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Clean Prey By Scaylid00d -- Report

It's said that most household accidents happen in the kitchen, and the bathroom. A lesser-known fact is that most of those accidents involve a person somehow being eaten whole and/or digested alive! >:3

This girl made the mistake of spending just a LITTLE too much time in her shower~

She made her supple presence known to one of the many hungry creatures that lurk our plumbing every day. The embarrassing toys she leaves strewn among her shampoos and soaps, might explain why she's in here for so long... ❤

Whatever the case, her carelessness has made her wormfood o//_//o Soon there'll be little more than a creamy wad of bones sloshing around the inside of this plump worm, and thanks to its translucent gel-like body, it'll all be visible from the outside~

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

Translucent predators are the best! Hopefully someone comes along soon to record her as she melts <3


Posted by SeekGr 2 years ago Report

I wonder if the worm has to come out, or sucks her into the tube lol
I mean if it has to


Posted by doomfister 2 years ago Report

nice and slick with steamy water, all the easier to slide down a ravenous gullet.


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

I cant belive how much I love your art ;3; You allways hit the mark v.v


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

I picture like this I would kill for a follow up >~>


Posted by TheVoreyeur 2 years ago Report

It could at least swallow a few of those aforementioned toys to keep her company for the short remainder of her life X:


Posted by Allard-Liao 2 years ago Report

But we wouldn't want it to be harmed by all those nasty synthetic materials...


Posted by Allard-Liao 2 years ago Report

Also, she's having plenty of pleasure, as it is.


Posted by ABrinson27 2 years ago Report

Oh my what a pleasurable end


Posted by Siege 2 years ago Report

Girls being eaten mid-shower is always a classic.

I just imagine the worm leaving the house and going down the street and everyone seeing it's tasty treat inside. Probably enjoying a climax or two, nothing like a little insult to ingestion.


Posted by VeryBatty 2 years ago Report

This turned out REAL good... I love the subtle shading on the girl and the rings of the worm give it good v o l u m e ... woof


Posted by Sharue 2 years ago Report

Reminds me of the shower work I did a while ago.


Posted by RandomSpectator 2 years ago Report

That girl should have been fingering herself in that worm.


Posted by arishi 2 years ago Report

Great stuff as usual, loaded with style and character. It would be great to see her as a nice pile of bones inside or outside of the worm.


Posted by Tarzanwilde 2 years ago Report

her erotic little nipple rings didn't help much. Hopefully they gave her a little stimulation as the worm ingested her beautiful big breasted body!


Posted by DarkPinkie 2 years ago Report

I just noticed something I didn't the first time I saw this that also have not been commented on yet: Did she use her finger to make a heart shaped groove in her soap?


Posted by Anutae 2 years ago Report

Mmm, another translucent predator! Those aren't done enough... there's something wonderfully exciting knowing someone can watch every moment of your digestion, and you in turn can see them enjoy watching you melt away~


Posted by VorishFoxie 1 year ago Report

Oh heck I love this so very much <3 shower vore stuff is so good, you did amazing! ^^


Posted by Mokii 1 year ago Report

Oh this is amazing. I absolutly love sitiuations where prey get eaten due to masturbating or playing with toys, ect, and not seeing the pred coming. Or, in this case, spending all the time in the shower actually caused the hungry worm to come gunning for her.

Love her facial expression too. The worm seems satisfied with all those little hearts as well. My only question is if she was able to get off or not before the worm got her :P


Posted by Mokii 9 months ago Report

Your asphyxiation faces are perfect