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Being a Little Foxy By AmyTheNeko -- Report

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Niya would be snooping around the forest, happily humming to herself as she went along. She was a small Lamia that was small enough to be mistaken as a worm. Her bright blue hair and tail made her great camouflage in water however and to water is where she was headed. But of course she was after a snack too!

“Eh! Eh! Eh! Mmm...why is it so highhhh…” she sighed as she looked at the berry, just out of her reach “If only I was that bit taller I could just reach it! Grrr…” she slumped back against it, huffing before trying again...and again...and again…

Erin would be walking along the forest path, enjoying the wildlife. He was a kitsune that enjoyed nature and adored having tinies all to himself. But not for their own good. He loved being the one in charge of something and took great joy in making tinies dissapear. He grinned as he saw one now, his white-orange tails turning black as he approached the smol lamia…

“Hello there small one~” Niya squealed as she turned around and saw a massive face staring at her “Struggling a bit?” Niya shyly nodded as Erin picked off the berry and gave it to her. Niya bowed as she started going off but squealed a bit again as she was grabbed “Where are you off to so fast~?” She blushed a bit as she stared into his eyes, his voice seeming so full of flirtation “I-I'm just….going home now…” Erin chuckled “Isn't it dangerous out there? All alone? What if somebody finds you~” he slightly licked her and she winced “Like you?” Erin frowned “No. Not me. I want to give you a new, safe home…”

Niya blushed slightly and whimpered “But I like my home…” Erin grinned “Well too bad! I make the rules now~” Niya whimpered as she felt herself being let go “Look down little one~” Niya squealed and frantically tried to climb up the hand again but to no avail for beneath her was the large cock that belonged to Erin. Just as she fell he caught her by her hands “Owwwww! Let go...put me down…” Erin licked over her a ton “I love you smols. Means I can have total control~” he grinned as he finally let her go, screaming as she fell into the murky depths of his cock.

Niya struggled as her tail was already inside, looking up at the foxy with fear “Oh don't worry! You will be safe in me~” he pushed her head in and she whimpered as she was completely engulfed by the strong cock. She whimpered as her body was rubbed up and down, up and down, up and down being covered by more and more of his cum “That's just the beggining little one! You still have a way to go~” Niya whimpered the cum stuck her blue hair around her face. She uncovered it, to find herself in a small round room. She screamed as she struggled to get out the pool of cum, before being shaken around like mad

“Does wittle Lamia not like that?” He smirked as he kept masturbating, sending all the cum up from the balls, soaking poor Niya as Erin drenched another small Lamia he had found in his cum. This was Ferlia, Niya’s best friend. Her orange hair was covered in cum and squealed as she stopped moving, covered in the slop. Niya started breathing heavily, starting to feel herself melt away. She let out one last scream before being melted away, sending a rush of cum onto her friend

“You’re little one~”


Sooo I was late for vore day
But i am still gonna upload this cos it isn't doing much good sitting around XD

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Posted by crushxtreame 1 year ago Report

Is small spelled wrong on purpose?


Posted by AmyTheNeko 1 year ago Report

Smol is the only acceptable way •^•