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Poppy's new ult By VoreGloreX4

Uploaded: 2 months ago

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Like Nidalee, Poppy also seems to have received an upgraded version of Wild Growth. Having fallen victim to far too many of Caitlyn's delicious Yordle Snap Traps, Poppy has decided to take a special form of revenge on the Piltover sniper

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Posted by POPObro 2 months ago

poppy got THIC boiiiiiiiiiiii!


Posted by Horoble 2 months ago

Wow, this is really my lucky day! The day I've chosen to start commenting is also the day of a new upload, that's pretty cool in my books! I guess that just means I'll have to hurry up and comment on the other pieces as well, aha. It's actually funny given how much gaming I do in my spare time, but I honestly have no knowledge of LoL being a console gamer (I'm super generic in terms of games like this, and almost only play overwatch and halo when I'm not paying a fighting game) and whatnot, but I think even without that, I have a pretty good idea of the concept itself. The prey here is some sort of trapper (or has a trapped base mechanic), and this is just a sort of fetish based "reversal"? Either way I do like it, and I have to say Poppy and Caitlyn do really seem to have some very nice designs, so even though I know nothing about them, they are very visually pleasing.

Moving on to the piece itself, the first thing that catches my eyes is actually the prey here, simply because to my recollection this is your first time trying to use the Prey in such a active/lively and interactive pose (Not to say others are a bad thing, I'm personally a huge fan of what I've grown to call your "rumpception". You'll have to forgive the joke there, it looks like I've... asscended...). The idea here to put her into this position Ii feel was a great one, and have to ask if this was just something you did on a whim, or if it's something more long the lines of you trying to practice? I think it's safe to say that everything from the waist chest own you did an amazing job at, and I can't really find any fault with that. Moving up ever so slightly, I think one point here I can focus on is her arms, or rather, arm. At first I thought that the left arm looked a little off, but after doing some silly arm poses I've found it to be incredibly accurate posture/length/positioning wise, so fantastic job there! Going off of that however, I think maybe her lower arm is slightly too large, as it matches the width of her upper arm well it's compressed in the way it is. Having her hand grip her cheek was a nice touch as well, as you've done it before for sure, but here it really does show off a level of depth that other pieces hadn't highlighted to this extent, so again, amazing job! Her expression is spot on as well, accurately giving off a really nice feel for both struggle/resistance, as well as panic. I think one thing I can add here is although she looks amazing, I would suggest that maybe it's worth adding effect's to both parties hair if it's going to be as evident as it is in a piece like this. I say that because even though it's still amazingly done via the lining, when you have everything touched with effects, a prominent part that catches peoples attention is the part's that aren't, if that makes any sense. All in all she does look fantastic though, and she did turn out to be a really excellent part of the piece, you've really outdone yourself here!

Moving on to other side of this coin, you have Poppy. I would have to double check, but to my memory, this is your first time doing a posture like this, and I really like the outcome! The anatomy itself is perfect. Focusing on her lower half (Aren't we all?), I like what you've done here with her lifting her leg and whatnot. The posture itself is very complementary to the prey here who's clinging to the other cheek, and really helps to really draw attention to the scene taking place here. In terms of implementation it couldn't have been better either, making note of how she isn't standing straight, angling her thigh in the direction her body itself is facing showing it off well staying true to the perspective. Moving on to her face, (New drinking game idea, every time I point out seeing something new we take a shot!), I've noticed you've done something subtle and new here, blending and overlapping her facial features like her eyes and eyebrows with her hair rather then throwing them beneath them (or on top in the eye brows case), and it's honestly a nice touch, as it really complements your art style! Her hair itself is looking gorgeous and isn't lacking detail, nor is it buried in detail either, hitting a nice sort of middle ground that you seem to always hit! The lips themselves are gorgeous, and as always, your eyes are incredible in every right, it honestly amazes me how much detail you but into them! The smug expression you've gone for here on Poppy really translates through well as well, and it goes to really just complement the piece! Shading and lighting is incredible, and everything seems to be where it should be, really complementing her curves and edges (I swear I don't mean that in a dirty way, there's no right way to word this) as the lighting/reflecting matches pace with the lining and sticking close to the edges, and the shading covers the lining like a hawk well following what the normal anatomy should be when breaking away from that. That being said, it was also pretty nice to see you implement two separate layers of shading, as it really provided more depth to the picture.

All in all this really comes off to me as a experimental piece, as it turned out amazing, but it had a lot of new things that you haven't really implemented too often if at all before. You did an amazing job on it, and I was very impressed. Keep up all of the great work, I really do look forward to seeing more pieces like this from you, be it trying new things or just general improvement, I can't wait!


Posted by maxpayne98 2 months ago

Love it


Posted by DraconicKitsune 2 months ago

daym dat booty!