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Catatonic By TheSkarrd

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A short story by Michelle Jones, not actually obsessed with Black Widow. NOT TO BE READ BY PETER PARKER.
Spoiler: he read it.

This is a bit of an on-the-spot oneshot. I came up with the idea of Black Widow stinging and swallowing MJ a couple of weeks ago, and decided to write it yesterday morning when I couldn’t sleep. This is about three hours of work. Y’know, this is the only existing piece of vore art or stories for Michelle Jones, the version of MJ from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’ Let’s fix that! She makes such great prey!

A bit shorter than the previous, but I really wanted something smaller and simpler than that one. Also, note that this one depicts fast digestion, which I decided to include because this is a story within a story, so they can have whatever rules they want. Later stories won’t have that.

It’s just a little late for Vore Day, but I wanted to get something out there anyway, now that I’m actually writing this stuff. So here's my little late-Vday gift, and I hope you enjoy!

ALSO, feel free to skip the scat segment if that disgusts you. The ALL-CAPS text highlights the start and the end of this sequence.

Thumbnail from Google. All characters owned by Marvel. Story by me.

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Posted by Apostolos 2 months ago

Nice piece but honestly this rendition of MJ is somewhat bizarre, conspiracy theorist, cynical, and seems like one of the few pandering roles in the cinematic universe.


Posted by TheSkarrd 2 months ago

Eh, we can always have differing opinions on characters. Personally I much prefer MJ over MJW.
Glad you like the story!


Posted by Nugget1138 2 months ago

I really like the end with it being a story that MJ didn’t want anyone to see, pretty great. Always good as well to have more Black Widow vore


Posted by TheSkarrd 2 months ago

Totally agree with the second sentiment!
As for the first, thanks! The idea of fanfic-ception was the kick that drove me to actually write the story.


Posted by SuperheroFood 2 months ago

Great work, there's not nearly enough Black Widow Vore in the world. I especially loved the details of the disposal seen, and Natasha taking a picture of her handiwork was a nice touch.

May be a sequel with MJ writing a story about The Black Widow eating The Scarlet Witch, only for her to meet one of them and not be able to stop thinking about it? Or maybe MJ gets Vore powers? I don't know, I'd just like to see more FF Superhero Vore.


Posted by TheSkarrd 2 months ago

Agreed. We need more Natasha as pred! Also, glad you enjoyed the disposal!

Hmm, your ideas are interesting. I might see how I could work those into a story (or two ;) ). I'm probably gonna do some of my other ideas first though.
Still, a Nat and Wanda vore scene is really tempting... or maybe a Nat/Wanda/MJ scene...
We'll see.