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So Tight, So Good By Rac0r

Hey-ya! Found some free time and I was able to put together something I've wanted to draw for a while now, Hinata as pred! So here's some of that. TAKE THAT!! x)

Fine days to ya all!!

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Posted by SenpaiVore 5 months ago

Love it. Is it safe to assume Sakura, Tenten, Ino, Hanabi, Temenari and whoever else might be in there


Posted by Rac0r 5 months ago

I'll keep that vague for now, I'll be saving them for future noms x)


Posted by SenpaiVore 4 months ago

Can't wait to see them then. Good job.


Posted by smog1 5 months ago

This is beautiful and sexy :D


Posted by ZRex030 5 months ago

Praise be!


Posted by Handsomekingdedede 5 months ago

Mmm~ lovely tight bulges~ though I really wanna see another with the head more detailed~ <3


Posted by Rac0r 5 months ago

Thank you! I am practicing to do more detailed bulges, so perhaps in the near future I'll get there :)


Posted by JohnnyF102 5 months ago

aw heck yeah i love how you make your bulges Rac0r..


Posted by IkazayimAkodon 5 months ago

I mean! She did earn the title of Queen of Gluttony in the anime XD


Posted by Rac0r 5 months ago

Oh really? Well then, I gotta keep using her more often >: )


Posted by IkazayimAkodon 5 months ago

I would love to see that~


Posted by Callen 5 months ago

very nice and good to see ya back again rac0r


Posted by Suneater 5 months ago

Great to see more from ya!


Posted by Whereaminow27 5 months ago

I was so beginning to believe you were dead ;P


Posted by Rac0r 5 months ago

Nope, not yet. Still kicking around :D


Posted by TheBastian 5 months ago

Looks fantastic! Amazing pic of one of my all-time fav preds~


Posted by keyblademark 5 months ago

This was perfectly done Racor, i was starting to miss ya ^_^


Posted by N7Slayer 5 months ago

Never cared much for Naruto but Hinata is definitely one of the cutest characters I ever did saw :D


Posted by Ilove 5 months ago

So happy to see works from you! It's always strange to me, maybe because i drew her way too much, but Hinata makes for such a great pred, even if she's so shy: i really can't figure out why :\


Posted by Flame14 4 months ago

I think it’s because she’s so shy. It makes her daily life dealing with her hunger all the more amusing to watch.


Posted by Ilove 4 months ago

Yeah! also because, she's shy, she makes for the perfect unwilling pred, it's so rare to see that scenario :\


Posted by Flame14 4 months ago

Or maybe she is a willing pred, but only when she’s hungry. I can see her being her natural self when she’s sated, but her shyness then becomes more of an act once her hunger starts to take the drivers seat. Then after eating she becomes more like what we see here only to return to normal after she mostly digests her meal, at least until she gets hungry again.


Posted by Demonking44 5 months ago

Aaaah, It is always good to see Hinata as the Pred.
Hopefully there will be post vore Hinata :3


Posted by pumkinpie44 5 months ago

Looks amazing!


Posted by DanzoLegend 5 months ago

There is never enough hinata vore!


Posted by darklord42 5 months ago

I would love to see a Samui as a pred


Posted by Nekochow 4 months ago

Nicely detailed bulges, looks like someone's getting an unwanted face full of boob in there.


Posted by NewRebellion 4 months ago

OH YEAH!!! There are just not enough of Hinata!Pred on this site! Everyone loves making her prey! THANK YOU for NOT doing that!!!


Posted by Flame14 4 months ago

So glad to see Hinata finally make it into your gallery. All hail the Queen of Gluttony!

Honestly I’m hoping that her little sister Hanabi caught Hinata in the act and is now curious to try eating people around her too. After all, if the older sibling does it then why wouldn’t the younger one want to try as well.

Hope to see many more Hinata pred pics from you as she looks absolutely gorgeous in all of her stuffed glory.


Posted by TruciiGram 4 months ago

The perfect mix of everything I've ever liked ever <3


Posted by Rawr534 4 months ago

This would look amazing as a cutaway to and maybe you can do more with her


Posted by BatmanandSon 4 months ago

Hinata is ninjae.


Posted by BlueIce 4 months ago

Man hinata always makes a great pred


Posted by JamCat 4 months ago

BEAUTIFUL WORK! Hinata vore is always nice to see <3


Posted by QuakeBeard 1 month ago

Wow im happy to be subscribed