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Monkeyboy and Bioroids [by Lycanthrope-Bata] By Malus -- Report

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This is a depiction of one of my monkeyboy character, drawn by my friend Lycanthrope-Bata as a birthday present.^^

My monkeyboys hail from a species with a rather peculiar sexual dimorphism that gives males of the species a very pleasant scent and aroma to pretty much all predators, while females on the other hand smell distinctly unpleasant to almost all predators of their jungle homelands.
Adolescent males leave their birth groups and form large bands of randy bachelors, who spend a lot of time fucking - or preferably getting fucked by other more masculine species.
Their strong sex drive and attraction to males of predatory species make sure that selection is quite tough. Only a small percentage of them survive to full adulthood when they start to get interested in the opposite sex (at least some of them), but all the rest provide a large part of the diet of the predators of the jungle.

Unsurprisingly, most of them adopt a rather happy go lucky attitude, knowing they are meant to be eaten anyway and thus might as well enjoy themselves until then.
And this of course makes them a rather nice choice for a predator. They are easily fuckable, highly likely to take just a little coaxing or overpowering to happily submit to their predators and on top of that, they have a wonderful taste that gets only better when they are soaked in sweat and cum.

In this case, one of them has been caught by (or given to?) Litola and Tiger, two of my friends Bioroid characters, and they are having a bit of fun before making a nice meal of this (un)fortunate monkeyboy.

And yes, they will chew - but they at least are making sure he is going out in a (post)orgasmic haze of ecstasy.

My "big bro"  cvbeast has used one of them as a prey in a story he did for me, set in a slightly less feral world, which you can find here!

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Posted by zidanes123 2 years ago Report

Very hot


Posted by Malus 2 years ago Report

...would you want to be the next meal for those two, or rather have a bit of squirming monkeyboy for yourself?^^


Posted by zidanes123 2 years ago Report

I honestly have a bigger hard on at being the prey.


Posted by Readasaur 2 years ago Report

So who are the monkeybois who usually survive the natural selection process?
What traits enable them to avoid getting eaten, and thus are passed on?


Posted by Malus 2 years ago Report

Intelligence, good sensory perception, the usual mix of health and nimbleness...
Alas, they seem to have a real hard time evolving any kind of impulse control...;-)

Oh, given that sometimes very few monkey boys have to father many offspring, they alas cannot really get out of the high sex drive and ability to reach orgasms in quick succession thing, which is exactly what gives them a hard time avoiding their fate as prey.


Posted by dragonkingdc 2 years ago Report

awesome i want one :)


Posted by Malus 2 years ago Report

Oh,there are plenty, just catch the next one and, well, if you end up having him digested and disposed off, you can always get another.;-)