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Amazon Training By Ergos -- Report

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Short story by  Veender

The island paradise of Themyscira was no stranger to the sounds of clashing steel. Its population of Amazon warriors often trained with one another to sharpen their skills and blades, like the five that had just been battling on a grassy shore.

The greatest of the island's warriors, sometimes called Diana or Wonder Woman, had taken on four of Tehmyscira's newest warriors in a 4-on-1 sparring match. Now, Diana stood surrounded by swords without their owners along with arrows that had missed their mark and buried themselves into the ground.

Diana sighed and smiled as she looked down at her enromous stomach, currently containing the four losers of the fight. Resting her hands just abover her wide rear, she arched her back to puff out her stomach a little more, increasing the pleasure of a full stomach even more as her skin stretched further.

"You girls need to train harder. You were no match for me!" Diana told her stomach's occupants. The huge orb jutted out from her middle, wobbling and bouncing lightly as the girls within wiggled to find a comfortable position. As the bloated gut groaned around them, Diana continued to instruct her students. "Learn from this mistake. I'll let you out before you digest, but next time, I may not be so generous. Your enemies will not be."

The girls inside gave muffled apologies and replies, but Diana couldn't hear them. She didn't need to, anyway. Instead, she decided to spend some more time reveling in her size, feeling the warm sun and a soft breeze caress her churning stomach.

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Posted by ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 2 years ago Report

Nice is she going to let them out or sis he going to digest them ?


Posted by ArrowversePreds 2 years ago Report

It’s in the short story in the description. I won’t spoil it.


Posted by Whereaminow27 2 years ago Report

Yep, they didn't pass the training ^^

Atleast they still get to be part of an Real Amazon Warrior ! ! ! !


Posted by mecso 2 years ago Report



Posted by Dan49 2 years ago Report



Posted by LoriParaP 2 years ago Report

Hopefully she has many more to train~


Posted by BlueIce 2 years ago Report

She's a generous soul lol


Posted by Idemand17lewdieluv 2 years ago Report

Uuhhn my waifu's belly looking so comfy and inviting!


Posted by SuperheroFood 2 years ago Report

So, are these warriors on a three strikes, your food, sort of deal? Or is this just another day filling Diana's belly? Because I'm hoping for the former, but either way it's hot. Wonder Woman would probably make a good Pred. Maybe she could stop by the CW's DC shows for dinner sometime.

Oh, and of course, awesome picture.