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Making of a Hero- Part 32 By sansuki -- Report

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Vasha and Arik start their mission at the outskirts of the Duchy, and run into a few of the thread's old friends, who definitely did not die offscreen like so many other named characters have!


Vasha the Champion
Qualities: Predator, Arcanist, Unfazeable, Delicious

The Vote: Well,the Duke's daughters are safe, if traumatized almost to the breaking point and holding together with the mental equivalent of spit and twine means safe. But now you've got two missions, and have to choose which to ignore- or to give half effort to both.

1: Immediate abort. Start heading for the capital immediately, and if you run across anyone, fine. Getting the daughters to safety is THE priority.

2: Keep them. You can't just leave other Champions in danger out here. The girls can be kept safe while you look for them, and once you find one or two more, then you'll be in a better position to send them home with a good guard before going for the castle.

3: Split up. Pick one- but I'll be bundling the two together for the dice roll...
3A: Arik accompanies the daughters to the capital, while Vasha searches out other Champions.
3B: Vice versa. Vasha brings the daughters home, Arik looks for other champions.

4: As ever, write-in vote!

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Posted by Razgriz 8 months ago Report

1 or 3B, tbh!
Tough one.


Posted by Graywolf18 8 months ago Report

Arik is quite level headed about all this. I agree with his judgement. Option 1. If we find other champions we can share our info while escorting our VIP's.


Posted by Forstand 8 months ago Report

hmm, I'd say 3A


Posted by Lerkur 8 months ago Report

Pretty sure our champion vows are to the country and it's people, not our own organization. Plus, the other champions made the same vow. Placing priority on our own group instead of the people our group is supposed to protect seems contradictory.

Also, guaranteeing the safety of the heirs and reporting what's happening in Ashlar can help mobilize the army and let the non-captured champions move in force. Valguuz said she sent 20 demons out just to capture 7 champions with below average results, even with surprise and planned ambushes. So a united front of a few dozen, backed up by military, could be devastating for the demon's plans.

So while it does suck for our fellow champions(and potentially Galya if she get's a reputation as merely an assassin/murderer) I'm going to vote for Option 1.