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The Interview (page 1) By JamCat

Page 1! Whooo


This comic will feature a lot of graphic stuff (non-sex related) All vore-related.
• We're talking internal camera
• graphic digestion
• bones
• scat

the whole 9 yards....of kitsune GI >:3

Ryla belongs to  CassyInko
Marty belongs to  Martyr
Kitty belongs to me :iconJamCa

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Posted by dpZ1234 3 months ago

Hey you know the saying go big or go home am I right


Posted by JamCat 2 months ago

hehe, true that!


Posted by jazzyboy12 3 months ago

There gonna be gas in this?


Posted by JamCat 2 months ago

possibly. We will see X3


Posted by martyr 3 months ago

This is coming out sooooo good! <3
It was really cool to see these pages come together so quickly, too!


Posted by JamCat 2 months ago

heheh, ty dear XD

Hope to keep up the pace and get things done faster and better ^^


Posted by Kasra 3 months ago

BOTH your guesses were wrong, it was three!


Posted by JamCat 2 months ago

Oh dear, I don't think kitty can read that well XP


Posted by tgawsome 3 months ago

Mr. Mffff seems like a pretty swell and upstanding guy. I'm glad he volunteered for this and is in no way coerced or forced into this.


Posted by JamCat 2 months ago

The preceding program contained scenes of extreme vore and should be viewed by fans of prey and bellies alike.

Viewer enjoyment is advised.


Posted by Justsomeone 16 hours ago

Can't wait for the rest of this one in particular.