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Fresh Prey 2: Trapped By SVWriter -- Report

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Tania rushed into the small chapel, before slamming the door behind her, and throwing the heavy wooden beam down to lock it, as she backed away slowly. She covered her mouth and nose, as she struggled to control her breathing. Tears were running down her face, from sadness and sheer terror.
It was coming for her. She didn't know what it was. It looked like a woman, but it wasn't human. She didn't know why it was hunting her. Hunting them all. The entire town. No matter which way she ran, it was always there... Eating someone. Friends. Strangers. It didn't matter who. In front of the monster, they were all Prey.

She could hear everything. It's heavy footsteps. The deep breaths of pleasure that it let out as it ate someone. The vague screams of knights and mercenaries as they tried to fight it.
Tried and failed.

Nothing could stop it. It's hunger seemed bottomless. No matter what they did, they could only run. And even then... There was no guarantee of escape.

Tania glanced back and stared around the small stone room. There were no windows. Several oil lamps lined the wall, but only a single one was burning, illuminating the room in a dim, flickering light. She tugged at her robes, absently as she hesitantly moved towards the front of the room, away from the door. She didn't know why this was happening... This was a good town. Good People... They prayed to god... They were kind and respectful... Why was this... Her eyes widened. No... This was punishment. The ones being punished were the wicked and foolish. Of course, that was the only explanation!! Then she... She had to...

She swallowed and fell to her knees, clasping her hands in prayer. She was confident in her survival now. She had given herself to God from a young age. She had left her foolish farming family for God. She knew her beliefs were strong. She knew she was good. Her Beliefs would protect her. God would protect her... Surely, if anyone in this town would be protected, she would-

A heavy crash rang out, and the wall of the chapel shattered as something ran through it, with the force of a cannonball. She felt herself being knocked down by the shock-wave. Several lamps clattered to the floor, spilling their oils, which ignited into a spiraling blaze, that almost touched the ceiling. Dust flew the damp air, and gradually settled to the floor. Tania coughed weakly, before glancing back, and her eyes widened with terror.

The Monster was here... Crouching awkwardly on one knee, It's terrible belly, squirming softly, as Living people struggled to escape the fleshy dungeon. It's almost nude, wet body was covered in small scratches and dust, sticking due to the rain. It's face was blank and unflinching as it raised it's head and sniffed the air, softly.

Then it's neck twisted with inhuman grace and it stared at Tania. And Its blank expression morphed into a dark grin of Joy and Hunger. Before she could react, it reached down and grabbed her exposed ankle, causing her to cry out in pain. And slowly, it began to drag her back towards it. Tania struggled weakly, flailing around, trying to grab something, as she screamed, "N-No!! P-Please!!"
Ignoring her sharp protests, It reached over with it's other hand and gripped the scruff of Tania's robe and gently lifted her up, until she was at eye-level with it. She swallowed tears streaming from her eyes before begging, "Please... I... I don't want to be..."

She didn't want to die... Not like this... Not alone... Not as Food....

It's grin didn't falter for a second, as it's mouth opened and it shoved Tania's legs into it's mouth. Tania screamed, and tried to pull her legs out, but she could fight the terrible sucking, as it swallowed her slowly. Oh god... It was so warm... it's breath smelled of raw flesh and blood... It continued to push her deeper, slowly. Tania desperately tried to fight, using her hands to try pushing her body out, but it was like she was caught in the gravity of some inescapble force.
She felt her arms slip, and her body fell deeper into it's gullet. She was so scared... Her waist had just been sucked down it's throat... She couldn't grab onto anything in her position. She was...

Tania felt her voice blubber out soft, as she struggled weakly.

"S-Someone... H-Help me... G-God... D-Daddy... M-MAMA!!"

Her eyes widened. Her family.
Her Mother...
Her Father...

She recalled their kind faces, even as she left them. She missed them so much... She didn't care about praying... She wanted her family again... She hated leaving them. She wanted to see them again. She wanted to play with them. Eat with them. Sit with them... She hated leaving them for stupid beliefs... She wanted... She...

Her head was it's mouth now,and as her arms continued to grasp weakly at the open air, Tania opened her mouth and screamed.



It was quiet again.
Those twitching arms feel nice in my mouth... There are only the soft muffled cries from my belly now... Delicous wails of pain... and sorrow...
Those arms are gone now... My belly feels nice and full... But I'm still hungry... I want to be more full... I want to eat MORE...
I turn, walking back into the rain... I can hear them. Smell them. So much Fresh Prey... I'm so hungry... They can't get away.

They're all...


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Sorry for the long story!! :p

Hope y'all still enjoyed it!!

Until the Next!

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Something about crying prey tickles me