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I - Meet the Team!
Gwen Tennyson had been through a lot in her years of knowing her cousin, Ben Tennyson. The aforementioned wielder of the Omnitrix and the alleged champion of the cosmos, protector of Earth and her annoying relative she can admit she's had fun being his confidant and ally. However, as her magic matured she had a yearning to discover just how far she can push herself without relying on the strong man Ben was becoming. On a whim, she filled out an anonymous survey sent her way and she received an immediate reply about a job opportunity; one that benefited her as one with great power and a sexy appeal.
While she wasn't sure what they meant by the latter, she was ecstatic. Finally, a chance to prove herself! After contacting the supervisor of this agency with a strange acronym, she was informed that the debriefing would take place at a remote place in Greenland of all places. Having been picked up at the airport, she was sent to NYC Airpot and then rerouted to Canada and finally taken via helicopter the rest of the way.
Dressed in a furred hoodie of white hue, she shivered as she approached the iced complex; shaped like a mix of a giant igloo and an alien fortress with pylons coursing with power and towers aligned against the main structure with domed tops. Entering through a smaller door next to a big one, she was greeted with an entrance straight out of an office space in a sitcom.
"Name?" An annoyed voice rang out from a middle aged woman with a primmed up bun of faded grey and black hair, striped to almost give the impression she was an overweight and retired Cruella Deville. Her angular cheekbones and stretched unhappy expression made Gwen question what was real before she shook her head and looked at the woman giving her a deadpan expression from the desk to her. "Don't tell me you're an amnesiac, I already had to send the last one back for pulling that on me."
"N-No!" Gwen exclaimed, shaking her head and pulling back her hoodie to reveal her long, silky smooth orange hair. Smiling she put a hand on her chest as she introduced herself. "My name is Gwen Tennyson. Your agency contacted me about an opportunity benefited from my skills-?"
"Uh-huh," She nodded, looking at the old Windows 95 computer and clacked her fingers noisily against the keyboard. After an age of booting, her eyes were filled with data and she looked it over with nodding affirmation. "Gwendolyn Tennyson, yeah? You're the last one here. Go ahead and change in the adjacent room into your field gear, then I'll unlock the door."
She frowned at that. Did they really want her changed before even speaking to her? Perhaps this was some form of advanced interviewing process, she reasoned. Shaking her head, she acquiesced silently and walked into the booth the left of the woman right next to the securely locked door leading to the rest of the complex. Inside it was a dull cream colored wall with luminescent bulbs showering it with an obnoxious glare overhead with a single wall-mounted mirror for her to look at while a locker with her name on it was the only one not touched yet.
Pulling it open, she retrieved what looked like a boysuit made out of...latex? The material crinkled in her hands, making an oddly pleasant if not disconcerting sound. Scrunching her face up, she compared the suit to her body size and realized it'd be a tight fit. What was the purpose? Was it any useful?
Sighing, she disrobed, unfastening her hoodie and jeans to reveal her purple frilly bra and pair of panties. As she began to unfasten hidden facets in the suit, she discovered that the sleeves in the legs sucked tight to her skin like a vacuum. When it got up to her panties, she felt it grind uncomfortably against her nethers and ride up her crack. Grimacing, she gingerly loosened the material and sighed, reluctantly undressing herself bare in front of the mirror.
She had nothing to be embarassed about, per say, but she felt a bit sensitive about having to wear a uniform that was this suggestive for the sake of an opportunity. She wasn't certain, but maybe this agency had a fetish problem? Shaking her head, she knew she was just being paranoid and that this wasn't that strange of an issue.
Pulling the sleeves back up, she got back up to her succulent ass and camel toe of her nethers bringing out a surprised 'oh' from her mouth. It was surprisingly comfy and even pleasing, the movement of the crinkling latex brushed against it in a near seamless manner. Putting her arms through their sleeves till the hands were covered, she fastened it up to her neck, admiring the glossy color of violet and black outlines. Her breasts stretched against the material in a perfect conforming manner, almost as if it was memory foam but cracked and crinkled just as much as her supple ass did.
"Damn, this is actually kind of sexy," She quietly said, shaking her tush at the mirror while gripping one of her breasts. Biting her lip mischieviously, she slapped one rear cheek, hearing a satisfying clapping sound and her skin feeling only the slightest of stings. This felt very naughty and, with a blush of realization, she was holding up the actual interview.
Putting her things into the locker for later, she exited out, the latex-sleeved feet walking on the floor as if she wore smooth sole-less shoes. Without skipping a beat, the secretary blew a bubble of gum and thumbed towards the door, hitting a button on the keyboard that unlatched rows of metal locks holding the barrier in place. Not wanting to wait any longer, she twisted the handle and opened it up, releasing a waft of air and a massive antechamber beyond it.
Here, she saw she wasn't alone.
In the immediate walkway was a branching yellow brick roaded path to two areas: The dining hall to the left which had its own bordered halfwall divide and a bar operated by a dog-headed man washing mugs behind the counter.
The prior dining place was filled with hundreds of chairs bordered against respectful tables, almost fit to be in a restaurant with red hued comfy seats and round polished tables of black with red outlines all legs operating on a neat tiled flooring separate from the rest of the chamber. It had a lavish set of wall mounted televisions for those in the dining area as they ate from a strewn of buffet items regulated by its own single-optic robot chef that had a tall white cook's hat and floated with its own hover propulsion device that made up for a lack of legs.
The latter bar had its own comfy sofa where those drinking and eating its own array of snacks and meals can prop up a leg and relax, burgundy cushioned couches and stools affixed near the bar itself. The dog-headed man looked to be the bartender, casually perking its ears up at the sight of the new entry while a trio of people were talking it up against the bar itself, dressed in similar latex suits.
While the chamber stretched out to various other amnemities, vast places that could contain and provide for more than she could fathom, the immediate other applicants were seated on the stools with various drinks or snacks set in front of them. One in particular nodded over to the others, gesturing as she bashfully joined the one closest to her; the quiet one, as it seemed.
"Looks like the final one showed up," A black haired girl spoke bluntly, though a charitably good-natured grin adorned on her face alleviated Gwen's fears she was mocking her tardiness. Her raven tresses draped to her shoulders, kept trimmed and short, while she wore an orange colored suit with black accents to them; modified only slightly to reveal her calloused, quaint fingers holding a drink in her left hand and some nacho-covered chips in the other. Her dark eyes flashed with a cherry lipped squint as she looked her up and down curiously. "Damn, I wish I had your bod. That thing feel okay on you?"
"Surprisingly, yes," Gwen chuckled, blushing a bit with more confidence in her figure despite it being so fascitiously on display. She did envy the defined muscular build along the speaking girl's abs, arms and legs; she looked to be in fantastic shape if the suit was telling no lies. Looking to the other girls, she waved her hand to herself as she gave an introduction. "I'm Gwen Tennyson. Are you also applying for the opportunity?"
"You mean from Tathr? Sure am," She nodded with affirmation, then thumbed her chin accidentally slapping some nacho cheese sauce over her cheek. Sighing, she continued regardless. "I'm Jade Chan, martial artist, history and mythology researcher along with some knowledge of the hidden mystic arts."
Her eyes bulged and her jaw dropped as she intoned aloud, "You mean, THE Jade Chan?! You're Jackie Chan's neice, right?!"
"Yep," She replied with a slight mix of annoyance and pride; being not the first time she's been recognized in a day since arriving. "That's me."
"I've seen you on the news and all over! Your family's famous!" Gwen gushed with glee, earning a shake of the head of the quiet girl immediately seated to her left while a blonde twin-tailed girl leaned forward with a big toothy grin of her own.
"I know right?! She's super cool, too!" The blonde squealed with raised hands. The girl had medium breasts bulging her own red suit with gold highlights, the cuteness enhancing her sexual desire from what the uniform was to give. Blue eyes blinked with shiny pearly teeth and a fair skin tone belying her aryan heritage. As if on afterthought, she stretched a hand past the quiet girl's face to shake Gwen's, enthusiastically shaking it. "I'm Penny Gadget, neice to my good ol' uncle Gadget!"
"You mean, the Cyborg Cop?!" Gwen remarked with a surprised cry with her green eyes nearly bulging out of her sockets. "OMYGOSH THIS IS UNREAL!"
"I know right?!" Penny exclaimed again, making the quiet girl finally groan out as raised her grey-hued hands up in front of the pair.
"Can you please keep it down? I've had a migraine since arriving at this place," The girl with deep amethyst hair and eyes visibly twitched at the brow as she exchanged a truly annoyed look. Her graveled voice sounded like a based cat purring, but also bore the sound of someone who never got enough rest. Her forehead had a beautiful gemstone embedded in the skin, her hair cut in an angled bob that draped around her head to frame her face perfectly right at the middle of her neck. The suit she wore was a glossy midnight black in hue, with blue outlines; she had modest breasts but an hourglass waist leading to wide hips and a thick ass down to very endowed legs, truly something she wished she had more of if she was honest. Seeing that she was being observed silently by the two inquisitive girls more than she was earlier, she sighed and turned to Gwen with a raised hand to the orange-haired initiate, "If you promise not to sound like a schoolgirl, I'll tell you my name. Deal?"
"Okay, shoot," Gwen affirmed with a hand gingerly shaking the other girl's. "What is it?"
"GET OUT!" She exclaimed, much to the aforementioned sorceress' dismay.
"Not even five seconds!" She hissed, her eyes briefly turning a shade of red before vanishing back into violet hue. Inhaling and exhaling, she calmed herself down and nodded with acknowledgement. "Yes, I'm Raven from the Teen Titans. At the moment, we're all taking care of personal issues; or at least, most of them were. So I am doing this to fill time and make sure it's proactive so I'm not just closed off to the rest of the world. I have a tendency of doing that, intentionally or otherwise."
"Funny how you're part of the least introverted group on this side of the planet," Jade snarked with a chuckle.
"My room is my domain, and my team keeps it that way," She deadpanned out with a still expression. Looking over to the silent barkeep, she placed her partially covered hands - the tops being covered while the palms and fingers were exposed - on the counter with her eyes on him. "And you're sure my quarters aren't connected to the others?"
"Positive, Miss Raven," He spoke in a deep voice, giving a canine 'woof' under his breath as he blinked at her indifferently. "Rest assured, all those entrants who made the journey here are already considered in the agency. There's just a matter of the head honcho giving a debriefing, *woof!*."
"But we-I've been here for three hours," Raven insisted, her mentioning giving worry to Gwen at the thought of wasting her time here.
"With the final member of your squad present, it shouldn't be but a few minutes," The barkeep reassured her with a wink, grinning in a way reminiscent of a human. Looking to Gwen's baffled expression, he chuckled and turned to speak to her. "Find something funny to look at?"
"I-I'm sorry, I just-!"
"That was a joke, of course *woof*!" He guffawed in a more dog-like way, much to Jade and Raven's irritation while Penny laughed and Gwen sneezed. Bowing like a true gentleman, he swept his arm around with flourish as he explained. "I am the bartender of this facility's establishment, Karlos IX. I'll be aiding you with beverages, snacks and other finer meals than Easy-Cook-Meal over there."
"I did notice that robot earlier," Gwen mentioned, turning to see him tidying up the chairs and spruce things up while keeping his hat still on his floating person. "What's his name? Oven 9000?"
"Don't be absurd, *bark*!" Karlos rebuked, causing Gwen to turnabout with a raised brow of skepticism. Sighing, his eyes drew to half-lidded stare and he replied almost too quietly. "Bob the Cook."
"Pfffffffft!" Penny sputtered out, almost snorting out juice she had been sipping from a straw.
"That's...quaint," Raven smirked halfway before returning to her passively dry expression.
"It's stupid," Jade rolled her eyes around as she leaned against the counter. "I'd named him something cooler, like Arnold or the Terminal Diner!"
"Those are worst!" Gwen accused her with outrage.
"Same difference," The martial artist snorted.
"I think they're fine substitutes!" A sudden voice bellowed just behind Gwen, causing her to twist around and bump into Raven. In doing so this caused her to slip in her stool and crash into Penny whom forced Jade with them to a loud crack onto the ground. As Gwen removed her face from Raven's right latex covered breast, Raven's hand from Penny's ass and Jade's pelvis from Penny's face, the man clapped with a near insidious giggle. "Bravo! We're off to a WONDERFUL start, I can tell!"
"You're all going to die," Karlos muttered under his breath, returning to cleaning his mugs. "So much."
Not letting the bartender's words get to her, Gwen helped Raven up while Penny and Jade got up on their own. Standing before them was a debonair individual who wore a waistcoat with a black bowtie and a suit jacket to a pair of slacks to match the black & white motif. With a tall top hat, a monocle wrapped over the left eye and a silver-headed cane, he looked as random and out of place as the others servicing the open chambered facility the girls were in. Brandishing a twirling mustache, a golden eye alight behind the monocle and his right eye being black with a red iris, his voice belied a sillier if not friendly tone to the girls.
"I think you'll do wondeful here, surely!" He exclaimed giddily, waving a white opera glove at them while his mustache wiggled on his face with glee. "Oh yes, and you all look lovely! I can't wait for the next part, yes!"
"And you are?" Jade drawled out.
"Ah yes! Goodness, I forgot myself! My manners, forgive me, I'm just so EX-CITED to get going, truly!" He rang out, tapping his feet as if readying to sprint in place before broadly smiling at them. Like the bartender, he gave a ceremonious bow with a deft pull of his hat away before spinning it back to his head during his introduction. "Samuel Geoffrey Gold, your employer and hopefully a close friend!"
"You're the head of tathr?" Penny inquired with a scrunched up face. "You look like a minion of Doctor Claw."
"No-no, this is just one of my many outfits!" Samuel explained away, brushing his fine pressed coat and jacket with a twist of his face. "Yes-Yes, I'm so fond of costumes. As you can see, I spared no expense on yours."
"Yes, truly you had no ulterior motives on these kink suits," Jade accused, much to Penny's surprise and Gwen's suspicion.
"This isn't much different from my own clothes, actually," Raven remarked dryly, surprising Gwen while Jade sighed with whom was speaking.
"Those 'kink suits', as you shamefully call them, are not only great for agility, enhancing your physical stats, protection and augmenting your own spec abilities are quite stylish if not snug to the wearer!" He proudly boasted, his eyes surveying their frames with intrigue and amusement. "Hmmmm, but, you don't fit the age demographic at the moment I'm going for here."
"Excuse me?" Gwen growled out, now finding the idea of her being too young as an insult to her abilities. "You're the one who scouted us, not the other way around!"
"I mean no offense, young Tennyson," Samuel dismissed with a wave of his hand, adjusting his monocle to give an analytical glint aimed towards them. "But you see, we here at TATHTR believe that agents with a refined and harnessed youth are far more effective in the field than those with established maturity. In layman's terms, you're not young enough."
"Young...enough?" Penny tilted her head, raising a finger to tap her chin while Jade's eyes widened, Raven paled more than possible and Gwen glared with confusion as the twin-tailed blonde piped out loud. "But, I'm the youngest here at fifteen. How can we be any younger-?"
A sudden lapse of pain swam over the four, instantly cutting off the braniac of the squad from completing her train of thought. Like an intense heat that began squeezing and molesting them from all sides, the outlines of their suits glowed brightly as they fell to their knees and onto the ground in writhing heaps. Even during this bout of agony, Gwen reached a hand out towards the man, trying to conjure her magic but couldn't manifest due to the senses being conflated by the suit crushing her.
As he watched with the disarming smile, the four felt significant changes pass over them.
Jade felt her muscles soften, the build shrink and her arms to her legs grow shorter with her shrinking spine. Her face became a bit more supple and less angular, a youthful glint coming over her complexion as she became smaller in the constricting suit. Gasping for air, her voice changed to a higher pitch and one she hadn't used in years.
Raven groaned aloud, hugging her shoulders as they bunched up and pushed together while her ass became more pert instead of its normal curves she possessed. Lithe in nature she became softer and more innocent in appearance, her black suit pulsing blue lines tightening her regressing form into its desired phase. Despite her voice retaining its graveled tone, it was a slight octave higher, matching the age range she was presiding at now.
Penny squealed out, arching her body into a bow as her hands and feet clawed at the flooring. Her once womanly bosom had shrunk into a flat chest, her rump becoming cute in its shape and her skin becoming more smooth in texture than the womanly savory touch she had obtained. Her voice was nearly the same, just more innocent in tone as her eyes watered and her mouth stretched out as she swiveled her latex clad body around on the ground.
Gwen moaned bitterly as she experienced similar feelings. With her tush rolling around, she felt her breasts and face constrain at the insistent pressure this suit was responsible for. Yawning as she spread out like a cat, her long hair now draped past her hindquarters to the tops of her thighs, proving just how much smaller she is now compared to before. Her voice raised, her teenaged allure gone in exchange for the sprite pitch she had years ago.
When it was over, they were sweating profusely and felt exhausted from the ordeal. As they gathered their thoughts, Penny looked at herself, feeling her body and clasping her face in shock, "I-I'm a kid again!"
"What the Hell?!" Jade screamed, standing upright as she gawked at her hands and smaller body; surprisingly more athletic and rock solid than she was years ago, but still not a teenager's stature. "What is this?!"
"Why, the suit's primary function is to regress the users to a proper age around a category people calls 'Tweens', dear Jade," Samuel explained with a mustache twitch and a grin. "I think the suit you're at the maximum age of twelve, I believe. Miss Gadget is ten, so is Miss Tennyson and I believe I made Raven eleven."
"For what purpose?" Raven asked, casting a dangerous glare though wasn't as riddled with surprise as the rest; she had been turned into a rabbit, after all, so this wasn't as obnoxious as a polymorphication. "To get your kicks?"
"Hardly! I had already explained that this agency values your age group as being prime candidates to fulfill our missions and save the world; while being incredibly, and ideally, desirable to the eye," He chuckled with self gratifying humor.
"SO, this wasn't a job interview or a golden opportunity at all," Gwen surmised, gritting her teeth as she balled her kid-sized hands into fists. "This was a trick, and you trapped us here!"
"You can have anything you desire, anything you need to get stronger and entertain yourself. Above all, all of your strength, agility and ability you've garnered in your age was copied by your suits," He explained, raising a finger and wagging it at them with a teasing smile. "You still have all that you've allotted in life through effort and strain, just none of the age demographic TATHTR desires."
"Is this some sort of Lolicon dungeon?" Jade snarls in accusation. "That's all bogus, and you know it!"
"I'm a man of my word. I never lied once about your job opportunities-"
"Change us back!" The martial artist cried out, with the other girls gearing up for a fight. "Now!"
"No," Samuel replied mootly, his eyes staring down at them with a far less kind light than before. "No I'd rather not. I much rather you be cherished as delicious munchkins than opinionated teenagers, thank you very much."
"You asked for i-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Jade began to exclaim, until she screamed out with the rest in agonizing pain.
"No one wearing those suits may rebel against me. You can't remove them unless permissed, and you can't change back without my wishes. You are, as of this moment, Squad Alpha and you shall serve as my agents of justice, freedom and general do-goodery," He announced, watching them all fall to the ground, unable to rise up as he spoke to them in an overly jovial tone that masked his menace. "Be the heroes, stop the villains and just entertain me without end! Should you die, well, we have ways around that too! But for now, please, enjoy yourselves here in the Frozen Keep."
As he walked away, Gwen felt the pain recede and the dawning realization breached her psyche. She was trapped, as a child, in a facility meant to turn her into someone's agent and serve them for their own whim as a faux heroine. In the same boat as the other three, she couldn't help but feel more vulnerable now than she ever was in the adventures she had with her cousin.
"That's what I get for replying to anonymous surveys," She thought as she helped the others up and readied herself in this new beginning of her life as an agent of TATHTR.
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I - Welcome to the Agency!: Gwen Tennyson joins Jade Chan, Penny Gadget and Raven as part of Squad Alpha in TATHTR. Unfortunately, they didn't read the fine print as to the catch this sweet deal of being secret agents for a particularly kink-involved institute.

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Death Incarnate

Posted by Death Incarnate 9 months ago Report

Can't wait to see how the other squad deals with this! Amazing! I was wondering how they would end up as tweens given the character ages. Well done *clap clap clap*


Posted by EVAR25 9 months ago Report

Glad this entertained you ^^


Posted by LegionnaireBlaze 7 months ago Report

Tathr or however its spelled will probably have its 'operatives' arrested when their existance is discovered. After all, they are an 'organization' that selects spies through anonymous serveys, many of which may not actually be capable of this line of work, and their introduction has already shown they do not actually care about the people they hire. I would LOVE to have this story end with WOOHP Agents showing up and shutting the whole thing down, revealing that its actually something more like a prostitution sort of thing. That gives me all sorts of ideas on how this can end. If i ever get around to it, do I have permission to write such an event?