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A Risky Blow By Scaylid00d -- Report

Giving your friend or partner a casual blowjob is always fun. It's a wonderful way to bond when you're in the mood for something more intimate than a kiss. However, when your partner happens to be a futanari with hyper proportions, that's a different matter~...

Pictured here is one such futanari. Her cock and sac are about the same mass as the rest of her body. An intimidating member like hers is next to impossible to fit in your mouth, but is still as sensitive as a regularly-proportioned penis. It will react to oral stimulation all the same. A fun challenge for an amorous friend ❤

When nearing orgasm, a series of involuntary, and highly pleasurable contractions begin to occur, prior to actual climax and ejaculation. In hyper-futanari, these contractions are especially pronounced, and powerful.

This futa's friend was doing a fantastic job, but she paid the price for her skill and enthusiasm! :o All it took was one or two of these unexpected contractions, and her entire head was sucked into the slick, dark urethra, disappearing from sight. Once the penis had a hold of her head, it was already too late. From there it's a run-away suction effect with every contraction, as the stunned and confused girl is pulled further and further in!

The futanari is helpless to stop it. Her spasms won't cease until her actual orgasm concludes. Even if she could comfortably reach her struggling friend's hips or legs, the rhythmic suction is stronger than she is now. The sheer, overwhelming ecstasy of swallowing someone whole is enough to keep her stunned. She can barely keep herself upright as it is. No matter how much either of them struggle to fight it, her friend is doomed to disappear head-first down her hungry cock's tight, slippery shaft.

Soon the girl will be little more than a disgraceful, balled-up bulge in her futanari friend's hefty sac. She might scream and plead, wriggle and squirm, but neither of them will be in any position to get her back out. The more she struggles, the more hopeless it gets, as her futanari pred stays in perpetual climax. Slowly but surely, this will digest her down into a weighty, creamy wad of girl-cum...

Some time will pass, and that writhing, moaning bulge is replaced by a smooth, albeit heavier sac once more.

Sometimes it's tough living with a hyper futa dick, but someone's gotta do it~! ❤

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

This was drawn for one of my bi-weekly Patreon polls! e3e
You can check out the poll's results for free with the link below:

Lemme know what you think~!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

I'm sure she'll make a wonderful bulge, and then afterwards a nice wall stain


Posted by Scaylid00d 2 years ago Report

Nice and large, I bet >:3


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report


I can just imagine her apologizing to the creamy splat before berating her for even trying when she knew the risks X3


Posted by DragonOFire 2 years ago Report

D’ah, just the worst when your friend accidentally gets swallowed by your cock! At least they provided some pleasure before they ‘dissapeared’!

Lovely work as always~


Posted by Whereaminow27 2 years ago Report

That is not F/F , It is H/F


Posted by Altimos 2 years ago Report

I just wanted to say... WOW.
The art work is incredible, but your description was just well beyond the scope of pure bliss... absolutely beautiful <3 <3 <3


Posted by EnderDracolich 2 years ago Report

Nice work on the image. I kinda feel bad for the pred in this one, more than the prey.


Posted by psvorefan1520 2 years ago Report

Agreed. I can imagine her staying up anights remembering how she'll never see her partner again, knowing that she was responsible and couldn't do anything about it...
And that she enjoyed it. Tears, tears, so many tears.

But that's me projecting. Perhaps she doesn't actually care that much? Who knows.


Posted by JohnnyB 2 years ago Report

not really a fan of cum-digestioan, but fhakfdnadhfuuuck that was good


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

Im still not sure if its the art I fallen in love with or all the girls you allways drawing y,y


Posted by Spookums 2 years ago Report

unf yes follow up please!


Posted by DRayElliott 2 years ago Report

You know what they say, the higher the risk, the greater the reward. Okay, opinion time. The picture is great, the story sucks, at least at the end.


Posted by grenade 2 years ago Report

Love your art ! ^^ and the hair color is so good + that cock ;P super cute <3.. dibs on giving the next Bj ;3 lol


Posted by headhunter732 2 years ago Report

A line that applies to basically all prey in your artwork :3


Posted by gnostechnician 2 years ago Report

I love the picture, the scenario, and the story. But really, I can't help but emphasize with the character when you so eloquently display their relationship, so that really kills it when it transitions into full on snuff. I'd really prefer an alt or a vague ending that lets me fill in the blanks and let her girlfriend get out safe and sound (albeit shaken and slimy ;p).


Posted by gnostechnician 2 years ago Report

Of course, your work is yours! You can write whatever you want and I won't dream of stopping you. This is just my input on my own tastes!


Posted by Royal_Starlord 2 years ago Report

I wonder if the futanari girl inseminates someone's womb, the semen-digested girl would comes back again? '3'


Posted by TheNamesJackson 2 years ago Report

Hyper reproductivity is a genetic disorder in which the persons penis will grow exponentially since birth. This disorder causes the persons testicles to develop in such a way that they become large holding sacs for the semen and emit hydrochloric acid as a self defense mechanism, unfortunately, this results in many victims of the disorder to be sterile, and cannot reproduce. The victim becomes deprived and, as a result of this and the overproduction of sperm, becomes incredibly horny as the body constantly desperately tries to reproduce. To counteract this, the urethra becomes incredibly strong and stretchy, able to swallow entire cars with enough training. Once a foreign body enters the testicular sac, they are promply assimilated from the hydrochloric acid. Hyper reproductivity is not preventable for the time being, but scientists at the corporation for justice, alchemy, chemistry and kleptomania are working on a preventer. You too, with a little bit of money, can make a big difference.


Posted by maxpayne98 2 years ago Report

Your one chance to save them is to take your equally sized dick and give it your all to give the best quickie pounding you’re capable of, make them cum the person back out before they’re turned to cum


Posted by DatPretzel 2 years ago Report

This is excellent.


Posted by LizAndFrankie 1 year ago Report

Even though we seldom enjoy CV, this is going in a new favorites category of ours! Outstanding! ^^ ^^


Posted by Aastarte 1 year ago Report

The whole story adds so much to the excellent portrayal, it is incredible!


Posted by AvengedRitsuko 5 months ago Report

I just love how literal your titles can get. XD