, I'm a big fan of your line style. As probably everyone else is saying, love those detailed, tight internals, I think this is the first time I've *ever* seen someone draw in the gallbladder.
Cute expressions too!


Posted by Spookums 3 years ago Report

Internal View of intestines is always a big yes.
Thank you.


Posted by VeryBatty 3 years ago Report

you're WELCOMB


Posted by klonoa723 3 years ago Report

I LOVE those internals <3


Posted by Shadie 3 years ago Report

You seem more like a shark than a bat. Though metaphorically you appear to have the batty thing down. :3


Posted by Mortaven 3 years ago Report

@[email protected]; Oh this is incredible~ Dem sharp teefz, dat "just barely enough room" drooly mouf, those lovely squishy internals slurping her all the way down =w=; ...Den nice lil belly and body after, hee <3 Batty so adorbs~ owo moarplz


Posted by RoTheHuman 3 years ago Report

Nice sequence! I love it a lot!


Posted by RyouBoy 3 years ago Report

I love it when cute prey becomes mush :3


Posted by Grinnsinn 3 years ago Report

Oh boy! This art style is amazing! The expressi9ns are lewd! I think i might have a new faviorte


Posted by Orangoid 2 years ago Report

Really love this. I hope you'll make more like it


Posted by VeryBatty 2 years ago Report

haha! it's so old looking now... but the concept of munching doll-sized tinies is still really appealing. maybe i'll do a spiritual successor