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Chloe didn’t want to go, but a mixture of peer pressure and urges from her friends brought her and the rest of them to a nudist beach, hidden away by tall cliffs on both sides. Rumors of this place made it seem the beach is only for futanaris, and as Chloe looked around at all the ample breasts and cocks, she couldn’t help but spring a boner herself. Embarrassed, she covered herself with her favorite U ring and told her friends that she would be leisurely floating about in the water before rushing off. After setting it up and applying her sunscreen, Chloe relaxed in the net of her flotation device, closing her eyes and trying to let her boner calm down.
In the waters, a strange creature notices the girl floating there, drawn by the scent of her arousal leaking into the waters. It it s mutation of the local octopus, mutated by all the futanari cum in the local waters thanks to the untamable lust of the visitors. It carefully wrapped its tentacles around Chloe’s cock, feeling her erect flesh and her hefty balls, coating it with a strange mucus. The woman herself had fallen asleep, and moans in pleasure at the massage. Delighted by its find, the creature releases some pheromones into the water to let its mate know as it continues massaging the mucus into Chloe’s flesh, slowly stretching it out. By the time the mate arrives, Chloe’s cock was flexible enough that the two could easily squirm in. Stretching her cock out, the two creatures happily wiggled down her cock hole, slurping her cum up as they squirmed their way into her balls, a endless buffet of the cum they feed on.
Chloe woke up a few hours later, yawning as she spots the sun setting in the distance. She lazily paddled her way to shore, not knowing about her new guests as they had gotten comfortable and stopped moving. She does notice her balls being bigger, but assumed that was due to her neglecting her lust, a rather common happening to futanaris of the world. That didn’t stop her from idly massaging her orbs as she relaxed, though, even after she got home.
Days later, she finally noticed something was off, when she felt the creatures in her balls squirming, reaching for each other as they decide to mate. The internal massage sent waves of arousal through her body, and she had to excuse herself to the toilet to let relieve herself, stroking her hard shaft as the creatures made love in her balls. Her orgasm ended up having a tentacle coming out her cock, which the annoyed creature withdrew, sending more pleasure through her body. Overtaken by lust, she started fingering her cock hole, wanting to feel more of that internal massage, surprised by how stretchy her cock was, and delighted at the pleasure.
Weeks pass, Chloe spending most of her time massaging her balls or indulging in her new pleasure of being fucked in the cock by her friends, their cum helping feed the creatures in her balls. Her balls bulged out from stored cum and eggs laid by the creatures, causing even more pleasure when she cums them out and push them back in. It wasn’t the only change to her body, as her body thickened up, growing stronger to help carry the weight, her breasts also began growing and leaking occasionally.
One day, she had the sudden urge to return to the beach, her mind clouded by lust. She could feel the squirming within her get more and more intense as she got out of the car, the eggs within hatching. Laying down on the sand, with the waves washing over her lower body, she began jacking off, howling in pleasure as the creatures squirmed for release. It isn’t long before all the accumulated lust and pleasure finally reached the climax, a torrent of half hatched eggs, seed and freshly born creatures flying out of her cock and into the now cloudy waters. She howled in pleasure as her orgasm completely eclipsed her mind, and when she finally regained her senses, her balls felt empty. Panting, she felt two soft creatures gently crawl up onto her chest, nuzzling against her bosom, gently suckling her milky teats. Chloe smiled as she pet the two creatures, lazing about on the beach as the creatures fed. When they were finally full, they slithered down to her cock and back into her awaiting balls. Chloe moans as she patted her sac, eager to raise the another generation of these pleasurable creatures.
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Beaches are a relaxing time, but sometimes accident happens, and you end up as a incubator for a peculiar breed of sea life. (Written 26/05/2018, edited 8/8/2018)

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Posted by AndAnotherOne 8 months ago Report



Posted by AndAnotherOne 8 months ago Report

Loved it, but I couldn't help feeling like this could've been longer. Maybe you can revisit this and make a big story out of it instead of this short read? Still though, had things I like here so that's awesome.


Posted by S1nZ 8 months ago Report

Ya, honestly. It was a quick idea i wrote in a day. I have a few other stories like that. Short, sweet and lewd