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Alex the Naga By InDepthLook -- Report

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All Alex has to do is catch and digest ONE human in order to pass her initiation and avoid exile. How hard could that be?

Okay, so this is a different story than the one's I usually write,in that it's a whopping 9,105 words (give or take)

It's got one main vore/unbirth scene in the beginning, as well as a few suggestive bits later on, so I'd understand if you're only here for the vore and you bolt afterwards, no hard feelings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you WOULD like to see more of Alex and Randy, I mean shoot, leave a comment saying so. I've got some ideas floating around for the two of them, so more stories (not this long of course) wouldn't be too difficult, and they'd be more vore-filled than this piece. But again, no hard feelings if you don't get through all nine thousand words, I wouldn't, lol.

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Posted by Zelda 1 year ago Report

Beautiful story, keep it up


Posted by lordamaterasu03 1 year ago Report

I Liked the story a lot, and would like to see more about these two.


Posted by TheTastefulGentlman 1 year ago Report

That was a sweet story, though it does leave me with some serious questions on how Nagas reproduce if their vaginas lead to a stomach.


Posted by InDepthLook 1 year ago Report

Thats the difference between procreation and lunch *finger guns* A naga's body (in this specific universe) knows the difference between a meal and reproductive dna, and responds accordingly. That's why he wasn't in any danger until her body started releasing the digestive fluid later in the process


Posted by TheTastefulGentlman 1 year ago Report

Interesting wonder what the exact triggers are. Mayhaps Randy will be safer in future 'encounters'.


Posted by InDepthLook 1 year ago Report

Basically, if one or more of her eggs isn't fertilized, whatever entered the body is broken down


Posted by DatPretzel 1 year ago Report

This is the first story I've managed to read all the way through. Well done. There are some typos and grammatical errors, but they are minor and not very noticeable. Overall, I enjoyed this story.


Posted by MechaSharkZilla 1 year ago Report

A naga vore story that ends happily? This is my jam! I hope Chris has a knot on her head for at LEAST 2 weeks after that.


Posted by mechspider 1 year ago Report

Will there be a part 2? Asking for a friend.


Posted by InDepthLook 1 year ago Report

As of now, I'm planning a part 2, but I'm not sure when it'll be completed, apologies!