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Going Down Deep By Scaylid00d -- Report

"This is a picture of me, in the last moments of daylight I'd ever see again. What lay ahead for me was a dark, moist and aggressive, churning tomb. Its merciless digestive juices are the reason there's not a single trace of me left today... and I enjoyed it. Every moment of it.

Here's how I ended up in such an embarrassing predicament.

I was on holiday, taking some much needed leave with friends. Our trip to the beach was pleasant, as well as our time on the sand. This beach is a popular place to visit, and I never heard of anything bad happening here, not even one shark sighting. You play with the sand, splash in the water, and soak up some sun. Not much to worry about beyond that.

We got there early, and wanted to get some swimming done before the sun grew too harsh. We could then take cover under our parasols to enjoy packed lunches. We were practically the only ones there, apart from the occasional couple strolling by.

I'd never get the chance to dig in to our lunches, but didn't know it yet. I swam with my pals in the water for almost a solid hour, diving over the waves, or ducking under and through some. Not the slightest indication of my coming peril in sight. Eventually though, I needed to pee. I know, what a bummer. It would have been a drag to leave the warm water and find a secluded place to relive myself. Instead, I just paddled a little distance away from where we were playing, to take a quick moment to myself~

Before I could get too far though, I felt something.

Slowly, and almost gently, something slid itself up around my legs, then my hips, and finally my upper body. It was this creature, some kind of worm. I had never seen anything like it, not in a book or TV show, nothing. It carefully scooped me up in its gaping maw, rising up out of the water, its sharp teeth gliding across my supple skin. Immediately I felt it; a completely new sensation helplessly disarmed me, before any sense of fear or horror had a chance to set in. I knew that this thing was busy swallowing me, busy eating me alive, and I had absolutely no desire to resist my fate. I wanted to be eaten, and craved it with shameless anticipation.

My friends must have been swimming nearby still, but I didn't dare call out to them. They might have come rescue me otherwise, and no way was I gonna risk that. This felt amazing. I was being devoured whole. I knew it didn't make sense, but I wanted it more than anything. Even though I tried staying quiet, I was making some weird and humiliating noises, moaning and blubbering like something in heat. Now that I think of it, I'm especially glad my friends didn't see or hear that...

When the worm had my body behind its teeth, I could feel its hot, slimy insides start to slowly contract and relax in rhythm. There was a slight suction sensation, and it was pulling me in, inch by inch. I gently squirmed and wriggled my hips to help, all the while straining to stifle my grunts and moans. The deeper I sank, the more its maw and toothy flesh closed in around me. My gaze was caught in the dark dripping throat beyond my thighs. I was going to disappear down there. It made me so happy!

Soon it got really tight. My face was smooshed against a slick, soft, throbbing mass of flesh, and it went dark. The worm's maw had totally closed over and around my head. This monster sank back into the water, with me inside it. I was gone, and done for.

I have no idea how long it really took to swallow me, I stopped thinking the moment I realized I was being eaten by this thing. I kept sliding further and further, now fighting to breathe, gulping at the tiniest pockets of air I could. It was so hot. I was going mad. I might have been screaming in delight at this point, but luckily nothing would hear me now. No one was going to save me from this.
After what felt like an eternity, the sliding stopped, and my squirming body came to rest. I could still feel the worm move as it swam, but I wasn't sinking further inside anymore. This must have been its stomach, or at least the segment responsible for breaking food down. I was right. Slowly, it got hotter, then it started burning. I remember feeling my skin tingle and itch. My eyes rolled back as I began to orgasm...

...and finally asphyxiate.

No doubt it was digesting me at this point. I fought really hard to stay awake for that part, but I simply ran out of air. What happened next I can't know for sure. It's safe to say its stomach made a mess of me.
I like to think my body slowly turned to a creamy soup, my disgraceful bones being the last to sizzle away in a gurgling broth of my shameful remains. Or, maybe it didn't digest my bones, and spat them back out on the beach? Yeah, that way my friends had a chance of figuring out what happened to me.

... unless this thing ate them next. I wonder if they would enjoy it as much as I did? Either way, they'd all be digested in my slimy remains. They'd all melt in the bubbling mess I left behind...

I really, REALLY hope that's what happened after it was done with me. Only right that they'd get to share in my wonderful, churning, gurgling demise~ ❤"

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

This was drawn during a livestream, based on the results of a Patreon poll C: You can check out the poll's results for free in this link:

I tried a more close-up, almost photographic approach in this drawing. A sketchy look, zoomed in on the important aspects of the scene: the girl and the worm's maw. While I'm really pleased with the aesthetic, the girl's proportions are a little stubbier than I intended :3 I didn't plan my perspective, or use figure references this time either, so the next time I try a tricky angle I'll rather refer to them.

Hope you like it! \^ 3 ^/

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Posted by DodongoQueen3 2 years ago Report

Oh my what a story dearling ~ that beast must have been one ravenous worm, and he’d definitely devour your friends as well, they certainly shall join you soon enough, hopefully they enjoyed it as much as you did.


Posted by VeryBatty 2 years ago Report

love the depth of those shadows in the throat!


Posted by Slimshod 2 years ago Report

Hot damn that story was amazing. Very welcome addition to the excellent image.


Posted by ABrinson27 2 years ago Report

its good by the way sent you a pm


Posted by Novaprime 2 years ago Report

Such lovely titties gone to waste~


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report



Posted by Stunlocked 2 years ago Report



Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

YES Thank you Nintendo but please give us our roms back


Posted by mosta1119 2 years ago Report

I think you had too much fun writing that


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

I totally overlooked the story the first time arround ... This drove me nuts literally one of the hottest storys I ever read


Posted by Siege 2 years ago Report

This place needs more freckled prey, period.


Posted by Muryoku 2 years ago Report

You're such an amazing story writer!


Posted by Spookums 2 years ago Report

By god, you never cease to amaze.
The perspective, the writing, I am speechless.


Posted by Zombieflanders 2 years ago Report

I see freckles, you're not feeding away the hot ginger girls are you! Plus its been awhile since we've seen your tiny self slide down into somethings gullet. =P


Posted by rojo55 2 years ago Report

OMG O_O did i ever told i love your work?? D: its just amazig ;;


Posted by Tarzanwilde 2 years ago Report

Great story and picture! I particularly like it when nubile nude maidens get ingested by giant creatures rather than by other people. However to each their own...


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

That story made my hair stand up like nothing really can ~