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Ever since that day at the beach, Riley's life has never been the same, and it was all thanks to a girl named Lily. About a few months ago, Riley and Lily accidentally met each other at the beach, Lily's stomach was about the size of a beach ball because she swallowed a fish a little bit prior to their encounter. In fear of being seen, Lily swallowed Riley whole, leaving her to digest in her stomach. It wasn't until a few minutes later that Lily's parents returned from a nearby stand and Lily had to regurgitate her, forcing her to go hide in their car.
After a few days of hiding in Lily's closet, Lily bought a new house and made Riley her new maid/servant and forced her to keep her "power" a secret in exchange for food, water, living, and safety from her newly found hunger.
Almost every day since then, Lily had come home with another person that she would later swallow whole, which Riley was slowly beginning to like watching Lily swallow her prey whole and digesting them in front of her. The best part about it was that Lily never gained any weight. Riley would furiously masturbate to the thought of Lily and her stomach whenever she was able to take a shower, but she has never told Lily that she was into it.
Lily went out to go find a person to eat, giving Riley time to mess with herself, Riley was thinking back to the time where she was in Lily's stomach, remembering how hot and slimy it was inside her tight gut. Riley wanted to be inside her again, but didn't want to die yet either, perhaps she can make a deal with Lily?
Lily had returned home with a thin and slender girl, a rope around her mouth, and she looked unconscious. Lily looked at Riley and said "What, you got a problem?" in a way that sounded nice, but was probably meant to be rude "Not at all Lily..." "Alright, then can you let me eat my meal in peace without you staring at me?" "Yes Lily, I'm sorry Lily". Riley walked around the corner but was able to watch her because of a mirror in the room.
Lily put the woman's head in her mouth and began to swallow, she was a lot stronger since she practically swallowed people whole on a daily basis and actually swallowed a lot of the woman in a single gulp, Lily got to her stomach and looked extremely pleased. Riley's hand was slowly moving towards her vagina, she wanted to masturbate so badly, but was unable to because if she was caught by Lily then she would have to explain everything to her about her fetish.
Lily swallowed slowly because she wanted to be able to taste the best part, the woman finally woke up, completely powerless and unaware of what was happening right now. Lily stuck her tongue inside the woman's vagina, she knew that she liked it because she felt the vibrations of the woman's moans inside her throat. Lily was rubbing her tongue in circles over and over, until she tasted something sweet coming out of the woman's vagina, signalling her that she can now gulp down the rest of that woman.
Her powerful stomach was making room for the woman, by stretching outwards, so the woman can fill her belly up. Lily swallowed her again, leaving only her feet outside of Lily's body. Lily didn't want to take too long, so she pushed the feet inside her mouth and let out an audible gulp. Riley was watching the whole thing and hadn't noticed that she mindlessly walked over to watch Lily "*UUUURRAAAPPHH* ugh... something wrong?" Lily said.
Riley froze for a second, she wanted to be inside Lily so badly, but she didn't want to die either. There was no way she could tell Lily that she had a vore fetish, Lily would swallow her up whole if she said that, but what other choice did she have. "Lily!" Riley said as she proudly stood up, "I Have a vore fetish!" then, there was a moment of silence.
"You have a what?" "A vore fetish! I... like to watch you eat people..." "Ohh~ I see... So, does that mean you're into THIS!" Lily said as she trusted her huge gut onto Riley, forcing her into the wall behind her. Riley was struggling to breath since Lily's massive belly had forced the air out of her, but she managed to say this "Yeah...".
There was another moment of silence, Riley was beet red and was too embarrassed to say anything else while Lily was thinking to herself. Lily took a few steps back so Riley could breath again, Riley was about to run away when Lily said "So... if you have this vore fetish, then why didn't you tell me about it?" "Well... I kind of thought you would've eaten me if I did..." "What? I would never do that to you, you're like a friend, I might actually be a little upset if I digested you." "So.. you're not upset with me and my fetish?" "Not at all, just don't stare at me all the time." "Ok...".
A few weeks went past and Lily was starting to gain some weight, she still had an hourglass figure and a slim stomach despite the amount of people she ate, but her cute ass was starting to grow a lot. It would jiggle a lot when she jumped or ran. Riley was loving Lily's new additions and was thinking about if there was a different way for Lily to eat people.
Lily came home, but didn't have a person with her, which was a strange thing for her to do. "Why don' you have a guest with you today?" "I had an idea..." "What kind of ide-ah!". Lily grabbed Riley by the arms and dragged her to the bathroom, Riley was a mix of fear and worry filled her mind as Lily dragged her along.
Once they got to the bathroom, Lily locked the door, closed the blinds, and started to take her clothes off. "U-uh Lily w-what are you doing!" "Trying something!" "Like what!". There was a moment of silence while Lily was finishing undressing and once she finished she got onto her knees and shoved her huge jiggly ass in the air.
Her anus was opening up to the size of a baseball. Riley looked amazed, she had never seen Lily naked until now, and it was amazing. Lily noticed that Riley was gawking at her huge anus and said "What?... I gotta pass the time somehow~" in a seductive voice. "Ok! Now climb on in!" "What!" Lily was starting to realize that Riley had no idea what she was doing, so Lily stood back up and started to explain.
"So, you know how I went to the supermarket a few days ago?" "Yeah." "Well on my way back home some little kid ran behind me and smacked my ass. I was going to eat him when one of his friends pushed me back, and I landed right on him. The kid ended up going right through my pants and panties, and then right up into my ass." "What...?" "Yeah, felt pretty good too, but the thing was, he didn't digest. I actually had to go home, push him out, and then eat him." "Really...?" "Yeah, and you did want to be eaten but not digested right?" "Well.... yeah, kinda..." "Then why not try now? I won't be able to digest you so..." "Wait, do you actually want me to go in your ass?" "Well, yeah. It feels really good and you do wanna be inside this don't you~" Lily said as she seductively swayed her body back and forth.
Riley was considering her options, and there weren't many of them. She could either go along with Lily's plan and hope she survives, or she could deny her and probably make Lily upset. Riley realized that she had to go with option one so she looked over at Lily and said "Lily, I'll do it..." "Good choice Riley."
Lily walked closer to Riley and turned around "Riley, if you would be a dear could you kneel down so I have a good seat~" Riley did as she was told, she got onto her knees, and moved her head over to Lily's big ass. Lily slowly spread her chubby cheeks apart, revealing her once again, very big asshole. Riley looked up, only for her face to go right into Lily's butthole "Oh my!~ You want to get in here badly don't you~" Lily said as she sat down on Rileys head.
When Lily took a seat onto Riley's head, she felt pretty good as Riley's head was pushed into her wet and sticky intestines. Riley looked around at the hot sticky walls of Lily's insides and was extremely turned on, her stomach may have been really sexy, but this was a million times better.
Riley was relaxing in the warmth and squishyness of Lily when she felt her body beginning to get pulled in further, it was slow at first because her shoulders had to get in, but after that it was pretty quick. Lily made it down to Riley's waist in a matter of seconds. Riley's waist was almost as hard to get in as the shoulders because Riley had wide hips just like Lily.
Just like when she was first eaten, Riley was forced into a fetal position inside the warmth of Lily's ass, Riley was squirming around as much as she could so she could get Lily to moan... it wasn't that hard either. Lily was laying on her back after she tucked Riley's feet into her anus, feeling her huge gut move and slosh around. Lily felt Riley start to squirm and began moaning a lot more than when she would masturbate, Lily moved her hand over to her pussy and began to shove her fingers in and out at a rapid pace.
She moaned out in pleasure when Riley would hit her in her G spot which made her get extremely close to an orgasm, but not close enough. "Come on! Is that all you've got!" Lily screamed as she watched her large stomach thrash around on top of her, "I'm not even going full strength!" Riley replied as she began thrashing as hard as she could. Lily was moving her hand as fast as she could and finally came, she hasn't felt a thing like it, Riley stopped thrashing as she ran out of breath, and both became exhausted from all the work they did.
Lily placed a hand on her big belly and said "You know... we should do this more often." "Yeah... we should." Riley replied. A few hours had past and Lily was still on the floor, too tired to get up "Hey... *yawn* can I let you out tomorrow?" "Yes, please." Riley knew it was safe within her intestines so she didn't have to worry about dying this time.
Lily had just fallen asleep, leaving Riley alone in the warmth of Lily's ass, and right before Riley fell asleep she said "I love you Lily..."
The End
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Riley By Blakesnorf

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Sorry this one was so late. I was swamped in school stuff and was in trouble with some personal stuff.
I hope you like this story! I might've rushed it a little bit but I still think it's good. Also this is a part 2 of Lily's Fishing Trip.

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Posted by Blakesnorf 2 months ago

I think this is my first Anal vore story so I hope you guys like it! It kinda has an open ending but I'll make a part 3 sometime in the near future. I hope you like it!


Posted by Apostolos 2 months ago

Maybe part three can be a unbirth one a bit further along where they’ve been playing around as if a riley filled belly is a maternity one, and they want to test if she can actually get pregnant from putting someone in there


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 2 months ago

"You're like a friend to me" ouch Lily. That was pretty cold, although I feel like it wasn't meant to be that way. Could be wrong, great story anyways, love it


Posted by Blakesnorf 2 months ago

I didn't know which way to take that part. I wanted it to sound like she did care, just didn't want to show it. But since I never specified, it can be whatever you guys want it to. Also, I'm glad you like the story!


Posted by JohnnyB 2 months ago

honestly this is pretty fucking ideal
>god i wish that wer me


Posted by Blakesnorf 2 months ago

I'm glad you like it!


Posted by Jareix 2 months ago

Personally, I really love it when a pred and prey get attached to one another, especially if the pred could digest them but does not. Keep up the good work! Nice job on the anal vore by the way! Only shame is that there ain't enough of it :P


Posted by Blakesnorf 2 months ago

I really love that too. I am also trying to work on more anal vore stories so I hope you'll like those!