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Zombie Clams 20 By Riraito

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Five of Violet’s other children walked through the front door of the home, having finished their day at scout school. They were chatting about the morrow’s events to come. Sophia smiled brilliantly as she chided Jessica over her test scores that day. “Another bad day like that and the teacher will be feeding you to that Man-trap they’re bringing in next week.”
“Nuh-uh - Wendy’s got worse scores than me… She’s the one who’s gonna be pissing herself as it Eats her up.
Charlotte piped up “Is not”
Amy retorted - “Is too.. She’s a dumb-dumb. She’s gonna get swallowed and digested.”
Lilly laughed loudly as the rest of her sisters gossiped about their siblings and class.

None of them saw it coming., none of them saw the three Clam Zombies waiting behind the door with Clans waiting in their hands.
Jessica, Charlotte and Amy were the first to get it; Zombie Clams wrapping around their unaware little heads. Their flat chests heaved as the Clams began to digest them, liquifying their flesh The three sisters made cute little squeaks and squeals as they shivered and crapped themselves. Three Nervejacks punched into their necks and the girl became agitated further, rocking their slim hips and waving their small hands. Then they were still, and their screaming began in earnest.

Sophie tried to get away, but was grabbed immediately , and the zombie that used to be her little sister Wendy, reached up and wrapped a fresh.Bivalve over the back of her head.
“Noooooooooooooooaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa,,,!!!!” she wailed as it crawled up to devour her.

Lilly almost managed to get away… almost… But her mother managed to throw a Clam onto her back.
“No, No< No. Nononononononono… GET IT OFF MEEEE!!!” she shrieks as it weakly crawls up and envelops her face. The nervejack slowly works its way into her spine.
The Zombie Clam finally envelops her entirely and splatters the top of her head with digestive juices.which drip down. As the pain begins to assail her, she can feel her asshole widen involuntarily and the contents of her bowels evacuate wetly. Then she pisses herself, dishonouring the memory of her ancestors.

Five sisters sizzle and boil in the tiny containers… Then with one last spasm, they all die. Little Lilly goes last, and when there’s only a brainless skull in a pool of stomach acid… Her body gets up and moves on without her.

You can do your part for the war against the Clams.. You can purchase your monthly Warbonds at
Every dollar means another dead Clam.

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