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 From a glance Alice looked heavily pregnant. Her stomach shot straight out where her ribs ended, making a taught, bulbous, and round gut in front of her. She looked pregnant, but she wasn't pregnant at all. It wasn't fat either. In fact she would have a very thin waist if it wasn't for her stomach. The only place on her body that seemed to store fat was her hips and tits. Slender arms, pretty face, delicate hands and neck, soft milky skin, and strong thighs, ass, and back to support that forward weight. Her hair was black and straight, and her breasts were a perfect C cup that hung close to her big belly. The big belly was distended with lunch. A very big lunch. Which she packed and packed past her hungry lips and down into her bottomless pit. There was nothing that Alice loved more than her gargantuan belly. The space it took up delighted her, its hefty weight pleased her, and its drum like tautness excited her. No one thought she was a freak, only a pregnant woman with an appetite, but the fact was that her belly was only home to food. She had been like this for half a year now, voraciously eating her weight every day. She wasn't even hungry, only lustful to push her stomach out even further.
  Alice loved dinner dates. They were her perfect evening and she would try to go on one as often as she could. She would eat herself to bursting and then have sex. Her favourite position was on top, riding cowgirl with her pumped up belly either slapping or smothering her mate as she rode. The feeling of her exaggerated form dominating her partner brought her ecstasy and many orgasms.
  Alice worked as a swim instructor. She would teach children to swim, lead elders and pregnant women in aqua aerobics. Sometimes after her classes she would take some time and float on her back around the pool. Her buoyant tummy made her look like a human iceberg as she drifted through the deep end. She listened to the sounds of the pool and the few people still in the building. The sounds of families gathering their children to leave, swimmers doing their final laps, and a young boy playing on the diving board before his parents came to pick him up from class.
  A nice relaxing dip after a day of yelling at kids and to-be-moms. She thought about her day, thought about life, and as her hands drifted to her stomach, she thought about food. She wanted it bigger, so much bigger. So big she couldn't touch all of it. So big she would completely cover a partner while on top. So big th- Pain, she felt pain and rushing water around her. What happened? Something hit her, pushed her entire body under water. Her stomach and throat hurt so much. Her eyes were open, but all she saw were bubbles. She tried swimming up but something was pulling her down. She swam as hard as she could and then finally broke the surface. She gasped for air and looked around for someone, but no one was there. She hefted herself to the edge, which seemed to be more difficult then before. Just as she was about to reach the edge of the pool she felt her stomach hit something and she was held from the edge. She swam and turned and back peddled her way to the lip. She then realized why her stomach hurt so much. It was huge. Her eyes went wide and started to look around at what might have caused this. She looked where she had drifted, then up to see a diving board. She frantically spun around looking for the little boy that had been playing, but she didn't see him anywhere. Her eyes then rested on her massive tummy, spread out in front of her. It didn't look like it could... it couldn't possibly... its so big though. No, there was no way, it had to be water... but then what hit her? She looked down at the bottom of the pool. Nothing there. And then she felt it. A kick from inside her belly. She was awe struck, not knowing how to process what had happened. She stared at it, floating in front of her, an orb the size and shape of a yoga ball. Her hand slowly extended to it and her fingers touched it. She felt terrible, that little boy stuck inside of her. She felt sick, dizzy, because while that entire other life squirmed in vain inside her she loved it. It was more than she even thought she wanted. To be so big, to be so dominating. She looked around, no one was staring at her, no one knew what happened. She slowly lifted her butt onto the edge, her belly still in the water. It was so big. Alice started doubting how she was going to get out of here without help. She inched her way back, pulling her rotund front with her. She got it out if the pool, now for the tricky part, standing. She got into a squatting position, leaned back, and lifted with all her might. She didn't think it was possible, but she did it. Hoisted herself up and it wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. It seemed to her, that her body was made to carry things in her stomach. She bit her lip in a smile while she leaned back to support it, her hands rubbing the sides of what she could reach. She snapped back to reality, looked around and made for the changing rooms to get her things. She was slow at first, but soon found how to carry her new weight and was moving with ease. Her pace increased as she passed the lap swimmers. She saddled up to the first corner, trying carefully not to be seen. She poked her eyes around the corner and saw no one, so she darted down to the women's change room. There were two women in the room, but with careful hearing and rounding of the walls of lockers she stayed out of sight. She had her things, but no time to change and so headed for the door and then the emergency exit. She made it to her car which she thankfully parked right next to the exit. She got into the car but found it quite tight. She adjusted the steering wheel and seat, then was on her way. She had a dinner date tonight, and she was going to stuff herself silly.
  She had made it home, had changed into a hip-hugging maxi skirt, crop top, and some high heeled shoes. She did up her hair, purposefully rubbing her big belly against every counter and door frame, though she didn't need to try. Putting on her shoes were a lot of fun for her. Pushing herself right up against her giant stomach, struggling to do basic things past her big belly. After her make up she was ready. She waddled out to her car and headed to the restaurant. Her giant belly was completely exposed, and although she probably had a dress to cover it, there was no sense in trying to hide it. Besides, she was very proud of such a big gut.
  She did what she said she would and stuffed herself silly. She had to sit sideways at the table as her tummy wouldn't allow her to get too close. she had never eaten so much. Her belly didn't grow much, but Alice could feel it and it felt great. Now it was time for her favourite part: after meal sex. He seemed more than eager. When they finally got to his house they promptly started making out. He was cute, strong looking, and young. Younger than her anyway. They made their way to his couch and fell on it together, her leading and him pushed to the side of her belly. She whipped off her shirt and bra, her big glorious D cup breasts exposed. Wait, did they grow? His shirt was off and he was ripped. They kissed and kissed and he helped her out of her skirt and underwear. "Hey why don't you stay down there for a little bit?" She said more than asked. She didn't know his expression as he was hidden by her gigantic belly. But she knew his answer as she felt his mouth and tongue begin to play with her lady bits. After several minutes of fun she quivered and gasped in ecstasy as she caressed her big belly. He stood up and she could hear his belt coming undone past her orb. "Oh god, can I be on top?" She said gasping. "Oh, definitely." He replied. She stood up hanging her belly over the couch as he slipped underneath it. She felt so big, so powerful, so dominating. She hopped on top of him and quickly began riding his very stiff cock. She rode and rode, hopping on his dick while he clung and rubbed her gigantic gut. It felt so amazing so powerful. She kept going and going, faster and faster. It didn't take long for her to forget to give him time for air as she used her belly as a pivot point on his upper body. After a little while his arms fell to his sides, but she barely noticed and kept going. His dick was still stiff and her belly was still large, and that’s all she cared about. She kept going for a few more minutes and climaxed again. She slowed and sat up, taking a minute to breathe. She then noticed he wasn't moving. She got off of him and looked over him. She felt dizzy again, sick and delighted. She suffocated a man in sex accidentally because her midsection was too big. She shivered with delight at the thought. Then she thought of the little boy, and how big he made her. She wondered if she could do it again.
  His house had two floors, so she hauled his body up the stairs and hung his body over the rail. She tied a rope to him and stood underneath. She was excited and scared he might crush her, but the reward out weighed the risk in her mind by a mile. So she opened her mouth as wide as she could and tugged. He fell. Straight down her throat past her hungry lips. It took her a moment, and her stretched stomach hurt a little at first, but she did it. It was even bigger. Bigger than she could ever imagine. Almost as tall as she was as it rested on the floor. It felt amazing but she wasn't done. She hauled herself to the kitchen. Thank fully the door ways were double wide. She ate everything. emptied the fridge, the pantry, the cupboards, and finished off with her lips around the kitchen tap, taking a long drink.
  She dragged herself back into the living room and passed out on the couch. Her belly so enormous that it rested comfortably on the floor next to her. She slept naked, caressing her titanic tummy, thinking of food and yummy boys to eat, and how much bigger she could be. She slept until the morning. When she woke, she was shocked to find that her belly had shrunk. At least now she could squeeze through regular doorways and walk up stairs with only some struggle. Her belly was down to being a little bit bigger then after the pool incident. As she got up she noticed her breasts HAD grown, even more then last night. She cupped what she could with her hands and lifted them. They must be E cups at least.
  After feeling up her engorged breasts, her hands drifted to her ballooned belly. The skin still felt taught and she gave it a pat. She wanted it bigger. Bigger than it ever was.
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Wrote this a while ago, just finished cleaning it up. Not as raunchy as the rest of my stuff, but still quite sexual. Enjoy.

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Posted by HMDVore 4 years ago Report

a fun tale. would have liked to see more detailed digestion and maybe guilt for digesting a little boy.


Posted by DoniVores 4 years ago Report

The idea is the story is written in her perspective. She doesn't like digestion because it makes her tummy shrink, and therefore doesn't think about it, and she is too enamoured with her inflated gut to care for the kid. I'll think about those qualities for a different story though.


Posted by That1dude 3 years ago Report

Please make a sequel to this! Or at least another story with this feel. This is one of the best pieces I have seen and you did a fantastic job with it! Keep up the good work!


Posted by DoniVores 3 years ago Report

Thanks! What about it did you like?


Posted by That1dude 3 years ago Report

This is the only story I have read that the character just wants to be big, very big, and stuffs him/her self silly and doesn't know about vore but finds out on accident and feels guilty about it but loves how big it makes them. Their goal isn't to eat people to sate a hunger. Their goal is to get as big possible at any cost. Plus you brought quite a bit of character to the character in very little time. All in all it is a great story and very well written.


Posted by DoniVores 2 years ago Report

Wow! Sorry for the late reply, but that's really great to hear! I was really trying to describe people and places with as few words as possible, and it's great to hear I was able to do that with Alice.

And yeah, I was tired of the "me hungry, me eat you" stuff. Vore is something else besides being hungry, which to be honest sounds uncomfortable.

Hope you are around when I release something.