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A cell hard at work By BobTheWeeb8 -- Report

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I've been watching cells at work and i love the biological aspects of the show and all the cute characters. I wanted to write a story for the show but i had to change up a few things to fit the specific pred. I've never done any cell digestion stuff before, but luckily i knew a bit about macrophages and phagocytosis going in so i didn't have to do to much research. A lot of the information i did fact check using Wikipedia (the most reliable source of information) so it should be true. Saying that i wouldn't base your scientific thesis off this story. However if you want to see a macrophage eat a bacteria in real life you should search it up (it's pretty cool) but enough of my nerd talk i hope you enjoy the story.
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Posted by vyvince1997 5 years ago Report

Damn, I should have paid attention more in biology class. Kidding, never took any besides non-major ones


Posted by BobTheWeeb8 5 years ago Report

They don't really go into this much detail in most generalist biology classes anyways. I guess I should of made this story a bit more user friendly and less complicated. I'm probably not going to make any more stories like this one and just stick the usually stuff.


Posted by AustinDR 5 years ago Report

Well, this was an interesting read. Weird, but I liked it.


Posted by BobTheWeeb8 5 years ago Report

I'm glad you found it interesting. It felt a bit weird from what i usually do but i tried to stick to the theme of the show, i felt a human digestion by a cell didn't seem like it would do the show justice.


Posted by TETRO 5 years ago Report

I majored in Microbiology in collage and this really takes me back. It's pretty amazing how complex immune cells are. They almost seem like a bunch of independent organisms, crawling around various parts of your body on their own, but they're really just little parts of you that make up the whole.

Anyway, this just goes to show you that vore is happening inside your body all the time.

Also, I haven't seen "Cells at Work". Do you get to know who's body you're inside of? I hope it's a cute girl ;)


Posted by BobTheWeeb8 5 years ago Report

Ah nice a fellow intelectual, imune cells are neet. Unforuntly we havn’t got to see what the person in cells at work looks like, i think it would be cool to see who it is. Who knows they could reveal it in the season final


Posted by RookieSnookie006 5 years ago Report

Do you think you can do 1146 (or the main white cell in the series) vore? :3c


Posted by BobTheWeeb8 5 years ago Report

I'm sorry but i really don't like writing male vore