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It was an early morning for our indigestible hero, Shiro Yukimura, however this particular morning was quite different. He laid back in his seat and looked out the window to see an endless blue sky, high above the clouds.
“Can you believe it, Shiro?” his twin sister, Suzumi, said to him ecstatically, “We’re going to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan!” She wriggled with excitement sitting in the seat across from him as he felt something fall onto his shoulder. He looked over to meet the sleeping face of his loving and quite sexy girlfriend, Yuuna, resting soundly on his shoulder. A warm smile appeared on his face as he gently stroked her long violet hair and wiped the little bit of drool from her cheek. His eyes steadily drifted to the opening in her shirt which lets him catch a glimpse of her bountiful cleavage. He couldn’t help but peer into the soft cavern of flesh and let his imagination run wild. Unconsciously, his hand slowly reached to touch the girl’s ample bosom, only to be interrupted by the obnoxious giggling smirk of his sister. “Oh, don’t mind me.” she teases. “Keep doing what you’re doing.” With that, he was overcome with embarrassment as he also looked over to see his female friends and acquaintance staring at him awkwardly from across the aisle.
“S-Suzumi’s right, Shiro,” Lily, his extremely tall classmate, said rather awkwardly, “don’t mind us…”
“So...bold!” Fiona, Lily’s strange and speech impaired best friend, said encouragingly. “Please....continue.”
“N-No! Shiro, you two should save that stuff for when you’re alone!” Rachael, his trusted friend, said worryingly.
Shiro with no one else, he turned to the fourth girl, Haruka, his long-time neighbor and childhood friend.
“...Pervert,” Haruka says rather irritated, severing eye contact. Shiro wallows in his embarrassing defeat as his friends laugh it off.
“Attention passengers, this is your pilot speaking.” the pilot said on the speaker, “we will be arriving at Yakitori airport shortly. Please prepare for our descent. Thank you for flying with us on Zenith airlines.” Shiro glanced out the window again to see the plane descending through the clouds. Below, he could see the vast urban jungle that was the city of Tokyo.
Once departed from the plane, Shiro and his friends were all mesmerized by the marvelous interior of the terminal. A new yet also familiar scent wafted through the air as the large group of high schoolers traveled through the crowded halls of Japan’s most infamous airport. It was also there that the junior and senior classes were divided. Shiro and Yuuna waved each other a temporary goodbye as their teachers assigned each of them into a group of six, three boys and three girls. Shiro’s group, chaperoned by Ms. Blazeheart, luckily was comprised of people he was familiar with in Lily Graz, Rachael Gordons, and Haruka Blossoms. The last two members of their group, however, were boys from his class but he never really talked to them.
On the bus taking them to the inn, Shiro stared out the window as the bus drove through the vibrant city of Tokyo. “Hey bro,” the boy next to him said, “you’re Shiro Yukimura the demon slayer, right?” Shiro turned around and recognized the boy as one of his group mates, but he couldn’t recall his name.
“Um, what was your name again?” Shiro asked.
“Seriously, dude? It’s Tsubaki! I sit right in front of you in class! I was there when the demon giant nearly made lunch out of that blue haired girl.”
Shiro thought back to that time. “Wait, you were there?”
“Yes! I just couldn’t let a girl like that become demon food so I was going to stand up and say something...until you pulled the ballsiest move I’ve ever seen.”
“So what’s the deal with you and Lily? Is she your girlfriend now or something?”
“No, it’s not like that! We’re just friends.”
“At least she acknowledges your existence. Must be nice to have not only Lily, but also that thicc girl and the new chick, Haruka following you around. On top of that, you’re somehow the favorite of all the pred teachers and I hear that you’re dating a supermodel’s daughter!”
“Well…” As true as everything he just said was, Shiro didn’t want to come across as someone who strings along multiple girls for his own enjoyment. He didn’t want to tell Tsubaki the truth nor did he want to lie. “I don’t know what you’ve heard, but the girls in our class are all just really good friends to me. Honest!”
“Whatever you say. Still,” Tsubaki continues, “must be nice to be surrounded by so many cute girls. I want a hot pred girlfriend too, ya know?”
Shiro chuckled as he understood the boy’s plight. The two kept talking for awhile before they finally reached the designated inn they would be staying for the next four days and three nights.
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Here it is! "Delicacy of the Priestess" is finally out with its first chapter. This one's pretty short for an intro, but not every chapter will be the same length.

This story will feature nearly every established character in the series so far as well as many new and possibly recurring characters. Some chapters will be side stories following characters like Yuuna, Suzumi, and even an unexpected guest as they experience Japan through their own unique perspectives.

Note: Lily Graz by this story has developed significantly since her last appearance in "The Bully's Return". Months have passed and in the span of two stories (which are still works in progress and nowhere near completion), Lily has become Shiro's trusted friend and rekindled some of her friendship with Rachael Gordons.


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