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{P} A Lesson in Respect {P} By Zeeza -- Report

{Patreon} Comic Reward for  NiceGuy18 of a certain Gardevoir at her wits end with her daughter's absolute disrespect.

When she comes back, and has to go through school again, she'll probably think twice about dissing her determined mother!

Aaaand because I liked it so much, here's a short story for you ~

My little Kirlia stood there defiant again, refusing to look me in the eyes as I asked her where her conveniently absent report card was. I knew where it was - under her bedsheets in the bottom left corner of her bed - and I knew what grades I would find on it - mostly D's and F's - but that wasn't the point. The point was to have her be honest with me. Ever since her late father Gallade passed away, she looked at me like I could have stopped it in any way. She doesn't see how I lost the love of my life, only the person who brought her into this cruel world.

"You know, you need to start listening to me: the woman who birthed you!" I started our daily argument. I got a snarky remark in return - as expected.

"Or what?" She poked my belly, "You'll 'UN-birth' me? Pshh..."

For some reason that crossed the line for me. All of the pent up anger and hatred boiled to the surface, untamable, as if its boiling point was room temperature. My curled up fists shook, and I decided to take on her dare.

"Fine... I'll show you what the will of a mother can do..."

"What are you...?" As she realized her dare from earlier, she looked at me in the eyes for the first time in years, though by now she was much too late, "W-wait, what!? Y-you can't be serious!"

I quickly turned her around and pinned her against the floor as I spread my legs apart. Before I could realize what I'd done, her feet were in my Uterus and she was speechless.

My body was telling me that I was already near my capacity with just her lower legs and her feet in me, but I pushed that aside, my pain receptors bypassed by how horny it made me feel. I pushed her in a centimeter at a time, each time telling her to go in, until I grew impatient. i had to do the ripping-off-the-bandage trick and shove her all in at once. It would never get done otherwise.

I screamed as I got up a bit and sat down on my daughter, her body forced inside my private area so fast that it felt like I was overcome with joy and was unable to move. I sat there for a half hour, just panting and feeling my belly, now three times as big as when I carried Kirlia the first time.

Then another feeling came through... Wriggling... squirming... something leaving my uterus and making its way into my vagina.

"Nononononono!" I said, looking towards my room for the only solution I could think of with my hazy mind. I got up and wobbled over to my room, gravity helping by daughter free herself little by little.

In my room, I found the one thing I thought I'd never use in my life. It was a gift from lopunny for way back when Gallade passed away and she was trying to help me feel good again. Under my bead and in a loosely closed box, was a plug half the size of my head - quite literally. I could hear Lopunny's voice in my mind saying "it's for desperate times, m'kay~?" now of all times fit that description.

"Sorry baby, but you need to be taught a harsh lesson right now," I put the plug in position as I stood up, "you need to stay in time out, alright?"

I jumped and landed on the plug, the force of going from five feet in the air to the ground more than enough to put all of Kirlia into mu uterus. I moaned out loud, then passed out...


I woke up to the sunshine on my face, coming in through the window to my bedroom. it looked like a little after noon, which meant that I'd slept for more than a day. Not surprising, as I'd put my insides through more stress that it's ever been in, and my body probably needed time to recover from what I'd done to it.

I sat up and remembered the plug, the now-warm metal heated up from my insides and from sitting on it for a day straight, and pulled it out.

I couldn't help but moan again, but this time, for whatever reason, it felt like Kirlia was firmly locked into place with no way out. The strain on my back reminded me of how bad it was back when I first carried Kirlia - or, then at the time, Ralts - and told myself that it would be okay. It wasn't a permanent thing. I'd let her out and be firm with her about disobeying me again, and everything would go back to normal.

In the shower - where I planned on letting my daughter out - I looked at the foggy mirror. Something seemed off about me, and I just couldn't put my finger on it...

Alarmed, I went back into my room and grabbed a photo from back when I was pregnant the first time and held it up to the mirror.

I sat there in awe as my wrinkles became nonexistent, my ass had grown three sizes, my breasts twice as big, and my height a little shorter. Comparing it to the photo, I was exactly the same as when I was pregnant at the age of 22 - not at all like the wrinkled-face, less curvy 35-year-old version of me from a day ago.

Freaked out, I tried to let Kirlia out, frantically pushing over and over again as I did my best to lube my insides to let her slip out.

No luck.

She was going back in age to her first stages of birth, and was going to be in me for another nine months until I gave birth again!

I sobbed a little bit, but then I thought of what an oppertunity this was. Not only did I get all of those 13 years back, but now I had my hot body again - to impress another man to have in my life - and now I could teach Kir- er, Ralts - to be a more respectful child.

I smiled into the mirror and took my shower, letting the hot water relax me and getting me ready for my massively-needed do-over from Arceus himself!


I finished laughing as I recalled my un-birthing experience from two months prior to my friend Lopunny, who now had three Bunearys of her own. She laughed and said that she might need to copy me, despite my warnings that I might have been special in my ability to do what I did, and poked my belly - now fitted with a 7-month-old Ralts. Seemed that even though I had gone back 13 years in a day, she would still take 9 months to get to her starting point, then take 9 months to re-grow like normal.

I looked at an onlooking Eelektross, who quickly looked away in embarrassment. I smirked, told Lopunny 'good luck' and made my move towards the sleek eel boy, hopefull for my future, and that of Ralts's.

~Story End

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Posted by XmanxGhost 1 year ago Report

Lopunny next??

[ Reply ]


Posted by Zeeza 1 year ago Report

Perhaps in another Patreon Reward or maybe just randomly ;3

[ Reply ]


Posted by Apostolos 1 year ago Report

Hmm nice, bit difficult to read the image text so the expanded story was a relief

[ Reply ]


Posted by Zeeza 1 year ago Report

Sorry, I noticed after I was done that I'd chosen the worst colors for them X3X

[ Reply ]


Posted by Thatvikingguy 1 year ago Report

This concept of an mother putting her child back is just the best

[ Reply ]


Posted by Zeeza 1 year ago Report

Why thank you, but thank  niceguy18, it was his idea :3

[ Reply ]