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Adoptables stuff (again)! (0/5) By MobiusTheIce

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Ok, so, read the rules until the very end. Trying this stuff again, it's been a bit since last time, tought could be a good idea to practice on some humans, since I basically never draw them, heh. Anyway. Here are the rules:

1) Not more than a adoptable for person
2) These adoptables are designed for artists who can draw them, so please ask just if you're a artist. If you're not and write to me anyway, I'm going to ignore you. If you're a guy who commission other people for your characters, we can talk about it.
3) These adoptables are FREE, but you don't have to complain or be salty if you don't manage to get one.
4) Once you got the character, you get the original full-res, solo image of the character and his ownership. You can post the image wherever you want, but credit me, thanks.
5) Those artist who have ever made a gift, request, trade or even chatted with me will get a advantage on other guys.
6) If you're interested, PM me or contact me on Discord. I'll tell ya if it's the character is still available or not
7) "first come first served" is not true in this case. Sorry!

I guess this is all I can think about so far. I hope you can like 'em. Now, I'll move on to some other projects. See ya soon.

Cyber girl: adopted by  MD002 !

Fox girl: adopted by A friend who preferred to remain anonymous.

Kinetic Hollow girl: adopted by  DongWongTang !

Human glassed girl: adopted by  klonoa723 !

Islander girl: adopted by Flow!

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Posted by Collier 1 month ago

Wish I could draw, such lovely little adoptables!


Posted by ArrowversePreds 1 month ago

I feel the same :(


Posted by TinyHero 1 month ago

Nice :)


Posted by Deviantfan16 1 month ago

Why is it limited to artists? Couldn't you eventually do this kind of stuff for writers too?


Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 month ago

I think my rules are pretty fair, since I don't gain ANYTHING from it. Writers are cool, but I do want to some pic of htem done too, aswell. So, like, writers that want a char but they commission people often can write to me.


Posted by Deviantfan16 4 weeks ago

I would kinda like you to draw a character of mine but I'm broke


Posted by SenpaiVore 1 month ago

Well. I guess Im out...but you better believe Ill commission works of them


Posted by SenpaiVore 1 month ago

When the contest is over of course and from the winners


Posted by LuigiHorror64 1 month ago

so sexy!!! I like the first one!


Posted by POPObro 1 month ago

man if only i can draw more then crooked stick figures


Posted by NiceGuy18 1 month ago

You and I are the same way


Posted by POPObro 1 month ago

*pets pet* its ok not all of us can be as awsome as mobius


Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 month ago

You're flattering me, I'm just a normal guy as everyone else. Pretty bad at art still, compared to other guys on this site.


Posted by POPObro 4 weeks ago

and yet if you any my artwork it would make you think you are better then some of the champions


Posted by DimensionalKitty 1 month ago

Surprise no one is taking the human glassed gkrl


Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 month ago

Just because they've not been taken yet in the description there, doesn't mean I didn't received a lot of requests for them. Just deciding who'd be the most fitting one.


Posted by SupremeRulerCyan 4 weeks ago

Damn,given time i could probaly draw decently,but i don't know how to post and don't have a decent drawing app either,i would definitely go for the first one


Posted by G0DF1RE 4 weeks ago

oooh i'd love the fox girl please :)


Posted by NiceGuy18 3 weeks ago

I would too but I am just a commissioner and writer so I doubt I will get it


Posted by G0DF1RE 3 weeks ago

well luckily i can draw decently :)