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A Mother's Dangerous Love By noisekeeper

Seiko watched without any emotion as the many tortured visages stretched the skin of the titanic swell of her belly. She knew what she was doing was monstrous, but she didn't care. When she had caught her son Seiichi hanging out with that pesky Fukiishi girl, Seiko knew that it would only be a matter of time before he would abandon her. So she had decided to take matters into her own hands, and get rid of her for good. But that would not have been enough, because his school was rife with other lousy females that would tempt her son into betraying her too. So they too would have to be gotten rid of.

"Just disappear..." she mumbled, cursing everyone one of those poor unfortunate girls stewing in her gut. Fukiishi, the original source of her ire, was desperately trying to find a way out, tangled in a mass pile of her other female classmates. It was like hell in there, a giant damp and dark fleshy prison that threaten to crush them all. Even among the various screams and yells, she could hear the high pitched wail coming from belong, signaling another poor soul having been sucked into the monster's small intestines, still alive and kicking.

Already Seiko's intestinal tract was gorged with the digested chyme and bodies of several girls already, each one trapped and helpless as they made their slow descent deeper within the long snaking coils of her digestive system.

Despite the macabre scene enfolding inside of her, Seiko still didn't show any anger or glee on her face. It was like she was possessed, driven by a madness that ultimately would soon claim the girls of this school. Giving a breathy belch, Seiichi's mother simply stood still, silently waiting for her meal to finally go still, and succumb to digestion.


You may recall this crazy mom from this picture . I finally caught up with the most recent chapters of the Chi no Wadachi manga and boy howdy, does the crazy turn up to eleven. Of course this meant I couldn't resist the temptation of getting another pic featuring her going overboard being an overly protective mom.

Picture drawn by the very talented  ecchipandaa !

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Posted by VertGreenHeart 2 months ago

First time I ever saw a intestine vore like this.


Posted by Krowl 2 months ago

Yea, I find it pretty hot!


Posted by gbrille2215185 2 months ago

Agreed with you. First time as well.


Posted by VertGreenHeart 2 months ago

Rina's journey did something similar but she's micro when it happens.


Posted by gbrille2215185 2 months ago

Do you have a link to it Vert ? :)


Posted by VertGreenHeart 2 months ago

Just look up in the Forum its a video game with alot of vore in it.


Posted by gbrille2215185 2 months ago

Oh wow looks amazing. I will try it thank you~


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 2 months ago

Oh that manga is some good shit.


Posted by gbrille2215185 2 months ago

Oh wow, pretty great mass vore here and like vert said nice intestine part !


Posted by gundamfanx0000 2 months ago

is this from any manga


Posted by algog8 2 months ago

There are more girls in town, just saying.


Posted by hamilton4 2 months ago

So many rare but excellent parts of vore here~ Prey moving from the stomach to the intestines, then some moving through the intestines themselves~